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Duck Duck Go search engine – Advantage over Google.

There have been so many concerns about the privacy and security issues of online users. So far, Google has suffered most of...

There have been so many concerns about the privacy and security issues of online users. So far, Google has suffered most of the numerous allegations with people stressing that it is using cookies to track users without their consent. With this in mind, DuckDuckGo came around with only one idea in mind, to enhance the user’s privacy. This search engine has affirmed that it neither track users, nor does it harvest users private information whenever they use it. With recent reports indicating that it has had more than ten billion searches. It seems like the Duck Duck Go search engine is making great strides. Duck Duck Go has emphasized its uniqueness, and it has drawn a clear and distinct line that separates it from other search engines such as Google.

Why DuckDuckGo might just be the way out.

Recently, reports came out that Google is not respecting the user’s selections. To narrow down, there is the Do Not Track (DNT) option on Google search engine whose function is to stop Google from tracking users online activities once initiated. According to Gabriel Weinberg the CEO of the Duck Duck Go search engine, Google is not respecting the wishes of its clients. This makes the Duck Duck Go search engine very opportune if you want privacy whenever you are surfing online.

The advantage of the Duck Duck Go search engine over Google.

DuckDuckGo search engine is making sure that their users are getting more than just privacy. It is giving them the experience of a lifetime by making sure that they have a peaceful time online. Since their debut in 2008, there have been numerous improvements made on the search engine to increase its efficiency and overall functionality. Some of the core advantages you stand to gain using DuckDuckGo include.

No Ads are available

Duck Duck Go search engine – Advantage over Google.There is no day you will use Google for a minute without tripping over an ad or using an Adblocker. Some of the ads can be very irrelevant and thus annoying. This denies you the space and peace of mind required to gather useful information. On the other hand, Duck Duck Go search engine is giving you a much better interface where you can search whichever site you want without having to worry about numerous Ads popping up on every turn you take. Everything is silent and enjoyable. You only get to see what you want and nothing more. This enables you to gather so much within a very short time making every minute to count. DuckDuckGo believes that for you to rank high, you don’t need meaningless ads, their SEO audit score is only determined by great content.

Every DuckDuckGo search is encrypted

Duck Duck Go search engine – Advantage over Google.The site is heavily encrypted. This means that whether you are using the private mode or not, you will not be tracked and neither will your personal information be leaked and stored. In an interview, the CEO of DuckDuckGo Gilbert Weinberg made it clear that Google has gathered so much of people’s information to the extent that they can now send you personalized Ad-Ons. This has risen so many concerns, and so many internet users are now trying to avoid Google. Privacy is one of the main and essential elements of a good search engine. This is because nowadays people share billing information, important passwords, credit card numbers, and even security codes online. Having all that information exposed and unsecured can be very dangerous. With DuckDuckGo, all the personal information that you use while online is quickly discarded as soon as it has finished its purpose. They don’t store even a single piece of information.

You get a quality search with DuckDuckGo

This is yet another issue that rates DuckDuckGo higher than Google. Google uses filter bubble, even though recently they claimed not to use it, they actually do or not but Duck Duck Go search engine does not use it. The quality of your searches gets tampered with the filter bubble. This is where every individual is given different search results depending on their history. In DuckDuckGo, everyone gets similar search results. The search is genuine and authentic. This is why Gilbert Weinberg has been very staunch on his decision that Google controls the user and not the other way round. DuckDuckGo, on the other hand, gives the user complete control of the search engine. This is a very important quality.

Customization and Design

DuckDuckGo offers a very clean design. This is something you will enjoy and appreciate every single time. The layout is great, and the searches are very clean, literally. You can also additionally customize how it looks and behaves. You get to have what you want whenever you want it. Once you use this search engine, you will straight away notice how Good it is. It is very little you can do to enhance the experience you get when using Google. This is exactly why DuckDuckGo is growing day by day with an increased number of users throughout the globe.

How DuckDuckGo makes money?

You will find that Google uses a user history to come up with personalized ads. This is something so many people have seen countless times. According to DuckDuckGo’s CEO, they don’t need to know users history to come up with a great ad. When you type a car, you get a car ad. They have used your current search to get an ad that is not related to your history, and this is how they make money. This way they are making money without capitalizing on the users’ information and data like Other search engines do. This makes the search engine more advantageous, reliable and very secure than many other search engines. For those who are wondering how DuckDuckGo is enhancing the e-commerce experience, it promotes the use of link building to make your site visible to numerous visitors without necessarily using ads. They also allow bloggers outreach which is a very way of promoting your website.

DuckDuckGo is a very powerful search engine that has risen through the ranks to become one of the best ways to surf without fear of leaking your private information. They have so far championed the importance of privacy and are offering some of the best options for online users. Their site lacks unbearable ads, and so you get to enjoy undistracted searches.

Written by Harold Camaya
Harold is a passionate writer. She enjoys writing about the latest trends all around the globe. Through her writing, she hopes to influence as many people as possible to help build a beautiful world.

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  1. Very interesting!
    My son has been telling me I should use Duck Duck Go for ages. Better give it a try.
    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

  2. Thanks, Harold Camaya,
    I came back again, really the DuckDuckGo search engine is really amazing.

  3. Mr.Harold Camaya
    I read your article. Right now DuckDuckGo search engine is installed in Chrome browser. We will discuss the experience again.
    Thanks for sharing the article

  4. Hi robin,

    It is nice to know about a search engine other Google. You have given good information about Duck Duck Go search engine. I completely agree that at time Google sends very annoying and irrelavent ads. I will try Duck Duck Go search engine and see how it goes.

    Thanks for sharing this post. Have a good day.

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