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7 Tips for Making Money Online through Academic Writing

Life in college can prove a bit hard with a lack of finances, graduates finish school with expectations of getting a job...

How to make money online through academic writing?

Life in college can prove a bit hard with a lack of finances, graduates finish school with expectations of getting a job but end up getting disappointed when their dream does not materialize. Not just students and graduates who need a source of income, stay home parents can use alternative means of making an income as well as someone looking to complement their hardly enough salary. Thanks to the internet it is now possible for anyone to make money online; such opportunities are possible with jobs like academic writing, writing blogs and articles, transcribing, e-book writing, and online marketing. But today in this post I am going to share tips for making money online through Academic Writing.

Academic writing involves writing after conducting research; these are assignments like essays for academic purposes, term papers, and reviews among others. This has become a very popular way of making money and with the best writing skills, one can make a proper earning out of it. To achieve this, however, one needs several tips such as finding sites that pay for academic writing, promoting yourself through social media, diversifying your work, creating a professional profile, networking with other writers and those in writing services, knowing how to bid and improving your skills of writing.

Finding Websites that Pay

Finding an online website that pays for writing services can be both hard and easy if one knows what they are looking for. There are so many online writing services hiring writers but not all of them are genuine. Doing research on the internet and other writers will allow you to know some of the best writing services companies. Such companies include UpworkTop Writer List, and Advancedwriters just to name a few. Logging in to such a website will allow you to know what qualification is needed and how to apply. Additionally, one can work for people who have academic writing accounts since they are already established if acceptance in an online site bears no fruit.

Promotion through Social Media

The internet has made our lives tremendously convenient, it allows us to look for jobs, apply to others and advertise our products and services. There are so many platforms that academic writers can use to market and promote their services. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are some of the social media platforms one can use to promote their academic writing skills.

Facebook especially offers such an opportunity in many ways, one can use the advertisement docket, addedly there are many groups created for different purposes, identifying such groups that have people looking and advertising jobs can be a good way to promote yourself. Apart from social media, you can also talk to students in your school and offer to do assignments for them. Or there is another way by which you can make money online is through tutoring.


Diversifying allows you to be eligible for many jobs at the same time. Some online companies choose to specialize in different academic aspects be it economics, mathematics, arts, and language, or platforms like research, essays, and assignments. The trick would be for you to be well-versed in more than one area. A college course in arts will render you eligible for art academic writing additionally being a college student makes one well versed on how to do research, write assignments and essays, and therefore qualify for all these.

Creating a Professional Profile

If writing for an online company, one is needed to make a professional profile to be used by clients to check your qualifications. Profiles include your academic qualifications, level of writing as well as some of the best work you have done. Profiles allow clients to make reviews of your work and positive reviews will make you more marketable to different clients. You can also make a website that you can refer people to and there you can promote yourself. The website must have your qualifications and include the best work you have done in order to impress clients.


Networking is a tool that has been used by many businesses and companies to expand their territory. As an academic writer social networking allows you to promote yourself. Networking with other writers in your location and those online, as well as writing service companies, plays a big role to help you get more clients and thus make more money online through academic writing. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook allow freelancers and academic writers to network and market their services.


Some writing services require writers to bid for work and this is a set skill that every writer should be well versed with. Winning a bid depends on your profile and the amount of money one is charging. Therefore have your profile look professional and include your best jobs so that a client chooses you to do their work.

This also requires one to learn how to convince clients about how good you are. When starting this job it is good to be at your best by following all prompted instructions and also starting with a low price. Prices differ depending on the level of writing; beginners cannot charge the same price as someone who has been in the industry for years.

Improving yourself

Lastly, it is important for you as an academic writer to improve yourself in aspects of knowledge and writing skills. Writing skills vary from typing speed, content writing, and mastering the styles of writing. Speed determines how many pages one can write in a day and thus the amount of money earned. Writing styles are many and it is important to master all of them in order to improve your quality of writing. Reading work done by other competent writers will allow you to improve yourself.


Academic writing is a convenient way for a student to make money. Being well-versed in tips such as finding online sites that pay, improving your writing skills, having knowledge of how to bid, and diversifying will allow you to make enough money while doing what you love.


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Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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  1. I din’t know that we can make money from academic writing . You have detailed it very clearly in this great article.. I will check into it and thanks for bringing this up.

  2. If someone wants to start writing as a professional then first write some samples as per his or her niche. Then Upwork, Fiverr, etc are the platforms where one can start the career and people are earning well via working on these platforms. Although, make a good profile on Linkedin that will also help to get good connections and work.

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