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Where to Find the Best Online Courses for Remote Work?

Transitioning to remote work can be a difficult process for some of us. It takes quite a lot of dedication to learn...

Online Courses for Remote Work

Transitioning to remote work can be a difficult process for some of us. It takes quite a lot of dedication to learn how to effectively manage your time and stay on task. Additionally, certain types of remote positions will require refined skill sets. There are many valuable skills that remote employees can learn to help them perform on the job, find new clients, and maintain productivity. Many companies have created courses specific to developing personal skill sets such as these to allow remote employees to further their careers. Below, we’ve outlined some of the best online resources for remote work courses.

Search Remotely’s Online Learning Database

Search Remotely offers hundreds of online courses for remote work that allow learners to improve their skills and further their careers. The courses listed on their website come from many different online learning platforms. This makes it easy for learners to find a learning method that works for them. Additionally, it gives them access to courses that target specific fields of interest for positions with available remote work opportunities.

edX Learning

edX provides learners with a comprehensive platform that features thousands of online courses. The course material is designed and taught by professors and industry professionals from top universities and employers around the world. Many of these courses are high-level colleges and provide learners with foundational skills that they continue to build upon over a specified course curriculum.

This is a great tool for remote workers who wish to learn technical skills from the comfort of their homes. The courses on this website are well-respected by employers and help remote employees build a comprehensive professional resume to further their careers.

LinkedIn Learning Platform

LinkedIn is well-known for its dedication to connecting potential employees with a variety of workplace connections and resources. For remote workers, the skills offered through LinkedIn Learning can help you grow and develop the skills you need to start your remote career. With thousands of courses to choose from, you’ll be able to find a topic that you’ve always wanted to learn and work towards course completion at your own pace.

Hundreds of different courses included on this platform apply directly to remote working. Individuals can provide services such as coding, creative design, project management, product analysis, and customer service from the comfort of their homes. The skills needed to complete these jobs are accessible through the courses provided by LinkedIn.


While many individuals feel that they are incapable of taking on a career due to the skills that are required to succeed in remote fields, there are plenty of remote tools available to help learners make career changes and advance in their desired field. Learners now can take courses at their own pace and learn valuable skills.

Keep in mind, as well, that the majority of these courses are free or offer financial aid programs for certificates of completion. Learners can provide proof of completion to employers, further building their resumes and enhancing their professional skill sets.


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