Freshop Alternatives to Build Grocery Marketplace

The current market scenario indicates an increase in demand for grocery delivery services motivating the entrepreneurs to shift their offline grocery store...

Freshop Alternatives

The current market scenario indicates an increase in demand for grocery delivery services motivating the entrepreneurs to shift their offline grocery store online or get started with a grocery delivery platform like Instacart. 

But the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs is to choose the right grocery delivery solution to build a feature-rich website/app.

There are a number of app development companies and solutions available that make it more challenging for the entrepreneur to choose the best suitable grocery delivery solution as there are various factors that affect their decision.

From budget to other factors like offered features, after-sales services, and client reviews, everything matters.

One such available solution to build your grocery marketplace is “Freshop.”

Freshop is an eCommerce solution that offers a comprehensive and customizable online grocery shopping platform to its clients. 

The solution is now acquired by an end-to-end retail solution provider NCR. It currently provides various eCommerce themes that accompany layout flexibility and intuitive designs to make your online grocery marketplace website look more attractive. 

Cons of Freshop

The solution is suitable for small and medium-scale businesses that offer basic themes with limited customization like logo, color, and image editing. 

Main factors like price, verified reviews on software listing websites, and the summary about the companies are not shared on the website, making it difficult to consider the solution. 

Freshop offers a number of third-party integrations that will cost you extra, adding to your initial budget. 

Freshop Alternatives to Build Grocery Marketplace

If you are planning to build an online grocery marketplace, Freshop is one of the options that you will come across to build your grocery website and app. You might be looking for similar solutions or alternatives to compare and consider as a more suitable solution for your business.

Considering various factors such as features offered, the grocery app offered, the scope of customization, and other factors like technical support and data security, here is a list of solutions that are the best alternatives of Freshop.


Growcer is a grocery eCommerce platform by FATbit Technologies designed to create, maintain and manage your online grocery marketplace and other on-demand related businesses. The solution offers multiple must-have features keeping in mind the market trends and changes in customer buying behaviors

Growcer also offers readymade grocery delivery apps for both single-vendor and multi-vendor online grocery platforms.


Pathover is an API-based software to build your grocery delivery marketplace. The solution offers grocery apps for your business with customization options at an additional cost. Pathover is among the top five alternatives for Freshop based on similarity and provided features.


Zielcommerce is an eCommerce software to build your grocery marketplace that offers various functionalities like order management, shopping cart, inventory management, etc. The solution serves clients globally with available options of customization, mobile app, and end-to-end support.


It’s an award-winning eCommerce software to launch your grocery delivery platform. Yo!Kart is a feature-rich solution with more than 20 plus pre-integrated payment gateways making it a more desirable solution for your business. The solution helps companies of all sizes to launch their eCommerce business, including online grocery ordering and delivery.


Sharetribe is a marketplace solution, making it easy for you to start your online grocery marketplace. It empowers numerous marketplaces in 15 countries with a mission to make it accessible and affordable for anyone. It is a cloud-based platform offering features like authentication, availability management, integrations, custom design, etc.


CS-Cart is open-source software that comes with a pre-built storefront to meet the entrepreneurs’ specialized eCommerce needs. Being a customizable solution the cost may differ based on the additional features integrated into your grocery eCommerce website and app. 


BigCommerce is another eCommerce platform that offers different solutions to build your online eCommerce business. Being a reliable platform to build efficient eCommerce websites and apps, BigCommerce falls under the list of top competitors of grocery delivery solutions like Growcer, Freshop, CS-Cart, and Yo!Kart. 


Shopify is a SaaS-based eCommerce software suitable for startups and SMB’s to build their grocery eCommerce platform. Being the most considered software for building eCommerce websites and apps, the software lacks certain content management features and SEO features.  


WooCommerce is a popular open-source, self-hosted eCommerce solution. The solution is integrated with its WordPress site, offering both free and paid themes customization options. The basic WooCommerce plugins are free, but there are quite a few important plugins for grocery eCommerce platforms that are paid plugins. 


Magento is a free, open-source eCommerce software that is built using PHP. It offers multiple integrations that can be a costly investment for small scale and medium scale businesses with limited technical support. 


This blog provides insights on several alternatives to Freshop to build your online grocery delivery marketplace. The list is created keeping in mind some decision-making factors that a potential eCommerce grocery delivery business owner will consider.


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