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The Chinese Web Browser: Pros and Cons of Using UC Browser

UC Browser for a computer is not a very popular web browser that exists in the assembly for mobile devices but has...

Chinese Web Browser

UC Browser for a computer is not a very popular web browser that exists in the assembly for mobile devices but has recently appeared in the version for the computer.

Different users have different browser requirements, because, for some, this program may seem convenient and functional. It has its advantages, which will be discussed below.

UC Browser: The Progressive Web Browser or Hidden Threat for Users?

Features and benefits

The UC Browser version for a computer differs from its mobile counterparts in a very unusual location of the toolbar, non-standard placement of the main functional elements and plug-ins and, of course, maximum efficiency of the application (it starts up very quickly, loads the content of sites).

At the same time, a pleasant surprise for the user when launching the browser will be the ability to select the interface of the quick access window independently – it may look like the well-known Google Chrome or the well-known Opera Speed ​​Dial. After installing the interface you like, you can start directly surfing the web, which, at first, can surprise an untrained user. As already mentioned, initially, this program was developed exclusively for mobile devices – smartphones and tablets. It was in this form that it received some distribution and even deserved quite good reviews. Relatively recently, its version appeared, suitable for stationary PCs and laptops.

Chinese Web Browser

The browser has several advantages, which, however, are present in other browsers:

  • Convenient menu – it is intuitively understandable, and all the main functions are visible;
  • The application has a high speed, even at low Internet speeds.
  • The program allows you to browse the web as in slow mode, with normal loading, and perform fast loading of pages, thanks to the use of unique data compression algorithms unique to this browser.
  • Automatic formation of the bookmarks panel of the most frequently visited sites, and, moreover, they are automatically divided into groups (music, downloads, etc.);
  • The relative speed with sufficient RAM and good hardware resources.
  • The presence of a built-in spam blocker.
  • The ability to synchronize with a mobile device using cloud storage.
  • If the download of files was interrupted for some reason, the application allows resuming the necessary data.
  • There is an incognito mode that allows the user to anonymously visit sites without saving the visit data in the browser history.
  • An interesting and convenient user interface, built on the Blink engine.

The main advantage of this browser is the ability to synchronize bookmarks, history, cache, and save the mobile browser with the new version. Millions of users prefer to utilize this browser, as they are searching for UC browser download for pc actively.

This is one of the reasons why users install this program on a PC. Those who worked a lot from a tablet or phone try to transfer their data to a PC in this way, and UC provides such an opportunity.

Main Disadvantages of the Browser

Chinese Web Browser

The device has several disadvantages, which are typical for both mobile and stationary:

  • A large amount of device memory (compared to other common browsers, this one takes up more space);
  • The active use of RAM, which can lead to a suspension of parallel running (and also, the browser itself freezes and runs very slowly with a lack of RAM);
  • A fairly heavy load on the hardware, which is especially bad for laptops, as it causes a rapid discharge of the battery during autonomous operation.

The Chinese browser, in many ways, is inferior to the leaders in this field. It is less protected from viruses, spam, and phishing than Chrome, as well as slower.

How to Download & Install the Browser

This software exists in two versions. Beta is distributed free of charge, which is in the assembly for 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Also, developers separately designed a version for users from India. There is another option.

You can download it as an Android application using .apk applications (for example, Blue Stacks). This is convenient for users who are accustomed to the “android” menu.

Is the PC version of UC Browser is better than Mobile One?

The computer version is distinguished not only by the high download speed of the sites but also by the ability to increase network speed using the accelerated mode function, during which the application compresses the web pages using its proprietary algorithms.

The developers of the program have added interesting and useful features to it – the ability to maintain cloud synchronization with a portable device, as well as the ability to note the display of the page preview when the mouse cursor is over, the function of setting the sound indication on the page.

And yet, with first-class interface design for the application, there is one nuance – a fairly wide top panel that captures about 10% of the total screen. In this case, the browser perfectly copes with all the requirements of modern web standards.


Despite all the disadvantages and rumors around the UC Browser, this application is gaining solid popularity among millions of users globally. You can test this browser, and find out why many users decided to choose it over popular browsers.

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