How to Create a Social Bookmarking Site Using Pligg (CMS)?

Social bookmarking being one of the best and easiest sources of link building. There are many social bookmarking sites available on the...

create a social bookmarking

Social bookmarking being one of the best and easiest sources of link building. There are many social bookmarking sites available on the internet; I have also shared a list of social bookmarking sites which can be helpful to you to make some quality links.

There are many who earn money online using the social bookmarking sites, what they do is develop multiple social bookmarking sites and make money using AdSense, Infolinks or any other adds network. The largest and most popular social bookmarking sites are Reddit, Digg, Stumble Upon, Diigo and so on. You can also do the same because creating a social bookmarking website is very easy and can be created in a very less time. So, in this post of mine, I will provide you with all the tips and tricks for how to create a social bookmarking site.

A social bookmarking site can be created by using any CMS like Drupal, Elgg, Dolphin, Oxwall, PhpFox, Pligg and WordPress (with the help of plugins). But the easiest way to create a social bookmarking site is to use the Pligg CMS. Pligg is a free and open source content management system with which we can make a social bookmarking website. There are thousands of social bookmarking sites, and I think more than 60 percent of those are created using the Pligg CMS. The only reason Developers use this is because of its open source availability and easy to use functionality.

Another Reason for having your own social site is that you can use it for building links to your client’s sites and even for your own blog. Moreover, you need not get it approved by the third person. As a result, you get some instant links.

What is Pligg?

Pligg is an open source Content Management System. With Which the visitors can create an account on the website and share a link to their website. The process of submission can be done by multiple people at the same time and will be visible to all the visitors of the site. The Submissions which are visible on the homepage can be easily promoted by voting for a link. These links shared on the sites could prove good for better ranking and more traffic.

There are many other things which can be done like creating Groups, group share, and Discussion. Pligg has some extra features like creating a user profile, Changing templates, and use of the modules and it is SEO friendly too.

How to create a social bookmarking site with Pligg?

In this post of mine, I will provide you with the complete tutorial about “How to create a social bookmarking site.” Without missing any step.

How you can Install Pligg CMS:

The installation process can be a two way. Either you can install the Pligg using the Softaculous Program from Cpanel or install the Pligg manually by downloading the Pligg file and then uploading it. I will help you with the both.

How can you install Pligg Using Softaculous?

This is one of the easiest and shortest methods to install Pligg on the server.

  1. Open up your Cpanel. Now click on the Softaculous software available on (software and services) Cpanel. use pligg to create a site
  2. Many CMS portal will appear, Find Pligg and Hit the install button. If you are not able to find the Pligg, search on the left upper side, you will get it. If your Cpanel has Softaculous installed that means Pligg will also be there along with Other CMS. So, don’t worry and move ahead. how to create a social bookmarking site
  3. Then just simply install it to the domain name. And you are ready to go. pligg

Installing Pligg Manually:

  1. For installing Pligg manually, firstly of all download the Pligg’s latest version. (You must be having a domain and Hosting to install Pligg on the Cpanel if you haven’t got any then signup with Hostgator or any hosting company to get the hosting). When you have downloaded the Pligg, then open up the Cpanel and upload it. Upload the file in the directory of the domain which you have selected.
  2. Now, extract the file. extract
  3. From the extracted file, you will find three links. These links will be Pligg Homepage, Choose Pligg, and Pligg Read.
  4. Then Open the directory where you have extracted the file in the Cpanel. And rename:
  • php.default to settings.php
  • php.default to dbconnect.php
  1. Now click on Pligg Installer (you will easily find that) and select your desired language. plig1
  2. Then make changes to CHMOD permissions. The images contain all the changes that must be made before clicking the Next Button. plig2
  3. When you have changed the permissions, then click the Next button. In the next fields fill up the information about the database. You’ll have to fill the information of Data Base. But before filling up the database information, you have to create a database on the Cpanel. So open your Cpanel and go to MySQL database Wizard and create the database. mysql
  4.  Now, enter the same the Database name that you have used in the MySQL wizard. plig3
  5. After this Press, the Next Button, and Create an Admin Account, and You are ready to go, and your Pligg is installed.

How to change Pligg template:

You can easily change the Template in Pligg CMS. What you just need to do is:

  1. Firstly go to the Pligg.com and Hover over downloads menu and click on template. A templates page will appear from where you can download any template.
  2. Either Download the Free or pay to get extra features template.
  3. But if you still want free template then by selecting “filter by price” you will get you two free templates named:  (1) AlmetTweet Template and (2) Xoni bootstrap.
  4. After downloading the templates, upload one of the templates in your Cpanel in the “/template” directory.
  5. Now just login to the admin account. And when you have opened up the changing the template option. Then fill out the exact name of the template which you have uploaded in the “/template” directory.wiste
  6. Now you are done. That’s all, and you have successfully created a social bookmarking site.

There are also many modules available which you can use to make your social bookmarking site even better.

However, if this post of mine was good enough about “how you can create a social bookmarking site.” Then subscribe us for more tutorials like this.

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