Why Facebook Profile Lock Is Not Available On iPhone Or Pc?

Facebook, one of the most popular social media networks, makes few concessions when it comes to authentication and security. Now, it has always been one step ahead of the competition. Further, we will explain “Why Facebook Profile Lock Is Not Available On iPhone”.

The Facebook profile lock option Facebook offers an additional degree of protection by preventing access to your images, stories, and posts by anybody who is not a friend of yours. In a nutshell, it allows you greater control over your environment and makes your Facebook immune to privacy breaches by cybercriminals. In layman’s terms, Facebook profile lock is “lock my Facebook profile.”

But unfortunately. This feature is only available for the Facebook android version, and no lock profile option on Facebook when operated from a pc or iPhone. As a result, a common question that wraps the head around is “why Facebook profile lock is not available” on pc and iPhones, which too constitutes an important part of the techno fraternity and cannot be done completely without.

How Can I Lock My Facebook Profile On Android?

All of your Facebook images, posts, and stories are only visible to your Facebook friends, including your profile picture and cover photo.

A user’s profile will no longer be viewable to anyone who is not on the user’s friends’ list after the lock my Facebook profile has been enabled; They won’t be able to save their profile picture or cover photo, either.

As a result, they are unable to access the user’s Stories. Additional to this, the Lock Profile function transforms the posts that have been shared before from public to friends when it is activated. On top of that, the timeline and tag review are activated. This implies that other people will have to get your permission before tagging you in their own social media content. It is safe from all corners.

Step-by-step instructions on how do I lock my profile on Facebook?

  • Tap your profile in the Facebook app.
  • This is where you’ll find a three-dot menu, which you may access by tapping on
  • The’Lock Profile’ option may be found here. You may access the Lock Profile
    page by tapping on it.
  • You must click the ‘Lock Your Profile” option in order to proceed.

The simple solution to the question, “Why Facebook profile lock is not available?” It is to get Facebook a simple update.

Now, it has to be borne in mind that the lock my Facebook profile has been introduced for mobile android version and not for desktop and iOS users, which can keep the users up with “how to lock my Facebook profile picture on pc?” This desktop workaround may be used by iOS users who want to know how to lock their Facebook profile iPhone?

It needs a quick clarification for those users who are struggling with the question as to why the Facebook profile lock feature is not available. The platform is working on some updates and will be soon made available to all interfaces.

How to make your Facebook profile accessible from a PC or iPhone?

You may use this strategy on both your iPhone and your computer’s desktop computer. Now, to demonstrate it on my computer’s desktop.

  • Navigate to your Facebook profile page using a web browser such as Chrome, Safari,
    Firefox, or any other.
  • Replace www with m in the URL address bar, and then press the enter key to
  • Using your computer, you have now entered the mobile edition of Facebook.
  • Remove the www from the URL by selecting it and pressing delete.
  • If you want to browse the mobile version of Facebook on your computer, use m
    instead of www.
  • To edit your profile, click on the three dots next to Edit Profile.
  • To secure your profile, click Lock Profile.
  • After reading the information, click on the lock your profile button.
  • Locking your profile is as simple as clicking the three dots symbol and then
    clicking Lock Profile.
  • This Facebook account has been locked.

What should you do if the option to lock your Facebook profile is not accessible to you?

Now, it must be noted that the entire function is not accessible in all countries, as previously stated. as a result, if you are unable to locate this choice, the function is not accessible in your area. Now, you do, however, have a number of options for safeguarding your personal information.

Following the procedures outlined here, you may see and modify Facebook’s privacy settings on your iPhone as an alternative to Facebook profile locking and better security from a privacy breach.

  • Activate the Facebook application by tapping the three lines symbol at the bottom
    right corner.
  • Scroll down and choose Settings & Privacy from the drop-down menu.
  • To access privacy options, go to Settings Privacy settings.
  • You may make whatever changes you like from this point.
  • It’s worth noting that you may also tap Privacy shortcuts in step 3 to view
    further choices.

The lock my Facebook profile feature of Facebook is worth a penny. Facebook users will be able to exert more control over their profiles as a result of this functionality. In this day and age of cybercrime, this function is quite beneficial for people who wish to entirely conceal their online identity from strangers or stalkers.

Stalking and gathering information about others has always taken place on social media sites like Facebook. Despite the fact that you may make your profile private on Instagram, Facebook is an open book of your

 Images and other personal information, and it is impossible to know how many individuals are stalking you on a regular basis. You should know, “How do I lock my profile on Facebook? If you’re concerned about your personal information being seen by the public.


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