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Are you also addicted to reading books like I am? Then you will love these sites/places to find or download free books. Have you ever had an idea in your mind of forging your own library having a number of books in it? Lots of people read online books by paying a particular amount set by the site on which the book is available or published for many the people like us, who are in love with reading books. You do not have to spend a single penny reading such books. In this article, I am going to share my knowledge with several people like you who love to read about the various sites on which you can download free books which you want to read. Following are some sites you would love to visit once:

Collection of Sites to Download Free Books


Many Books is a Site to download free books is one of the finest resources on the web for downloading free books in a variety of formats. There is a wide range of titles with all sorts of categorization and it’s free. To my knowledge, this is the best site on which you can read books of different kinds.

Unlike others, this site allows you to read your favorite book in your language. For downloading, you simply have to do one simple thing i.e. Sign-up to the Site to experience a hassle-free experience. On this Site, you can also browse their books with articles such as ‘The Forgotten Child’ by ‘Lorhainne Eckhart‘ or ‘Crashland on Kurai’ by ‘S.J. Pajonas’. Downloading requires a free user login so that you get several download options such as EPUB, MOBI, FB2, HTML, and more. They are also readable online.

2. Free Computer Books

Free Computer Books

Every Computer book and programming language up till now is easily available in Free Computer books. People who want to read and collect information about Programming Software and other things related to computers mostly visit this Site as every Computer book whether for students or for Software Engineers, use to read books related to their subject on this Site. In addition to it, you also get lecture notes, books, and more.

Some of the books like data science, Java, Networking, etc. are also available. Many of the sub-categories are also available on the Site which you can go through if you want. If you do not want to read it online, you can download free books from this Site as well.

3. LibriVox

Libri Vox is a site used to download free books

If you do not have time to read books, is a Site on which you can experience audiobooks on the Site. On this Site, you can read as well as listen to the books available on the Site. The Site has many clients that toils feature classic books. All the topics available on this Site are free which gives a sigh of relief to the people who spend a lot of money to read such books.

4. Authorama


The Site offers a satisfactory excerpt of free books from different kinds of authors, one and the other current and one classic. They are arranged differently by the author’s second name, and they are written in HTML or X HTML, which provides the audience with an easy and readable format. The lion’s share of books available here are in the English language and some books are available in the German language too.

Authorama gives up a satisfactory excerpt of exclusive, free-of-cost books in your browser. These books are in public dominion, which provides free access to them and are authorized to be allocated.

It is quite simple to use, although the search bar is quite basic, and the only other way of finding your favorite book by scrolling down the Author’s second name. It gives you freedom as you do not have to sign-up for reading books online, as they are patterned pleasantly.

5. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a site to download free books

Project Gutenberg is the biggest and most primitive way of free books on the internet, with over 75,000 downloadable subjects present in different kinds. Most of the books are emancipated in English, but other languages are also available, it is dependent on you which language you want to read the book. You can choose between free epub and kindle eBooks which give you an opportunity to download free books available on the Site.

6. International Children’s Digital Library(ICDL)

International Children's Digital Library

Ruminate through a spacious alternative of exclusive free books for children on ICDL. These are scrutinized forms of physical books, so each page is different from the other which you can scroll through while reading.

Look out Simple Search for a better idea of how this library is arranged; by age, genre, length of the book, and more. The founders of this Site are Ben Bederson, Allison Druin, Ann Weeks, Anne Rose, and Tim Browne.

7. Read Print

Read Print is a site used to download free books.

Read Print provides you with a vast range of free books from different authors. This Site is categorized by different columns showing different authors, books, genres, and more.

For reading the books, registration is not required but it lets you track what you want to read. It also lets you join discussion groups, and drop your reviews for the books which you have read already, also you can add your books to your favorites as well.

There are many ways in which you can find your favorite books in reading Print. Let us have an example, if you search for a novel by Shakespeare a simple search shows all the work he has completed in the past.

Once you find the book you are looking for, just click on the Read Online button on your browser. You can also make use of Launch Reading Mode according to your need.

If you find a book that you want to read eagerly, it provides links to Amazon where you can read unlimited books if you are a member of Kindle Unlimited.

8.‘s eBooks And Texts

The app of is quite easy to download from Google Play Store. The Site gives you access to free books, movies, websites, and more. It acts as a non-profit library for millions of readers.

It gives you an upper hand where you can sort different books by view count to examine the books which are popular, title, and published date. Additionally, you can find different books you can read at the Boston Public Library, which is one of the most popular ones.

Download free books on this Site using PDF, Kindle, and EPUB which gives an access to download the books according to your requirement.

9. Wikisource

Wikisource is a site used for downloading free books.

Wikisource is a virtual library of user give-in and nurtured content. You are not gonna find books technically on this Site, still, there are as plenty of content that you can go through and read, although some of them are in eBook form. Wikisource index is a page where you can find all the options with ease.

10. Wikibooks


If you have no idea about which book you want to read, The Featured books is a page where you can start looking for a book of your taste or choice. Wikibooks give you a wide range of textbooks. The assortment of subjects is from English to Engineering and more. Every book available on the site has a vast range of information to give you a jellied idea of what the site is all about.

11. Open Library

Open Library is the site to download free books.

Open Library is a site that pulls its data from the Internet Archive. You can make use of this site if is not helping you to find the book you want to read. You can search for plenty of books on this Site, which are available in all sorts of formats like PDF, DjVu, Daisy, etc.

12. Sacred Texts

Sacred Texts

Sacred Text is a Site on which you can find books related to religion, mythology, books about legends, and abstracts in general.

You can have a look at all books by different authors and titles. You can search it by categories, or by the name of the book you want to read. Every book is available online, which allows you to download free books.

13. Slide Share

Slide Share is a site to download free books

Slide Show is a site that offers you to learn things whether in the free version, or you can choose the paid ones. On this site, everyone is allowed to post digital/virtual content of any kind depending on the user’s choice. You can use this site for research, share your new ideas, and gain proficiency, or awareness about new cybernetics.

The site also supports PDF and media files, and all are available as free downloads. As in you have to log in to download these books, but the registration required to do so is free.


Free to download free books

Free provides marvelous sundry diversification of free books, providing a range from fiction to classic textbooks, or more. It also gives sub-categories which include humor, self-teaching, poems, and much more informative things and topics like I mentioned above.

You have to register as a free user to make use of the Site, although only five of the books are free, so you have to be very careful and patient while making a move to choose.

15. The Online Books Page

Outline Books Page

The Online Books page, managed by the University of Pennsylvania, provides a list of over three million free exclusive books available for download in a boatload variety of configurations. This site is quite boring, but the titles available on this might give a revisit to the Site.

You can browse these books downloaded by author, titles, serials, and so on. In addition to it, there is a search bar on which you can search the creations of an author in particular.

16. Scribd

Scribd to download free books

Scribd provides an engrossing collection of all different varieties of reading materials such as reading books, audiobooks, magazines, and more. This is known as one of the largest Sites on which the web’s content is published, with literally millions of deeds, or instruments published every single month and arranged in different classes.

although Scribd is a paid Site with a free trial of 30 days. Once your trial is over, you have to pay for the continuous use of the Site, which makes it difficult for users to carry forward the reading. Although, the paid subscription gives you access to the full database of the Site.

Download Free Books, My Final Saying

Concluding the above article, I hope that the above article will give you an idea about the different sites on which you can download free books for reading. You can tell us about the issues you are facing in accessing the Sites mentioned above in the comments section below and we will try to help you with the same.


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