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How to get Different Fancy Looking Fonts on Instagram?

Ever wondered how those Instagram influencers can write those fancy texts on their Instagram bio? Tried to copy and paste them so...

Fancy Looking Fonts on Instagram

Ever wondered how those Instagram influencers can write those fancy texts on their Instagram bio? Tried to copy and paste them so that your Instagram could look fancy as well? And what? FAILED!!!! Well! There’s happy news for you; it is really easy to change Instagram fonts. In fact, with those Instagram font-changing apps and font generators, it is just a two-step thing.

So, before jumping on how to change Instagram fonts, let’s discuss why you need to focus on changing Instagram fonts.

Nowadays, Instagram is the most loved social media platform that bloggers, influencers, and even designers, and actors prefer to use. Instagram was launched in 2010 and its growth was nearly instantaneous. From just a handful of users, Instagram went from just a handful of users to 100,000 users in just 2 months. A fancy Instagram font in your captions, stories, or bio may help you to stand out and attract people, and get noticed. People are making their own fonts these days but you can also rely on Instagram fonts.

However, if you are really thinking to change the Instagram font, keep one thing in mind it shouldn’t look either too kiddish or too overboard.

Choose an Instagram font that is all-screen reader-friendly.

While choosing an Instagram font, keep one thing in mind it should be all-screen and screen reader-friendly. Remember that Instagram only supports Unicode characters. ‘Unicode’ is a universal character encoding standard that defines the way individual characters are represented. Without getting too much into this techy stuff, the main point is such fonts may not be readable all across the screen and they may not be accessible for most of the people who use screen readers.

Fancy fonts for Instagram are not the only thing required for the best Instagram bio

A fancy font is not the only thing required to make your Instagram bio attractive and noticeable. An Instagram bio should not be bigger than two lines. After all, people don’t want to know your history in your Instagram bio. The best Instagram bio will be the one with the we-articulated and edgy font. Try to keep your bio short and crisp, compelling, and mysterious to attract viewers. Try to use well-thought words to become noticeable.

Now, coming to the main point; how to change your Instagram font! The answer is:

1.  Pick out relevant font:

There are various Instagram font-changing apps and sites which you can access for free. With that, you can generate any type of fancy Instagram font you want for your Instagram bio and captions. Nowadays one of the best and most talked about Instagram font-changing sites is Meta tags font generator.

Follow the following steps to use the Mega tags font generator site:

a) Go to the meta tags font generator site. (https://metatags.io/font-generator)   

b) Enter the text you want to customize

c) Click on edit text

d) You will get a long list of fancy fonts.

e) Chose the text

f) Copy the most appealing font.

g) Paste the selected text in your Instagram bio by clicking on the “edit profile” tab.

Also, you can follow the same steps for displaying fancy texts on your stories and captions.

So, this was a simple process that can instantly lift viewers’ attraction to your profile in just a few steps.

Alternative sites/apps:

There are many other sites available that can provide you with the fancy fonts for Instagram you are looking for. You just need to follow the same steps as mentioned above for the meta tags font generator. Some of them are:

a) Lingojam (https://lingojam.com/FontsForInstagram)

b) Instagram fonts generator (https://igfonts.io)

c) Fancy text Generator by (https://www.editpad.org/tool/fancy-text-generator)

These sites are very easy to use as they have a user-friendly interface.

So guys, enjoy and have fun with these fancy font generators and make your profile noticeable to your viewers.

Conclusion: Fancy-Looking Fonts on Instagram

Instagram is the most loved and widely used social media platform nowadays. With the increase in Instagram users day by day, it is a widely used platform by bloggers, artists, and even designers. Using different fancy fonts for your Instagram may be a way to stand out from the rest of the crowd and make your profile noticeable. Changing Instagram fonts is a very easy task. All you have to do is go to the specific site and copy the required font and paste it anywhere; either in your bio, stories, or captions. This simple step can make your profile look different and noticeable.


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