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9 Business Benefits Of Professional Managed IT Services

As a business owner, are you planning on changing how your IT department operates? Are you wondering what you need to do...

9 Business Benefits Of Professional Managed IT Services

As a business owner, are you planning on changing how your IT department operates? Are you wondering what you need to do to better the department? One of the ways you can revamp this department is by seeking the services of a managed IT provider. Here, you’ll more or less be handing over your IT operations to a more competent party. You might be wondering how professionally managed IT services will change the game in your company. However, worry not; this article discusses some of the ways your business will stand to benefit from this adoption. 

With managed IT services, you’ll benefit through:

1. Reduced Costs

Running a business consumes a lot of financial resources. The costs could double with an in-house IT team, creating a strain on your company. For one, you’d have to cater to their monthly compensations, benefits, and insurance covers. Depending on the number, you also have to acquire extra office space to accommodate them, increasing your rent responsibilities. As a business, you’d also have to invest in technology to help your team to fulfill their responsibilities. The cost of tools doesn’t end with purchasing them; you have to maintain them, which requires more money. All these costs eat into your profits, reducing your income.

However, with managed IT services, your operation costs will reduce significantly. With the outsourced services, you only have to pay them a fixed amount of money to avail their services. They also have their team; you don’t need to have a whole in-house team. You can have one or two who’ll work with the managed team, reducing the amount you pay in salaries.

Most outsourced IT providers operate remotely, eliminating the need for you to invest in extra space to accommodate them. The providers will only need to come in when the need arises. Also, this team has their equipment; you won’t need to invest in acquiring them. They’ll also handle all the maintenance requirements.

2. Better Business Focus

Without professional managed IT services, you tend to worry a lot as a business owner. There are so many uncertainties surrounding IT operations which are worrying since IT controls most of your operations. A small hitch could render your business activities stagnant. You might keep wondering if there are new tools that you can adopt to secure your business further. These worries increase your stress levels and take your focus away from your company’s core operations.

A managed IT provider will take overall, if not most, of your IT operations. They’ll take care of all IT aspects, allowing you to focus on your core operations that bring in returns. You won’t have to worry about the latest technology or security.

3. Secure Network

As a business, you utilize a lot of data, both sensitive and non-sensitive. Either way, should this data get into the wrong hands, it will lead to many losses. This makes security an essential aspect of your operations. When working independently, you lack the ability to know the recent risks in security, making you susceptible to cyberattacks. 

However, with the provider’s core operations being IT and security, they’re very much aware of all the arising threats. They also have the necessary tools to monitor your security systems. With the knowledge and tools, they can put measures in place in your business to safeguard it from attacks, securing your network and business.

4. Better Compliance

With the rise in cybercrime, many regulating bodies are formulating laws to safeguard clients and their citizens in other cases. With IT, the major aspect is data privacy and protection laws. Also, cyber threats keep changing every other day, which warrants a constant change in the laws, mostly by addition. 

Due to the constant changes, you need to be on your toes to ensure you don’t fall back on compliance. It might be challenging to keep up with many other responsibilities on your plate. This is where a managed IT provider stands to help you. 

The provider deals with IT and serves many clients, so they need to be familiar with all the governing laws regarding data and privacy. Once you hire them, it’s their responsibility to ensure all your operations accordingly. They’ll also update themselves on any changes, enabling them to adjust your activities as necessary. With these providers, you won’t have to worry about penalties due to non-compliance.

5. Proactive Management

It’s said that proactive management is the way to go when running your business, rather than reactive management. With proactive management, you can identify potential problems in advance, allowing you to take action to prevent them. Reactive management, on the other hand, is where you only act when an issue arises; you don’t prevent them.

Managed IT providers are in a position to offer you proactive management. They don’t have any other role to fulfill in your organization; they can spend all their days monitoring your systems. With a proactive approach, the team will take note of any suspicious activities in your systems and stop them before they happen. This embraces the principle that prevention is better than cure, which is ideal.

In most cases, your in-house IT team will adopt a reactive approach to IT management. This is because they have other responsibilities to meet in your organization. They don’t have the luxury of monitoring your systems all through.

6. Quality Services

Managed IT providers have experience in their service provision. The experience is attributed to them serving other businesses besides yours, meaning they have exposure.

With this, they know what to look for regarding security as they assess your systems. Their exposure also lets them know what to do in what situation, restoring your IT services as soon as possible. This allows you to resume your duties promptly, reducing downtime.

Also, having worked with other companies, the provider will bring in new ideas that you can adopt to better your IT systems. All in all, you’ll get quality services in totality.

7. Easy Scalability

In running your business, you’ll experience highs and lows; there are seasons you’ll barely be making profits and others where you’ll make a lot. When things aren’t okay, you’ll always aim at reducing your expenditure to the minimum. You’d need to increase your resources during the peak season to meet the workload.

When working independently, upgrading can prove to be quite a task. You need to hire more workers, get extra office space to accommodate the new workers, and acquire new equipment. This alone can make you abandon your expansion plan, which isn’t a good business mindset. 

On the other hand, you’d have to let go of some workers during a downgrade, including your best, since you have no choice. You’ll also wonder how to dispose of all the extra equipment, especially if you have no storage room. 

However, once you seek managed IT services, the narrative changes. With these services, you can easily upgrade and downgrade. All you have to do is subscribe to a lower or higher package plan. Your provider has all the necessary resources to cater to an upgrade. They also don’t have to worry when you downgrade since they have other customers to serve.

8. Round The Clock Support

As previously stated, security is essential for a business. Your systems need to be protected all day and night, without breaks. Although your in-house IT team provides support, it’s often not all-around. This is because your team needs to retire at the end of the day and take a rest; they also go for leaves, holidays, and other breaks. These breaks can make your business vulnerable to malware attacks since hackers will take advantage when you’ve let your guard down.

On the other hand, most professional managed IT providers provide 24/7/365 support; there’s no break for them. Cyberattacks can happen anytime, including at two in the morning, hence the need for round-the-clock support. With these services, you’re assured your business is always protected.

9. Better Budgeting

Planning is a crucial part of any business; it’ll help you allocate resources accordingly to minimize waste. In most cases, businesses fail to honor their plans due to unexpected issues. Even if you’ve set aside funds for risks, the incident might require more funds than you’ve set aside. 

One of the departments that most offsets your plan is IT. This is because equipment can break down unexpectedly, and you need to repair them to continue with your operations. Taking care of these repairs will consume a lot of money, probably more than your budget. This makes your whole planning useless; you’d need to go back to the drawing board or do away with planning in totality, which isn’t ideal when running a business.

Outsourced IT services help you stick to your plan at the beginning of the financial year. This is because you’re paying them a fixed amount of money for all IT services. Therefore, should your equipment require maintenance or repairing, the provider will handle them without you chipping in extra money. However, this depends on the agreement you have with the provider. 


This article has shown you how your business will benefit by outsourcing your IT services. With this information, you’re better positioned to decide whether you’ll hire managed IT service providers or not. Whichever decision you make, ensure it’s the right one for your business.

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