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Tips on How to Find and Hire the Best Candidate

If you are running a company then you must be looking to hire the best candidate for the particular post. Even I...

Hire the Best Candidate

If you are running a company then you must be looking to hire the best candidate for the particular post. Even I will do the same. So in this post, I am going to share some tips which will help you to find a candidate who is perfect for which you are looking.

Finding the best person for a job is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s not enough to simply read a candidate’s resume and hire that person on the spot based on nothing more. Even if the applicant answers correctly on all of the questions that you throw in front of him or her, there are no guarantees that you’re going to get a long-term employee that’s going to stay loyal to your company or even work well with everyone in the office. Finding that perfect fit that’s going to fill in all the blanks is, simply put, a whole lot of work and even if all the indicators are there it still doesn’t guarantee a high level of performance in the future.

However, from time to time some hiring experts reveal a secret or two, some best practices become a template to use during the interview process so now we can share this valuable information with you.

Here are some of the best tips on how to find and hire the best candidate in the vast sea of great, and not so great, candidates.

1. Make sure that the candidate is looking for a career opportunity

Candidates that show potential to change companies without any strong reason or after a short while working for a certain company they decide to switch their environment are not a good choice. This goes especially if you’re looking for a person to fill the position that requires long-term dedication. In that case, you want to make sure that the candidate never jumps ship without successfully ending his or her role in the previous company. At times, it is even better to find an applicant with the right set of skills who is in dire need of a chance to start building a career. Loyalty is one of the most important trades you should look for in a candidate.

2. Look for a candidate with enough practical experience

Each company has its own way of doing things, however training a new candidate is a process that new employees have to go through in every respectable firm. Spending weeks or months training a freshman could easily go in any direction. You could end up spending all that time and money on the training process and your candidate could still need some additional time to fit in. Then you have to make choice between continuing to train the new employee or start looking for a replacement. Both options are time-consuming efforts that keep your operations on hold.

The best thing to do is to look for a candidate with enough practical experience so that you won’t need to spend too much time on showing the ropes to that person. The best way to make sure you have this type of person is to place them in a situation that you’re currently dealing with in your company or you recently dealt with. Let the candidate give you an assessment of the situation and explain how to deal with it. If you like the answer you might have your guy or girl.

3. Determine if the candidate has necessary strengths for the position

No matter how impressive a candidate’s CV might be or how well they answer your questions, it still doesn’t mean that this person is psychologically strong enough for the job you need to be done. Sure, it’s one thing to be a CNC expert and knows all there is to know about numeric machines but how good is your candidate with repetitive operations? Will that person be able to stay motivated and keep a high spirit for a long time doing one or two operations eight hours a day, five days a week? There are people that have an extensive work experience but just can’t handle the pressure and simply break when the pressure builds up above a certain point.

Make sure that the candidate has all the strengths that are required for the position. If you can’t find a perfect fit, find the one whose weaknesses would be tolerable and wouldn’t endanger company goals.

4 Check social networks

It might not seem like an important practice but there is a lot to learn about a person by looking at their social network profiles. People don’t always react positively to or simply don’t feel comfortable answering personal questions. Social networks open up a window to applicant’s likes and dislikes, personal opinions, habits, vices, etc. There is no better way to see if the person would fit with your company culture, beliefs, and aspirations.

LinkedIn is a place where you could check the candidate’s professional activities, see what others have to say about them, or even stumble upon a potentially better candidate and invite that person for an interview.

5. Check their behavior outside the interview room

It’s nothing new to see a person all pleasant, smiled and self-confident during the interview. There are a lot of candidates that went through job interview courses or simply have a natural handling of those types of situations. Let someone from your team welcome the candidates and lead them to the interview room. Your teammate could ask some simple questions while going to the interview and see how the person behaves when he or she doesn’t have to impress anyone.

Additionally, another member of your team could lead the applicant for a company tour and during that time see how the person acts, what they show interest in, etc. When you get feedback from your colleagues it should be easier to make a final decision and choose the right candidate.

6. Check their professional background

Online services such as AssignmentMasters and others offer various kinds of writing services, CV and cover letters included. This means that reading your candidate’s resume doesn’t always reveal a full picture of their trades, professional accomplishments, and past endeavors. A smart thing to do whenever you’re looking for a candidate that should fill in an important position with the company is to do a simple background check. Call his or her former employers and see what they have to say about your potential new addition to the crew. If the background check goes well, and you like the candidate, there’s nothing stopping you to welcome the fresh blood in your ranks.

7. Move out of the interview atmosphere

If you are left with only a handful of candidates and the position you are looking to fill in is important, requires different kinds of social and professional interaction then it’s a good idea to take the interviewee for a lunch with a few of your team members. It would be a good chance to have a casual chat while observing how the person acts. See how they deal with the waiting staff, what kind of manners they show at the table (important if the person is going to meet potential partners in the future), etc. Also important to see if they are good listeners if they keep talking about themselves or prefer learning about other people. And ultimately, don’t forget to pick up the tab, show class all the way.

8. Listen to what they say is important to them

This might seem like a simple question but it comes with a twist. More often than not, candidates could go for generic lines, and speak about things that don’t endanger anyone, seem socially acceptable or desired. Although their response could be sincere, try to make them talk about what really impresses them and raises their attention. Think of hobbies, places they’ve seen, let them show their uniqueness. Try to find out how open-minded your potential coworker is, what upsets them and what keeps them going. Those things could prove useful in the future if you decide to hire that particular candidate.


There is no magic formula for finding/hire the best candidate for any position, no matter how simple or complex it might be. All these above tips are just some of the best practices and pieces of advice that should lead you towards your goal of finding the person that would be a valuable addition to your team. Even if you find a person that shows all the trades you are looking for, always keep in mind that people grow each day and what once was a weakness, with the right leadership could become a strength you were looking for.

Written by Hillary Hope
Hillary Hope is an aspiring freelance content writer specialized in business, management, and HR. Her content can be found in many business and HR related blogs where she is a guest author as well as her personal blog.

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  1. I’m glad that you mentioned how companies should choose someone who has a strong desire to build their career path in the company. It made me realize that I should focus on tailoring my resume to make it sound more ambitious, as if I’m looking forward to spend more years in the company. It might be better to look for professionals who can help me write the best resume that can reflect my skills so I can land on a good job.

  2. this is a very informative article. We should always check candidates interests and his strength for the position. also to look into his previous employment we should always check social media profiles for picking up the genuine candidate.

  3. Place the focus on career seekers Hillary. I dig that advice. Fab way to bring people onboard who have a vision. Many employees just want a paycheck. A few really want to stick around and build a career that benefits themselves and the company.

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