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Best Shopify Apps

Anyone who wants to start dropshipping cannot overlook Shopify. With over a million businesses creating their eCommerce store with Shopify, it is an undeniable leader in the dropshipping industry. Hands-down, Shopify is an excellent choice for your dropshipping business. With the Best Shopify Apps Dropshipping from Shopify App Store.

We suppose you have completed the challenging part of setting up the Shopify site with a classy theme, found the best dropshipping product to sell, and got your suppliers ready. What next?

Now it’s time to look at the most useful Shopify Apps for dropshipping that can increase sales to your eCommerce store. Let’s dive in and briefly discuss how these Shopify apps can be of benefit, their top three features, and pricing.

12 Best Shopify Apps for Dropshipping Business

1. Instafeed & Instagram Feed

Instafeed by Mint Studio is a most loved Shopify app to display your Instagram feed in your Shopify Store. Every business needs a very good social presence these days, and you are probably spending time and resources on Instagram. Why not display it to the people who visit your site and connect with them? Instafeed is one of the must-have Shopify Apps store for Dropshipping, and it does the work elegantly.

Top Features:

  • Image and Video Support.
  • Compatible on all Shopify Themes and any devices.
  • Different layout options (Grid or Slider).


  • Instafeed Free: Free forever
  • Instafeed Pro: $4.99/month
  • Instafeed Plus: $19.99/month

2. Point of Sale

The Point of Sale app by Shopify can be used to unify the online and in-person sales that can help to improve store conversions. Yes, this app is handy for people who already have a retail outlet and plan to start an online store. Helps manage your store, inventory, and customers while tracking your store’s performance.

Top Features:

  • Helps to manage customer profiles created both online and offline.
  • Send Email and SMS receipts.
  • Customers can buy online and have a local pickup or buy in-store and ship it to their location.


  • Shopify POS Lite: Free
  • Shopify POS Pro: $89/month (14 days Free Trial)

3. Loox Product Reviews & Photos

Loox Product Reviews Shopify app helps dropshipping businesses by showing the credibility of the products you provide with the positive reviews of your previous customers. What makes Loox unique is the customization and scheduling options for the review request email, along with discount offers for photo and video reviews.

Top Features:

  • English, French & 17 other languages are supported.
  • Moderate the reviews by deciding what reviews get published.
  • Display Reviews on search results with rich snippets to help SEO.


  • Beginner: $9.99/month
  • Growth: $34.99/month
  • Unlimited: $299.99/month

4. Mailchimp: Email Marketing

The Mailchimp app is renowned for its email automation. You can acquire the email address of your customers and schedule personalized emails letting them know about your offers and new products, thereby managing the customer relationships.

Top Features:

  • Flexibility to segment customers based on purchase frequency, location, or transaction details.
  • Drag and drop templates and custom designs powered by AI to craft attractive emails.
  • A/B testing method to see what works the best.


  • Mailchimp Free: Free
  • Mailchimp Essentials: $11/month
  • Mailchimp Standard: $17/month
  • Mailchimp Premium: $299/month


5. DSers: AliExpress Dropshipping

DSers is a partner of AliExpress and one of the most helpful Shopify Apps for dropshipping to automate repetitive processes to make them simpler. Find cheaper products and suppliers from the app to process multiple orders at once without limiting the order you can make.

Top Features:

  • You can place 100s of orders within a minute.
  • Manage all your stores in one place.
  • Create bundles and special deals.


  • Basic: Free
  • Advanced: $19.90/month
  • Pro: $49.90/month

6. Printful: Print on Demand

Printful app is targeted to those businesses related to the fashion niche. Yes, from printed apparel to embroidery to engraved jewelry. With Print-on-demand having a steady growth, it’s always good to have a dropshipping supplier app that helps you manage everything from your home. This app guides you from the start of signing in Prinitify to the end process of marketing your product.

Top Features:

  • Not just T-shirts, but design 340+ premium products.
  • Pay only when an order comes, and decide what you earn from each sale.
  • Built-in tools to create designs.


  • Free Plan: Free lifetime
  • Plus Plan: $9/month
  • Pro Plan: $49/month

7. Free Shipping Bar

As the tool name suggests, the app by team Hextom is one of the must-have Shopify apps for drop shipping if you have free shipping offers for your products to boost sales. You can display different shipping offers customized for the devices your visitors use or the pages they visit, or the country they are from.

Top Features:

  • Geotargeting.
  • Different countries’ currency detection & conversion.
  • Supports emojis in the bar.


  • Basic Plan: Free
  • Premium Plan: $9.99/month

8. Booster Seo & Image Optimizer

What’s the use if you have a store and people cannot find it? Yes, there are a lot of stores that are hidden in Google’s search results. You can use Booster SEO & Image Optimizer to optimize your store’s technical SEO. This can help you have a fully functional site that doesn’t hurt organic rankings on Google from a technical perspective.

Top Features:

  • Weekly SEO health reports are delivered to your mail for monitoring performance.
  • Submit the sitemap of your site to Google for indexing and crawling by Google.
  • Reduce the file size of your images to improve load time speed.


  • Initial: Free
  • Pro: $34/month
  • Premium: $64/month

9. Tidio: Live Chat & Chatbots

If you don’t offer an easy way for people to connect, you can’t expect them to buy. What is a more easy way to communicate than a live chat? Yes, out of many Shopify Apps for Dropshipping, Tidio lives chat app has a user base that loves its services of integrating email, messenger, and live chat in one place.

Top Features:

  • Ability to see the live visitors and initiate the chat.
  • Free iOS/Android mobile app.
  • See what your visitor is typing on actual time.


  • Free Plan: Free forever
  • Communicator Plan: $19/month
  • Chatbots Plan: $49/month

10. PageFly Landing Page Builder

With PageFly landing page builder, you can create stunning pages for your Shopify site in a quick time and have complete control over your time. It supports seven languages and integrates well with other popular Shopify apps. You can code using Javascript, HTML/Liquid, and CSS editor to make custom styling if you need advanced options.

Top Features:

  • Pre-made sections and templates
  • Ability to display content with advanced user experience
  • Integrations with popular Shopify apps.


  • Free Plan: Free forever
  • Pay as you go: $29/month
  • Enterprise: $199/month

11. Frequently Bought Together

Make your customers buy related products with this Frequently bought together Shopify app. The amazons’ shop page is an inspiration for this app, and now it’s a favorite add-on for Shopify drop shippers. The AI memory graph enhanced for years can show your visitors very relevant items that help cross-selling.

Top Features:

  • Automatically tuned styles, change colors, sizes, etc.
  • It can be placed anywhere on the product page.
  • Supports manual recommendation.


  • Starter: Free
  • Professional: $9.99/month

12. Recharge Subscriptions

Recharge subscriptions are among the most useful Shopify apps for drop shipping when it comes to building relationships with your customers and making them buy from you again with a subscription program that can be set up swiftly.

Top Features:

  • Customers can skip or reschedule deliveries.
  • Ability to swap products often.
  • Automatic notifications.


  • Standard: Free to Install & 1% + 10 per transaction
  • Pro: $300/month & 1% + 19 per transaction


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