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Achieving efficiency with Ruby on Rails and Agile Web Development

Ruby on Rails application development is considered one of the fastest ways to build web applications. It enables developers to use pre-built...

with Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails application development is considered one of the fastest ways to build web applications. It enables developers to use pre-built components, plugins, and efficient coding to develop applications with ease. While Rails is a powerful framework, it is often known as “the startup technology” due to its rapid prototyping capabilities.

In recent years, Rails has faced tough competition from other web development frameworks. More than 2.1% of the top 1 million websites use the Ruby on Rails framework in their technology stack. Considering the size of the industry that uses the technology, it is safe to say that the framework is still one of the best for building highly interactive and dynamic web applications.

Is Ruby on Rails dying in 2021?

Even though Ruby on Rails is an older framework, launched in 2005, it is not by any chance dying in 2021. The framework has reached a stage of maturity and is often compared with frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, Express, and others. 

People miss the point that Ruby on Rails web development has been there for years, and developers have been building web apps without any constant hassle. Ruby on Rails for web development is not dead – and this can be seen with the launch of the latest Rails 6.0 and the upcoming Rails 7.0.

Rails 6 brought several new features, including the action mailbox. The built-in features also came with an upgrade, along with multiple database support and a web pack as a default bundler. 

The Rails 7.0 will bring upgrades to Active Support, Active Record, Action Mailer, and much more. It is simplifying things for developers who are looking to build high-quality web applications without any complications.

Is Ruby on Rails still relevant in 2021?

There’s no denying the fact that Rails application development services are still relevant in 2021. The open-source, free-to-use technology is the preferred technology for startups and enterprises that want to reduce their cost of development and want faster products.

Here are the reasons Ruby on Rails web development is still relevant in 2021:- 

  • Rapid prototyping
    Ruby on Rails is known for faster application development. The coding is simpler, and developers can easily add features with the help of RubyGems. So many pre-built components and the reduction in the time to code leads to faster development and provides more time to market for the product.
  • Scalable framework
    Ruby on Rails is a highly scalable framework. It can handle thousands of requests at once, enabling companies to manage heavy traffic requirements. Companies like Airbnb, Basecamp, GitHub, Shopify, and several others use Ruby on Rails to manage their hundreds and thousands of clients.
  • Regular updates
    One reason why companies still hire Ruby on Rails developers for web development is because the framework receives regular updates and maintenance. The Rails community across the globe adds features regularly, ensuring that the framework matches the requirements of modern day companies. Therefore, this is also the reason Ruby on Rails is not dead because people keep on improving it.

Today, agile development is one of the best methodologies that go perfectly well with Ruby on Rails. Let’s see how it helps in improving efficiency in web development. 

How does Agile improve efficiency?

In agile, everything is collaborative. People make decisions together, work on them, get feedback, and improve upon the product. The agile development methodology is based on iterations – clients provide feedback after every sprint (each sprint is 2-4 weeks), which is then used by the agile team to integrate into the product. It speeds up the process of development and saves a lot of trouble that teams have to face when working with the waterfall methodology. 

Most agile teams are highly productive because they don’t follow a linear sequence of activities. Agile development in software engineering ensures that the entire team focuses on one task at a time but doesn’t get in the feedback loop forever.

Here’s how the agile software development method helps to improve efficiency – 

  • Easier to estimate timelines
    Under the agile development process, the project is divided into chunks of tasks, each of which is taken under specific sprints. That way, it becomes easier to estimate the timeline of the project and deliver it on time. Development teams have to meet short-term deadlines that are much more feasible than one long-term deadline.
  • Quick product feedback
    In the agile software development project management framework, there’s regular and quick feedback from the clients. After every sprint, the client will let you know how the product works and if there are any changes in the feature or not. That way, developers don’t have to wait until the product is completely built to make the changes.
  • Better coordination and management
    The agile development lifecycle becomes simpler because there is better coordination between individuals. It is easy to manage tasks in small chunks, and developers can better collaborate by working simultaneously on a single component of the product. 

Agile works well with Ruby on Rails web development

Both Rails and agile are efficient for web development. Today, most companies use the agile software development methodology while working with Ruby on Rails. The entire process is known to speed up the development by 25% to 40% for some companies.

Agile and Rails can essentially simplify web development as the framework would be able to work better when the development is done in sprints. Ruby on Rails has powerful capabilities, which can be utilized when developers complete one task at a time.

Agile development using Ruby on Rails is much faster, and that’s why a lot of startups have started integrating it in their project management methodologies. Agile has also reduced the cost of development for companies that want faster products.

Rails and agile combined will provide more time to market for the product. Essentially, it is a big step toward achieving a competitive advantage. Companies can work with Rails and manage through agile to get clarity about where they are at each stage in the project and minimize a lot of resource and effort wastage. Therefore, it makes sense to integrate Ruby on Rails with agile for better web development for your business.


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