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Flippa The Most Trustworthy Marketplace for Online Marketing

Flippa the most trustworthy marketplace that enjoys over 120,000 buyers and sellers. The site allows the trading of web properties. This Flippa...

Flippa the most trustworthy marketplace that enjoys over 120,000 buyers and sellers. The site allows the trading of web properties. This Flippa review analyzes the selling and buying aspects of the platforms highlighting its significant hits and misses. Read through to learn if it’s a viable marketplace and how to go about trading real web properties.

Pros of Buying and Selling on Flippa

Easy to navigate and use

The platform is easy to understand. It’s simple to search for websites, buy, and make payments. If selling, it would take you about 15 minutes to complete a listing.  As long as you have the correct documentation, registering your site is quite easy. 

The website takes a short time to load and is user-friendly, giving numerous business opportunities for users. Any sale you make is straightforward, and you’ll be alerted every time a process is complete. The system prompts you to take any necessary actions regarding the sale. 

Safe payment methods

The worst thing that can happen to anyone doing business is getting scammed and losing all that for nothing. To avoid such cases, Flippa uses Escro services to moderate their payments. 

It means that you place the money in Escrow, and only release it after receiving and confirming the site. The payments and responses are fast and secure. You get to enjoy discounts on the commission while using this service.

Top Customer Support

The site has 24/7 customer support, meaning in case of a problem or if you any kind of help you want to take, someone will be available to sort you out. Expect an excellent staff that will guide you through the trade process. 

Allows Negotiations between buyer and seller

Just because a site is listed as costing, let’s say $5000, it doesn’t mean that’s the final price. Both buyers and sellers can review the price. This aspect gives a chance to buyers who may be having a low budget. 

Great Websites

Flippa the most trustworthy marketplace for websites. It’s a great online shop for apps and websites. There are some greats sites at a low multiple. You can’t compare it to other trading sites that only give a chance to 5-figure websites.

Wide Price Range

This online marketplace is open to anyone to do business regardless of asset size and value of your site. Don’t worry about your budget. You can’t miss finding a valuable site.  Here, you can get websites that give high revenue at a pretty low price. Since it has a large audience, your listing will get enough traffic.  

Buyer Profile

All buyers have a profile that details how many bids or completed sales they have made in the past. 


Flippa is a cool site, but like any other online service, it faces the risk of scamming. Though there are some fantastic sites, not all of them are good. Some sites are not business-related. You may come across new websites with less functionality. If the deal is too good, think twice. 

Some of the problems can be avoided if Flippa did an in-depth analysis of the websites. In some situations, the buyer may have to depend on the word of the seller.

How To Sell 

The process of selling web property on Flippa is the same, regardless of its type. Most common sites include startups, domains, apps, and established websites. 

If you would like to sell your website, visit the Flippa homepage, and select ‘start selling.’ From the choices provided, choose your site’s category. Provide answers to all the questions related to your site.  Include the name of your business, where it’s based, and the industry.

You’ll then get more advanced questions that target your income source and how the site makes money. You also are required to provide weaknesses if the site, if any. What should the new owner expect? Are there any opportunities for future growth? 

Provide documentation to verify your income. You can do this by filling up their form or connect Quickbooks to Flippa. Upload your profit and loss statement to verify your income. Provide any other details, including assets, email accounts, hosting, social media accounts, and anything relevant. 

You will get two options for setting the price. The fixed-price option is only for higher-valued websites. 

The site has two ways of selling: Broker management and Assisted sale. It is not unusual, as all online sites charge broker fees.

On the other hand, an Assisted Sale requires getting an account manager. Only accounts that are valued $250,000 and above can use the broker service. Besides, you will have to pay monthly subscription fees for site listing.

It has a boost feature, just like on Facebook, where you can boost the site to reach a wider audience. 


The site has a success fee (10%), which reduces as you sell larger websites. It makes it an affordable site for selling websites. Their prices are quite low.  

How To Buy 

Other than going through the stress of building a website from scratch, buying an established one sounds like a good idea. Chances of site failure are low. You are picking up something that has tasted the waters. Also, the site has an audience that you can sell your product or service. 

For better results, take time to search through the available sites, comparing them side by side to settle for the best. It is because it’s possible to come across a low-quality site whose figures are inflated. The market hosts countless sites. 

If interested in buying, visit the home page and check out the header or use the search bar to identify the specific type of business. Flippa the most trustworthy marketplace makes it easy for you to find what you are looking for through it’s filtering options. You can specify the nature, and the average profit the site makes.

Always calculate the total cost compared to the earnings per month. How long will it take before you can recover through profits? Is the site legit? Don’t let the number of bids blind you. You still need to be more diligent, especially if looking for a Buy It Now site. If possible, request the seller for access to Google Analytics (read-only) to verify the statistics. Check the site’s content, images, and overall look. Remember to check its backlink profile. 

Overall, Flippa the most trustworthy marketplace is a great site that doesn’t lock out any website owner. It gives equal chances despite different site values. Anyone willing to grow their business online should check out this online marketplace for some great websites.

The site loads fast and instantly and makes the trading process easy. Since it’s an online business, it is not free of scammers, so traders must be extra careful.

It hosts different types of websites in plenty, meaning there is something for everyone. Whatever domains, featured apps, games, software, or websites you are interested in, you can’t miss it here. It is a trustworthy company that serves thousands of users.

Written by Naman Modi
Naman Modi is a Professional Blogger, SEO Expert & Guest blogger at NamanModi.com, He is an Award-Winning Freelancer & Web Entrepreneur helping new entrepreneur’s launches their first successful online business.

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  1. hello Naman,

    Flippa is really a great platform to sell domain names and Websites securely without any hassle. I have used it for selling some of my websites earlier and the experience was really Good. Thanks for sharing this helpful post.

    Vishwajeet Kumar

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