How to Fix Android stuck on Headphone Mode?

Fix Android stuck on headphone

We all know that the Android phone is very famous worldwide due to its advanced features and easy accessibility, but some Android users are also facing some problems while using their Android phones. Every problem has not one but rather several solutions. And many Android users are well aware of all these problems and also know their solutions. Nowadays, some Android users are coming in complaining that “Android phone is stuck on headphone mode” that they are facing this problem and cannot find any solution. So, guys, you don’t need to take worry at all. Today we will tell you here with the help of this article. How you can fix Android stuck in the headphone mode problem by taking some easy measures and get rid of this problem forever. So, all you have to do is read this article until your problem is solved, and if your problem is solved, and you feel that now your problem has been solved then you can leave it at that time. So, we first try to know why this happens and why this problem comes?

How to recognize that Android Phone stuck on Headphone Mode?

Android devices automatically detect all plugged devices, and it also goes smoothly in headphone mode and when a user connects their headphones to a smartphone. Many Android users complain that even after removing their headphones, they get stuck in headphone mode, and the device is showing that it’s not connected to the device. And then it happens, the media stops, and still Android The screen at the top of the device, they show that they have disconnected their headphones from the device, yet they show that symbol.

If your Android mobile is stuck in headphone mode, it shows the headphone symbol or headset icon on your Android device screen, and even if there is no headset attached to your Android device. Even after the headphone set is disconnected, you are still showing the symbol of the connected headphones at the top of your mobile screen. And if your headset set is not working properly and you do not hear any sound from your headphone set if you can hear. It indicates that your Android device is stuck on the headphone mode. And now, if you can’t hear a voice through headphones, then you need to fix your headphones, and you have to use some methods to fix the problem of your device, then you have to deal with this problem will get rid of. We are going to give some very easy solutions below, and by using them any Android user can fix their problem very easily.

7 most effective methods used to fix Android stuck on Headphone Mode 

1. Plug & unplug your Headphone set:

After disconnecting or unplugging your headphone set, and you see that the headphone icon still appears there, and you think that your headphone set is still connecting to your device, but it doesn’t happen, and you have unplugged your headphones set.

 If you are facing this problem of headphones set on your Android phone, then you have to double-check and unplug your headphones set, and by doing so, it can fix your problem. And if This problem you have right now has not been solved yet and you are still facing the same problem, then you keep reading this article.

2. Restart your Android Device:

Sometimes when you’ve disconnected your headphone, and still keeps playing music or some other audio file. And no Android device’s operating system (OS) can detect why it’s happening right now Also plays music and the headset looks connected to your device. To fix your Android stuck in the headphone mode problem, all you have to do is restart your phone, and then this problem will be fix. 

3. Clean your Android device, Headphone Jack:

If you have encountered a similar problem on your Android device, it may also be due to some dust in your Android phone audio jack then you have to clean the audio jack of the Android set. Most people keep their phone in their pocket, but it is more likely that the lint will get stuck on your headset jack. Users should test the lint, audio jack on their Android phones. So, the user has to plug his headphone jack into his Android headset for some time.

And yet if the headphone icon appears on your phone, you take a piece of a cotton swab and break it from one end into the shape of a mobile audio jack and insert it slowly into your audio jack, and Then turn it clockwise. After turning in all four directions again check it. And now, this problem has been fixed.

4. Download an app from Play Store:

If your problem is not solved yet, then you should go to your device’s Play Store, and go and search for the audio switch laser application for your Android device and download it. And then this app Will fix the problem, and it will also work properly on your device’s mic and speakers after using this app, and your problem will be a complete fix.

5. Update Android device:

If your Android devices are stuck in the headphone mode problem, and you want to fix it, then you will have to update your mobile, and you will not have to face this problem when your mobile device is updated.

6. Factory Reset:

If updating you still have not got rid of this problem and the Android phone is still not working properly, then you need to factory reset your mobile. But before doing this step, you have to back up all the data on your Android device and store it on your computer or laptop or any other device, such as Google Drive, hard disk, etc. and this method will reach your audio jack 100% works.

7. Repair your Headphone/Device:

If your problem is still not resolved, if your headphone is under warranty, you can replace it with the company. And if it is out of warranty then you can give it for repair from the good mobile shop or service center even, by doing this, your problem will go away forever.


The headphone mode is a very cool feature that helps your Android phone detect your headphones automatically, though connected to them, and your smartphone thinks that your headphones will always be on. After trying all the above methods, we are sure that you will get rid of this problem, and you can easily get your device out of Headphone Mode, and this problem will not come forward, and if this problem comes again and you will be able to fix it very easily. So, in this article, I have tried to explain to you completely and how to fix an Android device stuck on the headphone mode, and I hope this article has helped you to eliminate your problem.


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