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Digital Nomad lifestyle and all you need to know

Basically, the living standards of digital nomad lifestyle mean relying on the internet that enables in sustaining the situations of modern Nomadic...

Digital Nomad lifestyle

Basically, the living standards of digital nomad lifestyle mean relying on the internet that enables in sustaining the situations of modern Nomadic life. In fact, this is one of the latest trends that has been followed by most people in the world. This enhances you to become independent and move from one place to another place while you are working. Due to the technical aspects involved in nomad, the possibilities to create a growing number of modern moments has been popping up. The main reasons why it has globally been popular are as follows.

  • The growing demands for remote work contracts between different people.
  • Due to the rapid increase in internet speed and usage.
  • The reliability of coworking spaces that are incorporated to work for a short time.
  • The number of traveling applications and services that became one of the advantages to sustain the nomads.
  • Most of the people are concerned about the Nomad Lifestyle as it seems to be one of the advantages way to get paid higher.

What do digital nomads do?

It is quite simple to understand the lifestyle of a digital nomad and what they do in day to day lifestyle. In reality, most of the people do not know what digital nomads do?

Basically, the digital nomad trend has been involved with backpacking which allows them to earn while they are traveling. The digital nomad lifestyle is completely different and they have an opportunity to work on the roads and enjoy their adventurous journey. The people who have chosen digital nomads are creating their own work atmosphere that is completely termed as a location independent. It might be any sort of work that includes freelancer or a business entrepreneur, but the only aim of the Nomad is to do their work whenever they can.

How digital nomads make money?

The only aim of a digital nomad is to explore the world and at the same time make lots of money. As the online jobs are the biggest assets for the digital nomads that have successfully let them become what they want. The following ways will explain to you how digital nomads make money online.

  • Publishing an ebook: A Nomad can get access to with any official website and start publishing there a book and make lots of income.
  • Start a blog: In fact starting a blog is a creative idea. If you are interested in traveling it becomes one of the biggest assets as you can easily manage digital nomad lifestyle and get adapted to it.
  • Joining the gig economy: It’s easy to offer services in the gig economy. This completely depends on the locality and the services that are offered to the individuals.
  • Create online courses: If you are passionate about something then you can make your own online courses to be available for the students or learners.
  • Teaching English: If you going to go to a country whose native language is not English then you can teach English for your next travel trip.
  • Sell Photographers: Being a Nomad you can take photos of the place/country where you are living. In simple words, a digital nomad can make money online by selling photographs online.
  • Do content writing: Content writing is an important part of digital marketing these days. A nomad can make money for his/her traveling by writing content for others. There are many websites where you can write content for others and earn money. Content mart is one of the best where a nomad can get the work.
  • Become a freelancer: A digital nomad can also be a freelancer, depending upon the skills of a person and requirements of the client. You can use Upwork, Fiverr and some other freelancing websites to do the job and make money online.

The digital nomad lifestyle blog

The Nomad Lifestyle blog is an excellent way to get lots of profit. There is a thriving community of Digital Nomads who can help you to create wonderful blogging. The blocks are completely dedicated to the travelers and are a beautiful journey of sharing the experience. Few of the things like digital Nomad blogs are.

  • Stop Having a Boring Life: It’s an interesting blog that gives all exciting information. The information about the adventurous Journeys and useful tips entertains the readers.
  • Become Nomad: If you want to become a digital Nomad then it’s an exciting way to start the journey. Then blog is the perfect example of a digital nomad lifestyle and what they do on a day to day life.
  • Spartan Traveler: Even it is one of the traveling explorer blogs that reveal exciting information. It’s a book of interesting aspects and tips throughout the lifestyle design and work based in the 21st century.

The downside of the digital nomad

For every profession, there would be the downside so as for a digital nomad. In fact being a digital nomad freelancer does not completely imply to do hours of work on the laptop. It’s difficult to be a Nomad and at the same time, it has lots of dumb Science as well. Some of the downsides will help you to understand the risk factors of being a digital nomad.

  • Wi-Fi and cell phone coverage: This is one of the downsides of a digital Nomad lifestyle. As you go on traveling there are many places in the world where you cannot access your electronic gadgets. And when you have something urgent to be done then you will be struggling between.
  • Exhausting: At some point in time definitely the digital nomad lifestyle gets exhausted. Especially when one is traveling to long distances and moving from City to a city. And when you come across less developed countries then you will completely feel different than what you have expected.
  • Time zone: This is something that needs to be interested according to your consideration. And it is very difficult to understand the time zone especially when you are working with different countries.

Digital nomad and loneliness

Being a digital Nomad can be completely lonely that may even make you feel homesick. During the journey, you can meet different sorts of people but you cannot make your journey with them continuously. So it is necessary to make friends everywhere you reach. Being lonely they are awesome disadvantages in which you may not be able to speak your own language, do not have an opportunity to eat your favorite food or cultural food and in fact, you will not have proper time to sleep. All these aspects will definitely make the digital Nomad feel alone. While you are working you may feel that you are accompanied by work but the rest of the time it makes you feel that you are completely separate. In reality getting in contact with the family or friends will not sustain for a long time. It is also advantages if you get connected with the crew digital nomads so that they can make your journey more interesting.

Pros and Cons of being a digital nomad

Digital Nomad is something more experimental but at the same time, there are many disadvantages that one has to face on the journey. If you can easily handle the pros and cons of digital nomad lifestyle then it will be completely occupied by your own. So here you will find some of the pros and cons of being a digital nomad.


  • Never get paid in holidays: If you can work for any business organization then you will be getting a paid holiday. But in case of a digital Nomad, there is no such chance of getting paid even on holidays. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of the digital Nomad lifestyle. In fact, there are some organizations that pay even for a holiday but getting such type of work is very difficult.
  • There is no regular income: One of the interesting facts is that digital nomads are not paid on a regular basis. They need to work as a freelancer for a contract or a fixed time. After the work has been completed they need to completely shift to another work. This could be something more inconvenient and will not yield much of profits.
  • You will be on your own work: You will be completely merged in your work forgetting about the surroundings. Apart from exploring your journey you have to dedicate some amount of time to your work for getting the rest. Of course you will be paid but still, it may be the burden for few nomads.
  • No interaction with colleagues: To be true there will not be any sort of colleague or friends if you are a digital nomad. Even though if you have colleague it’s very difficult to meet them or get interacted with them directly. You can either make a call or get connected with them via video calls. Other than that there is no source to get in contact with your colleagues.


  • One can learn about new things. The new things can include history, culture and living styles of the different people of the different countries.
  • Eating different kinds of Food. The food may be good or bad but a nomad is going to get a good food experience.
  • Exploring the world.
  • A Nomad can compare the living standard of the different countries easily.
  • Traveling is also good for health. So a Nomad according to me can live a longer life by taking the benefits of traveling.

Digital nomad packing list

It is not easy to conclude the packing list of a digital nomad. You are not specific for how long you will be on your journey therefor giving you a bit confused not knowing what to pack. But it is quite easy to make the packing list as crisp as possible. Because there is an opportunity to buy anything if you want. The digital Nomad packing list includes many things that need to be carried individually.

  • Backpack rain cover: This is necessary for every Nomad to have a backpack rain cover so that it will protect you from the rain. And at the same time, it is light in weight and can also be used as a camera cover or even protects your luggage from getting wet.
  • Combination locks: The combination lockers are most commonly known as a lifesaver. You might be traveling with your mobile phone, laptop, and other important things and you should ensure that they are completely secure and safe. In order to do this, you need to use combination while you are away from them.
  • Electronic gadgets: Some of the electronic gadgets that you need to carry with you are: traveler adaptor, USB flash drive pen, mobile phone, headphones, personal computer, camera. So make sure to pack all the required electronic gadgets and keep them under your control.
  • Shoes and clothes: Be it a normal journey or a nomad lifestyle shoes and clothes are the important accessories one has to carry. It’s not necessary to fill the bag with unnecessary stuff so make sure that you are selective and pick the right choice. There is also a choice to purchase them when you are traveling so it’s not suggested to carry lots of clothes with you.
  • Accessories for long-term travel: Like a nomad, you will definitely have to travel a long way. Therefore, carrying some important accessories can make the journey more interesting. Some of the accessories include pens, lightweight pocket knives, soaps, Deodorant, sunglasses, etc., you need to also pack all your toiletries in one specific bag so that it is easy to find them.

Finally What I want to say:

The life of a digital nomad can be difficult or easy depending on the country and the situation. I have always wanted to travel the world and I am on it now. Soon I will be traveling with my backpack that is for sure. But I wanted to share with my friends that what kind of life will be of a digital nomad.

So, If you think the above post is good about the digital nomad lifestyle.

Please like and share it with your friends who love to travel.

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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  1. Thank you for this valuable information about digital nomad lifestyle! After reading the complete post I was just wondering do digital nomads need work permits?

    1. Hi Elena,
      If you doing your own work like Blogging or Youtube or something or work as a freelancer Then you do not need any work permit. But If you going to a different county and working in a restaurant or an actual company, You need to have a Work permti.

  2. I liked that where you mentioned the downside, it should be clear that life is not all about living the internet. there are difficulties in everything, all you need to know is how to come up through it.

  3. I like Your blog post,I wish I Could live my life like you However its awesome you discussed it.

  4. Hello Khokhar,
    I like your blog post. Your way of presentation is awesome. The topic which you discuss, I have also written some post on that but i like your interpretation. You have a good scope in blogging field. Keep it up.

  5. I honestly think that the lifestyle of a digital nomad is basically one of the coolest things ever. There’re lots of benefits such as, for instance, being able to relocate as you wish and choose where you’ll wake up the next morning.

  6. Hello Robin,
    Great Post. I am also doing full-time blogging and want to enjoy the digital nomad lifestyle. I love this lifestyle. It gives me the opportunity to earn money while traveling. I hope that you also enjoy this lifestyle. Thanks for sharing this great post.

    Have a Great Day 🙂

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