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How to create an online magazine?

Are you thinking of creating an online magazine? and don’t know what are the steps to create an online magazine? Every day...

How to create an online magazine?

Are you thinking of creating an online magazine? and don’t know what are the steps to create an online magazine?

Every day we get numberless messages asking about how to create an online magazine? Possibly you have an abundance of questions in your mind. So here is the guide to answer all those questions you may have thought of. After studying this guide, you’ll be ready to proceed with creating your own online magazine.

The magazines are a great way to give information about our day-to-day life. As it keeps us updated on what is happening around us, for what new and innovative is coming in this world. Magazines give us a small insight into what new is happening in a certain organization.

Basically, What is an online magazine?

Online magazines have been obtaining demand over the last few years. It is a type of e-magazine that can be hosted and read on any device. This removes the traditional way of publishing a website. Gone are the days where printing on pages was in trend. It also has the added advantage of low cost as well as of saving paper. This form of magazine has both the advantages of newspapers and blogs. The methods are in trend to create and publish to reach a wider market.

Types of magazine

There are many different formats of magazines available digitally. You could find it on the kindle newsstand or the economist magazine. The most popular types of magazines include flash magazine, pdf magazine, native app magazine, and flipbook magazine. Each of them has its own advantage and disadvantage.

Transforming printed magazines into digital magazines needs a few ideas and planning or scheme beforehand. For this firstly, you need to follow these steps:

1. Decide what type of magazine you want to write

To start you need to decide which type, the genre of content you want to publish. You need to resolve the first issue about creating your magazine. Traditionally, magazines involve topics related to business, fashion, or style. You could take these topics on the digital platform. Most importantly you need to know, how much stuff you want to hire? which topic you need to start the magazine would best be compelling for the audience to gain traffic to your digital magazine.

2. Plan your budget

There are some factors you need to take care of while determining your budget. You need to decide your finance before you go on to create an online magazine. Someone could also maintain a free online magazine. Before you start, you need to know the rate of return on maintaining your magazine. If you hire writers, or interns to write for your magazine or if you spend some bucks on marketing your magazine. You could also start with free domains before going with pro packs. If you are low on budget then pdf magazines are best for you. If the budget is not a serious concern for you then you could also start your own app for your magazine purpose.

Setting up your website and your magazine layout

1. Choose a name for your website:

The first step to start your own website is to choose a fancy yet trending name. Make sure the name you choose should be easy to pronounce so as to gain more popularity. Deciding on a name is a big step towards creating your own website. You could accept ideas for your website from your peer and dear ones. It’s kind of a brainstorming act to get different ideas from all the available sources and choosing from between them.

2. Layout and logo:

Decide your website layout and logo is a crucial step towards building your own niche in a digital magazine platform. You should spend some time making the layout and logo eye-catching. As such as the layout of the magazine is concerned this should look amazing to attract the viewers. You can also take the services of a professional to design your website or you could hire a freelancer.

3. Code your website:

This is the most important step to create an online magazine. This is important because this will tell how your website will respond when a searcher will land on your website. The code tells the website how the website behaves. It improves the efficiency of the website. Further, with HTML coding you could make your website stylish. If you are not so good at coding then you can go for word press. This enables you to code without maximum knowledge.

4. Market your website:

You could also go to local advertising agencies to market your magazine. You could also use the different digital platforms to get traffic to your website. Maintain social media pages, offer a discount on subscriptions, and affiliate marketing can be a good launch for your website.

Using an app or not

If you are really serious about your magazine and have a huge amount of investment then you could also launch your website. There are countless magazines available on the digital platform. To stand out from all of them, you need to write incredible and creative content. To build creative content, you could also hire some freelancers. One could write about the interviews of style icons, fashion models, habits of rich businessmen, how did they start their own multi-millionaire business. Launching an app is hectic work and needs a lot of care.

One should take care of the responsiveness of the website, or maintaining an app needs a lot of hard work. Thus, it depends on your personal choice to launch your app or start with a website only.

Where to launch your magazine?

There are many digital and diverse platforms on which you could create an online magazine. There are many pdf versions you could try on. This pdf version will let you have the same outlook as a print magazine. This will help you get an exact replica of your magazine in PDF form. Though, this is quite difficult to read on a smartphone. You could also try a flipbook PDF form for a more realistic outlook.


Building a magazine is not a joke. It requires a lot of time and effort to make it a success. Hopefully, this article has cleared all your doubts about making a digital magazine online. After all the steps, what matters the most is your content. Content plays a big role in making your magazine a success. I would like to listen to all your valuable insights.

Written by Nitika khokhar
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