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How to Free Up Space in Gmail?

Are you aware that every single email you get takes up a modicum of space? Now multiply that little space occupied by...

Are you aware that every single email you get takes up a modicum of space? Now multiply that little space occupied by the thousands of emails you have received over the years. Do you get where we’re heading to? Those messages you left in your Gmail space, whether archived, read, or unread, are clogging up so much space because you didn’t trim your inbox by deleting them. How to Free Up Space in Gmail? Let’s Proceed.

How to Free Up Space in Gmail?
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It isn’t the latest news that when you sign up for a Google account, Google gives you 15GB of storage space for all of your Google data, from Google photos to Google Drive and so on. Now, 15GB is an enormous amount of space, but when you have a lot of Google applications, your space can quickly get filled up. Once this happens, you can’t back up any item on your drive or receive more emails on your Gmail. In that case, you can either free up space by removing unnecessary emails or backup the important ones on your system.

Ways to Free Up Space on Gmail

Subscribe for Extra Storage

If you don’t feel up to the task of constantly trimming your storage space by deleting some of Google apps’ collections, you can pay Google to give you more storage space to accommodate them. You can buy extra storage space via Google One. Simply visit the site to browse through the available storage options. 200GB of storage costs $30 annually.

This saves you the stress of constantly trimming your emails, which are at least in the thousands. Worse still, each mail occupies very little space. So you will have to delete a large number before there is a noticeable difference in your storage space.

This case occurs more in the mail accounts of corporations or businesses such as that of an eCommerce development agency.

Ignore and Delete All Mails in your Inbox

This is usually the simplest way to tackle storage space on your Gmail. Just mass-delete everything in your inbox. To do this:

  • Click all messages by ticking the box in the top left
  • Click the “delete” icon

This tip has a downside, though. In the process of mass deleting, you will most likely delete a mail that’s relevant or important. For example, they can be receipts from your online transactions that you may need for future reference.

Empty the Trash

A lot of Gmail users think the storage-saving mission ends when they click the delete button. If that’s the case, why is the storage space not registering any change after deleting your entire inbox practically? Because those items have been moved to the trash section they will remain there for 30 days before the system automatically gets rid of them permanently.

Thirty days is a long time to wait. So head to the trash section and clean it to free up the space you’re looking for. This tip is beneficial because, in the process of wiping out your inbox, you can still recover the crucial emails in your trash.

The option to empty the trash is at the top of the list. So, once you’ve confirmed that you have no relevant emails in the trash, you can proceed to get rid of them from your system permanently. This gives you some much-needed space.

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Delete Mails of Large Sizes

Late mails are usually mails that come with at least one attachment. You can utilize this tip when you use the advanced search option in your mail. To get there:

  • Locate the far right corner of the search box.
  • Click the tiny arrow facing downward.
  • You will see a variety of fields or filters to sort from.
  • Select the option of size. It should be in the middle of the list.
  • You can select sizes from 15MB. When accumulated, this can suck up a lot of space.
  • Click the blue search icon to view a list of all the emails sized 15MB or more.
  • Check the boxes next to the emails you want to delete.
  • Then click the “trash can” icon at the top row of the messages list.
  • Proceed immediately to the “trash” to finish the job.
  • You can locate the trash section on the left side menu. Click “empty trash now”.

The user interface on Gmail for this particular task is friendlier than the one of Google One’s auto-clean view.

how to free up space in gmail
Source: support.google.com

Delete Old Mails

Some mails are so old that they are so far down your inbox and are accumulating valuable space. Even worse, these emails are ones you mostly don’t need anymore. So why do you keep them? To easily get rid of these old emails:

  • Go to the “date within” option by using the dropdown menu from the search box.
  • Please set it to around the second year from the date of your Gmail account creation.
  • This will take you to the emails you received that year.
  • If you want to widen your search range, configure the “before” and “after” years.


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