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How to Improve Workplace Communication With Digital Signage?

Imagine how effective it would be if communications taking place in organizations were as stimulating as a cup of black coffee? Sounds...

How to Improve Workplace Communication With Digital Signage?

Imagine how effective it would be if communications taking place in organizations were as stimulating as a cup of black coffee? Sounds kind of unreal, right? It is however true that emails, newsletters, meetings, and hierarchical communication makes it difficult to sleep after. So, how can you fix an extremely important facet of making an organization work smoothly?

Through digital signage, amongst other things.

Read on to find out more on the same.

Why is Workplace Communication Important?

Communication plays a fundamental role in motivating the employees, articulating ideas and solutions, team building, supporting a sense of belonging between employees and the organization, etc. So you can inform your employees about the latest news of the working process or about the new tasks using these colorful, modern, high quality digital displays. This will add an interesting touch to everyday work and will invigorate the office routine. Let us understand the benefits of workplace communication.

  • Boosts Employee Morale

An effective medium of communication takes care of the dropping morale rate of the employees. No, it is not about those lengthy motivational speeches, but indefinitely about building a culture around communication that celebrates the accomplishments of the employees. 

  • Improves Employee Turnover

Any channel of communication should ignite some spark in the minds of the employees that helps them stick to the organization in the long run. So, it might rather be exciting and promising.

How can you achieve it with digital signage?

The answer that you are looking out for is digital signage

Digital signage helps the organizations communicate effectively with all its employees through digital signboards showcasing attractive content with striking images and videos.

Using digital signage for workplace communication facilitates unambiguous communication, maximizes workflow as you can highlight key information, engage your employees better, and gather instant responses. 

  • To Make Announcements:

Continuously broadcast important announcements, messages, and updates to your workforce to keep the communication productive, easy-going, and comprehensible. 

  • Display Work Related Communications On The Screen:

You can also choose to display a feed relating to the official communication happening between employees. This will bring in transparency and build trust in the working of the organization. In fact, you can also customize the display as per your requirement to design your communication feed with eye-catching and inventive elements to either create a standalone theme or in line with your brand’s theme.

  • Brief About Meeting Room Booking Systems:

By setting up digital signages to display bookings at the meeting room will ease out employee communications. Small screens placed outside meeting rooms can aid employees book rooms and run a check at who is using the room and at what time.

  • Dish Out Company Dashboards

The internal dashboard emphasizes only the important figures for your business. It is updated automatically and places charts that track the progress against the prediction each day. It is essential for stimulating the performance of your employees because how can they work on the numbers when they can’t see it themselves.

It doesn’t have to be plain sailing, you can design the dashboard as you like and showcase targets and top performers too.

  • Display The Happenings To Gather Involvement:

Digital signages are perfect campfires around which the employees can initiate conversations, build close relationships and share their personal experiences. You can also add collaterals of events, promotions, ongoing/upcoming activities, performance trackers, welcoming new joiners, work schedules, or birthdays that can gather more attention from the employees and be a factor that pumps in energy.

  • Put Up A Digital Reviewboard:

When employees connect more to the organization they are significantly productive. This can be achieved through employee participation. You can build an employee idea board or a review board to showcase what the employees or the customers have to say about the organization. This will help in more employee participation and of course better functioning!

  • Communicate Across Various Offices

Digital signages allow you to set up displays within the same account at any location and get it operational at other locations. There might be variance in some figures but you can maintain the same theme. While communicating with your workforce, you can opt to show personalized content to your employee irrespective of the location of the office.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Digital Signage?

The benefit of using digital signage for corporate communication is the fact that Television screens are predominantly visible. The organization can use digital screens to amplify its communication strategy. Use it to share notices, give feedback, gather attention and feedback.

  • Easier To Fetch Attention:

Unlike notice boards and mails, a massive display can not be seen or ignored. Digital signage is assumed to have more than an 80% recall rate. Considering how short the attention span has become, that figure is quite promising.

  • Easy To Share Important Information:

The content displayed on digital signage is eye-catchy. It doesn’t pop up in your email, which means you can’t decide whether to open it or not. It is just put out there on the wall displaying all the important information that you can consume irrespective of what you are doing.

  • Open For Public At Large:

Digital signage follows a one-to-many approach, as it is visible to hundreds of employees. Unlike other employee communication tools like email and Slack give out information only to some set of people, it is open for all which brings in more transparency.

Over To You

Digital signages for employee communication are gaining popularity more and more ever since they came into practice. It is however not that popular at many places. But, using digital signage as a tool for effective and impactful employee communication is becoming the need of the hour. And be it, for it has multiple benefits that form the core of a swiftly working organization.


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