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How to Produce AR and VR Events: Tips to Know

At the current moment, AR and VR are gaining massive recognition in every industry right now, and that too for good reasons....


At the current moment, AR and VR are gaining massive recognition in every industry right now, and that too for good reasons. Although these technologies are still in their infancy stage, several sectors have already adopted them and gained enormous traction. Even though VR and augmented reality are not the same, when used together, you can exclusively improve your event.

From the past few years, AR and VR have created a unique standard place in the event management sector. If you are a professional event manager, you are most likely interested in making your event more unique that excites your event spectators. There is an infinite number of ways you can use Augmented reality and virtual reality at your events.

Virtual Reality

VR technology not transforms the world around you but transports you into a changing world. The virtual world created by VR needs some excellent tools and devices, such as gloves, sticks, and olfactory accessories. These tools are required to create a virtual experience that boosts the observer experience.

Augmented Reality

In simpler words, we can say that Augmented reality adds a digital layer to the real world. The visual layers added by AR changes the experience of the people using it. AR requires less equipment to accomplish. You can experience this just by using the Snapchat app on your phone. The AR technology adds digital effects that you can easily experience through your mobile screen.

Reasons to use AR and VR reality

  • Set yourself ahead from the market competition
  • Enhance the visual experience of your attendees
  • AR/VR applications offer the best features at affordable costs
  • Keeps you updated with new technology
  • Boost audience experience and your event company reputation

Key facts and statistics related to AR and VR:

  • According to the market reports, the Augmented reality market’s current value stands at $3.5 billion.
  • There are more than 1 billion augmented reality users by the end of 2020.
  • AR ROI will exceed VR revenues in 2020.
  • The social media giant Facebook purchased 11 AR and VR companies.
  • Augmented reality stats show that nearly 70% of the Americans are not aware of AR and its discovered potential.
  • More than 67% of media planners want to use AR/VR ads in their digital marketing campaigns.
  • The worldwide automobile AR/VR market is ready to reach $673 billion by 2025.

Five ways you can use AR and VR at events

Yes, there are countless ways you can use AR and VR to make your events even more successful and engaging. If you are an event planner and looking out for ways through which you can use technologies and enhance your work, you are on the right page. Simply put, various VR app development companies help you with developing AR/VR applications that you can use in your events to make them more engaging than before. Augmented reality and virtual reality have the knack to transform the means we examine and interact at events. Both the technology trends help brine an endless list of potential that can boost audience experiences. Let’s talk about the five ways event managers can use AR and VR in events:

Attendance feature

Well, it is not possible to travel across the world to attend an event for everyone. Virtual reality is a technology that allows people to participate in events in different places without going to the location. This new trend helps people to attend various events remotely. With this feature, people can interact with other participants without being physically at the event site. The virtual attendance feature helps people to attend the events with the help of virtual attendance.

Eliminate Venue costs

It will be great fun to add virtual venues for the events. With the help of VR technology, event Managers can now make virtual venues that boost the audience engagement rate 3x times. To make your event a low-cost event, you can think about this aspect. This feature help planners to potentially save vast amounts of money if they are not in a position to allot funds for an event place, lodging, food, speakers, and other facilities. When incorporating VR in your show, you can eliminate all the above- mentioned costs and make your trade show a hit even at a low budget.

Virtual Tours with sensory enhancement

When it comes to tours, it is not just about planning an event but also giving some sensory stimuli to the audience. With this tip, you can add to your next event and make it extraordinary for attendees. With VR, you can plan a tour and use some tools and equipment for sensory enhancement, so that users were able to smell and touch. Hopefully, in the upcoming time, VR offers much more thrilling marketing techniques that allow users to feel the heat and the breeze via virtual tours.

AR Assistant

If you want to add some extra layer in your event, but you are running out of cash to try some of the new and advanced AR or VR features, then use AR assistant. It is an option that keeps you ahead of the tech world and an ideal solution for events. With this, users can use AR glasses to check the details of other attendees. This feature allows attendees to broaden their networking opportunities without any embarrassment.

AR product features

Sometimes, it isn’t easy to showcase all your products and features to the customers. Now AR has made it easy to provide the details about the products to your audience at a trade event effortlessly. This technology is also used by other business sectors to create a more immersive experience that boosts sales. The Top 10 AR mobile App Development Companies 2020 are continuously developing new applications that offer unique features to AR and VR events.


Overall, AR and VR for events are going to improve the experience of the audience and event managers in the upcoming time. Even though it is a bit expensive matter for smaller budget events, but with the growth in technology in the forthcoming years, it will be affordable. In addition to this, you need to add some safety measures while using AR and VR at events. It is a great way to provide your audience with a great experience, but you also need to be much more careful about the safety of your audience and their belongings.

Hopefully, with all the above- listed innovative points, you can stay ahead in the competitive marketplace. In case you feel we are missing an essential aspect in the write-up, you can share your views with us in the comment section.

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