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Can Word Games Actually Impact The Health of Your Brain

Everyone is familiar with instructions for a healthy life – fresh food and hours of sleep or exercise will have positive effects...

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Everyone is familiar with instructions for a healthy life – fresh food and hours of sleep or exercise will have positive effects on both our minds and bodies.

But the state of mind is not visible on the outside, so we are more likely to forget that all of this applies to mental health as well.

We exercise to keep our bodies in shape, but if you want to keep your brain in shape, some exercise is needed as well. Luckily, there are so many options.

In case you were not familiar with the positive effects of word games on your brain – stay tuned. We will explain how a simple and fun activity, like Word Unscrambling, for example, can impact your brain functions and mental health.

1. Improving memory

Our brain has certain methods when it comes to memorizing. If you repeat the same thought, sentence, or word, your brain will recognize this action as something that needs to be remembered and stored for later use. While looking for a solution to a word puzzle, you are reviewing words you already know in your head and you are searching your ‘brain database’ repeatedly. This leads to word repetition. Every time your brain does this it ‘refreshes’ your word knowledge. This way the smaller amount of words remain forgotten.

Brain exercises can’t be a cure for diseases, but can significantly slow down the mental aging process. This has a direct link with reducing dementia and Alzheimer’s symptoms. 

2. Enhancing problem-solving skills

Word games are a puzzle that needs to be solved. And every puzzle demands brain work.

Our brains gather knowledge and use it later in solving different tasks. If you have experience in problem-solving, your brain will already be prepared and it will know how to access the problem.

This is especially important for children at a young age. 

The earlier they develop this skill, the more time there is for progress which later leads to perfection. Word games are a great way for sharpening young minds. They see it as a fun game, not as a difficult task. Even if they are a bit competitive, and want to win at all costs, you can give them a small boost in the form of a reliable word unscrambling tool, which they can use to improve their word games skill significantly.

3. Expanding vocabulary

The more word games you play, the more words you encounter. And chances are you will see numerous words you have not encountered before. This way you are upgrading your vocabulary, but also making sure your brain remembers a certain word. You put some time and effort into this word and that way, your brain won’t let it go easily.

These types of puzzles can be quite useful to people who have dyslexia. You are able to separate the word into pieces, to properly understand its meaning, and visualize it. All of this is important for the ones who have problems with letters and words. And we do all that while having fun.

4. Expressive language

This is a language we use to communicate with others and express our thoughts and feelings.

You will become a better talker if you improve your vocabulary and word usage. This is a skill most people develop later in life because we start to understand ourselves better and to properly recognize our feelings. Imagine knowing a word for every possible feeling. Powerful, right?

So in case you believe word games are only for children, rethink this. We all know how communicating skills are important in adult life.

5. Creativity boost

Can Word Games Actually Impact The Health of Your Brain

Challenge yourself to think outside of the box. If you spent some time playing word games, you have probably learned that many strategies for solving word puzzles exist. 

By trying out different strategies, you will find out that not all of them are always usable. And when you reach a dead end, you will have to be creative and think of a suitable tactic for a certain situation. 

Sometimes you will not even be able to find a solution with all the strategies you know and you will have to come up with a whole new resolution.

6. Working under pressure

Everyone would agree that a fast and sharp mind is one of the greatest assets. Being able to efficiently react in a moment can literally save lives. So do not underestimate the power of working under pressure. Instead, practice it.

Speed of the brain is something that can be practiced and upgraded, so use every opportunity to do so, even if it comprises playing word games with friends under a time limit.

7. Focus and attention

This is another brain skill that needs to be practiced. Focusing on a certain problem can be exhausting for the brain and that is why it is important to extend your boundaries with practice. 

Solving any type of problem properly demands focus, and that goes for word games too. 

But after a difficult task always remember to:

8. Relax and destress

There is no pressure, you create rules and boundaries. You determine the rules of the game and what we consider cheating. And if your goal is to relax while playing, then no rules need to be applied at all. This is a calm and soothing game and this makes it perfect for relaxing after hard mental work. And it also provides a rewarding and satisfying feeling when you are successfully unscrambling all of those letters.

You might recall how these activities took you away from the stress of your daily life and made you feel relaxed. They also may have improved your spelling skills, increased your vocabulary, and increased your brain function. The benefits go beyond just having fun while spending time with friends or family members. Word games can actually impact the health of your brain in many significant ways.


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  1. Brain games definitely help to relax the mind Prince. Playing games here and there lets one detach from the many, seeming endless stressors of the world. Being playful makes life easier, more fun and more enjoyable. All good points here. Happing gaming 🙂


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