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Are you feeling overburdened because of your never-ending tasks? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Today, all marketers want to specialize in everything from creating strategies to running profitable campaigns. But now, all this is easy and fast with the help of AI tools. 

AI tools are here to be your assistant and help you become the jack of all trades. A marketer has to choose the right tools to support them in creativity, planning, implementation, and managing all the tasks seamlessly. 

In this article, I will introduce you to the 9 best AI Marketing Tools to make your marketing game brighter. But before that, let’s understand what AI tools are and how they can benefit you for your campaigns.

What are AI marketing tools?

AI tools for marketing are AI ML software solutions to automate your daily tasks. These tasks include research, process designing, daily updates, reporting, and more. These tools can become your additional hands to generate profitable campaigns. 

Here are some of the tasks which AI marketing tools can assist you with:

  • Content ideas for different platforms
  • Content optimizations as per specific requirements
  • Automation of daily tasks
  • Audience insights and competition analysis from real-time available data.

Moreover, I believe AI marketing tools allow marketers to focus on their strategic inputs and final results, thus ensuring the campaigns work as they are supposed to.

Benefits of AI Marketing Tools

Whether your target audience is B2B or B2C, optimizing marketing campaigns is one of the essential tasks. AI tools can not only help you in optimization but also track the performance of the campaigns. Let’s dive into the benefits of using AI marketing tools:

Effective Content

At one point, every writer feels out of creative ideas; to be frank, I have experienced this many times. But, marketing AI tools help develop new ideas with their suggestion. These tools have a rich library and can suggest amazing ideas, from choosing the topic to structuring your article.  

According to a study by Hubspot, 67% of marketers credit AI tools for their content strategies and accelerating their content development cycle. Moreover, only 5% of marketers use AI tools entirely for marketing activities; the rest of the 95% still depend on human writers. So, it’s clear that AI can never replace humans.

Fast media consumption

If you want to convert your text into a video or podcast, AI is here to help. AI tools will help you streamline all your media channels and save your team time. Moreover, this will also help post regularly on social media or other media platforms.

Time and cost efficiency

AI marketing tools will help you automate your daily tasks with your team. Machine learning tools help you to reduce manual labor, and this will result in cost cutting. You can use the same budget in other essential aspects. 

Now we know as a marketer how AI tools can help you. Let’s move forward and explore which tools you can use to automate your daily tasks and ease your work life.

Top 9 AI Marketing Tools to rely

We have categorized AI marketing tools into distinct areas based on their output. The following categorizations are:

  • Tools for Email Marketing
  • Tools for Content Marketing
  • Tools for Email Marketing

Let us examine these categories and familiarize ourselves with the most optimal tools.

Content Marketing Tools

The content marketing industry has experienced significant advancements due to artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence already aids marketers in generating content, automating chatbot interactions, customizing news feeds, and identifying information that resonates with specific customer preferences.

Analyze the top-notch AI marketing tools that rapidly generate accurate and superior content.

1. Grammarly

AI Marketing Tools

Although Microsoft Word and Google Docs can handle spelling, they need the ability to evaluate writing quality.

Introducing Grammarly, a program that surpasses the task of analyzing your material for grammar, punctuation, context, and structural mistakes. It identifies possible problems and recommends improving style, vocabulary selection, and other aspects. The reasons provided by Grammarly for each correction distinguish it from other tools, allowing you to determine if and how you want to resolve the highlighted problems.

Key Features:

  • Facilitates flawless writing on several platforms such as Google Docs, Quora, Slack, and social networking.
  • Offers both complimentary and premium editions to cater to professional, personal, and educational requirements.
  • Includes an integrated plagiarism detector for more confidence.

2. HubSpot SEO

As a human content team, we rely on HubSpot SEO as an AI assistant. It boosts your search engine ranks and gives you an edge over the competition by using machine learning to analyze how search engines understand and classify your content. Search engines like websites that organize their material around important themes or clusters of related topics.

Key Features:

  • Lets you find titles that are relevant to your content.
  • Provide direction regarding groups of related problems.
  • Are you improving your content strategy? Try using Hubspot’s content tool.

Chat & Messaging AI Tools

Effective communication with prospective clients can impact a business’s rate of expansion significantly. Customers engage with brands via social media platforms, texting, and audio applications.

To maintain outstanding experiences on a broader level, here are several AI tools to aid you.

3. Copilot

Copilot provides resources for online stores. Utilizing these technologies, you can effortlessly integrate Facebook Messenger with Shopify or BigCommerce.

Every step of the sales process allows for real-time consumer engagement. Its many useful features are quickly displaying products, retrieving abandoned carts, and issuing updates.

Key Features:

  • Easy appointment scheduling and order pickups using social media and SMS.
  • Send notifications about product status to contacts.
  • Request for reviews and feedback.
  • Enable push notifications automation.

4. ChatFuel

Automate your Facebook Messenger conversations with this handy app whenever a lead contacts us; a bot will answer their questions and help them complete their transaction. 

We can automate inquiries and sales discussions for your FAQ and lead nurturing needs. It increases sales and improves the brand’s image in the eyes of buyers.

Key Features:

  • Always ready to assist.
  • Lead nurturing in real-time chat.
  • Lowers expenditure in the support department.

5. Evolve AI

AI Marketing Tools

A/B tests are a must-have tool for each marketer. However, acquiring the desired findings can sometimes take months since you can only test two variables simultaneously.

Evolv AI allows you to test all of your ideas simultaneously. To provide the optimum site experience, it employs robust algorithms to discover the top-performing concepts.

Key Features:

  • Identifies the top-performing content.
  • Allows testing multiple ideas in one experiment instead of prolonged individual tests.
  • Enables trying out all your ideas across various pages for complete funnel optimization.
  • Provides both visual and code editors.

6. LivePerson

You can manage customer connections across marketing channels with LivePerson, an automated messaging and voice conversations platform. You can make, build, and share audio and message experiences across all sorts of platforms with its help.

LivePerson uses bots instead of static web pages to help you attract, engage, and convert clients through conversation. Customers prepared to buy through any messaging, social, or voice app also find it more accessible.

With supervised learning, you can teach LivePerson’s algorithms to provide a better experience for users. More rules can be added to make the experience smarter as interaction data is collected and categorized.

Key Features:

  • It can work with many services, like Alexa, Google Assistant, and social media.
  • Pre-listed, frequently asked questions allow for a quicker response time.

Email Marketing Tools

Explore AI tools that boost email marketers’ success in improving deliverability, open rates, click rates, and overall revenue. Check out these AI-powered email marketing tools. 

7. Personalize

AI Marketing Tools

This helps you to identify which products and services your audience is interested in. It uses an algorithm to identify your contact’s top interests and share updates in real-time.

This tool helps you give companies information that can help them to enhance their sales. It also helps to target potential audiences more effectively and ensure that your campaigns land seamlessly.

Key Features:  

  • Works with all CRM and ESP
  • Users can get free-trail
  • Ideal for SMBs looking for low-cost tools

8. Phrasee

Subject lines are essential for your email to attract an audience. People always see the subject line, and only then do they open the email. Phrasee is an AI tool to help you find attractive and impactful subject lines. It uses data-driven insights and generates subject lines per your target audience’s interest.

This end-to-end model will give you results after you give it some input. Its prediction model keeps learning about your audience to evolve the subject lines.

Key Features:

  • Help to generate millions of brand-compliant subject lines.
  • Learn audience responses to predict their nature every time.

9. Optimizely

AI Marketing Tools

It is a personalization and experimentation platform. It uses AI to personalize experiences on different platforms. This AI marketing tool helps you run A/B testing and customized emails in real time per audience preferences and behavior.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to test several versions of your emails to improve speed.
  • Allows for multivariate testing, which means you can test numerous changes simultaneously to understand their impact better.
  • Personalise emails based on consumer information and behavior.
  • Audience segments are created based on user behavior and targeted with specialized campaigns.
  • Tracks and evaluates the effectiveness of your email campaigns.


The AI marketing tools mentioned in this article are only a tiny portion of what is available. Whatever your marketing requirements are, you can be confident that an artificial intelligence platform is available to assist you in transforming your marketing initiatives.

Are you ready for more? Discover how Human can assist your company in leveraging the proper AI tools for more innovative digital marketing.


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