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7 Cool Html Code You Can Use To Make Your Website Stylish

Try not to give up! You don’t need to know CSS or PHP to construct a favored site. Some great old HTML...

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Html Code You Can Use To Make Your Website Stylish

Try not to give up! You don’t need to know CSS or PHP to construct a favored site. Some great old HTML and knowing how to reorder will do.

I have collected 7 important templates. They will improve the functionality and client experience of your site, while not using up every last cent. What’s more, they may contain some CSS and PHP as well. So you can use the Html Code You Can Use To Make Your Website Stylish. Although, there are many websites from where you learn to code to create a website.

Perhaps one of these is the thing that you’ve been searching for.

  1. Parallax Effect

In today’s web designing trends parallax scrolling is in demand. In parallax effect, you can create 3d Effect when you scroll. In which background image moves with foreground at a slower rate. Which create a nice effect on users.

  1. Scrollable Text Box

This is a basic however accommodating HTML element that gives you a chance to pack long scraps of text into a conservative organization. Thusly it doesn’t take up the whole space on the page.

HTML input:

<div style=”width: 25%; stature: 50px; flood: auto; scrollbar-confront shading: #CE7E00; scrollbar-shadow-shading: #FFFFFF; br/scrollbar-highlight-shading: #6F4709; scrollbar-3dlight-color:#11111; scrollbar-darkshadow-shading: #6F4709; br/scrollbar-track-shading: #FFE8C1; scrollbar-bolt shading: #6F4709;”>Your text will appear here. You simply need to include an adequate measure of text to make the scrollbars appear. Clearly, this isn’t enough,o we should accept we have somewhat more to state. In the end, the scrollbars will prove to be useful. That is it! :)</div>

  1. Using Highlight Text

Using tag <span> you can generate different effect for your text on the website. But this tags will only work when your website open in the browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox


<span style=”background-color: #FFFF00″>Your highlighted text here.</span>

Adding Text with ba ackground image

Using the above step you can set text with baa ckground image. This one just turns out to be extremely energizing if your text has a sufficiently major size, which is the reason I likewise expanded the text dimension.


<span style=”background-image: url(//; font-size: 20pt”>MakeUseOf presents…</span>

Note that you could likewise include the style and textual style elements to a <strong> tag for a similar effect, in addition to bolded text.


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  1.  Title Tooltip

A title tooltip is used when you want to see text on images after hovering the mouse on the image.


<span title=”See, this is the tooltip. :)”>Move your mouse!</span>

  1. Make Scrolling or Falling Text

When you look for “marquee html” on Google, you’ll find a little Easter Egg. This effect is drawn using an old marquee tag. While this HTML include has been censured, the most program still helps it.


<marquee>Make it scroll!</marquee>

  1. Include a Switchmenu

The most energizing HTML effects are dynamic HTML effects. Be that as it may, they are frequently content based. Here is one effect for menus that I have come to revere. It’s somewhat more confounded than your average HTML tag since it works with a template and contents. The preferred standpoint is that you don’t need to transfer a CSS or content document to influence it to work, you can plant all vital data into the <head> segment of your site.


Include the accompanying code into the <head> area of your page:

<style type=”text/css”>



margin-bottom: 5px;







/*/*/border:1px solid #000000;/* */


margin-bottom: 0.5em;


</style><script type=”text/javascript”>/***********************************************

* Switch Menu script- by Martial B of

* Modified by Dynamic Drive for format & NS4/IE4 compatibility

* Visit for full source code

***********************************************/var persistmenu=”yes” //”yes” or “no”. Make sure each SPAN content contains an incrementing ID starting at 1 (id=”sub1″, id=”sub2″, etc)

var persisttype=”sitewide” //enter “sitewide” for menu to persist across site, “local” for this page onlyif (document.getElementById){ // change

document.write(‘<style type=”text/css”>n’)

document.write(‘.submenu{display: none;}n’)


}function SwitchMenu(obj){


var el = document.getElementById(obj);

var ar = document.getElementById(“masterdiv”).getElementsByTagName(“span”); // change

if( != “block”){ // change

for (var i=0; i<ar.length; i++){

if (ar[i].className==”submenu”) // change

ar[i].style.display = “none”;

} = “block”;

}else{ = “none”;



}function get_cookie(Name) {

var search = Name + “=”

var returnvalue = “”;

if (document.cookie.length > 0) {

offset = document.cookie.indexOf(search)

if (offset != -1) {

offset += search.length

end = document.cookie.indexOf(“;”, offset);

if (end == -1) end = document.cookie.length;

returnvalue=unescape(document.cookie.substring(offset, end))



return returnvalue;

}function onloadfunction(){

if (persistmenu==”yes”){

var cookiename=(persisttype==”sitewide”)? “switchmenu” : window.location.pathname

var cookievalue=get_cookie(cookiename)

if (cookievalue!=””)



}function savemenustate(){

var inc=1, blockid=””

while (document.getElementById(“sub”+inc)){

if (document.getElementById(“sub”+inc).style.display==”block”){






var cookiename=(persisttype==”sitewide”)? “switchmenu” : window.location.pathname

var cookievalue=(persisttype==”sitewide”)? blockid+”;path=/” : blockid


}if (window.addEventListener)

window.addEventListener(“load”, onloadfunction, false)

else if (window.attachEvent)

window.attachEvent(“onload”, onloadfunction)

else if (document.getElementById)

window.onload=onloadfunctionif (persistmenu==”yes” && document.getElementById)


This code goes wherever you need the dynamic menu to show up.

<!– Keep all menus within masterdiv–>

<div id=”masterdiv”><div onclick=”SwitchMenu(‘sub1’)”>Topics</div>

<span id=”sub1″>

– <a href=”//”>Browsers/Addons</a><br>

– <a href=”//”>Web Apps</a><br>

– <a href=”//”>How-To Tips</a><br>

– <a href=”//”>Cool Software</a><br>

…and more!

</span><div onclick=”SwitchMenu(‘sub2’)”>Staff Writers</div>

<span id=”sub2″>

– <a href=”//”>Karl Gechlik</a><br>

– <a href=”//”>Tina</a><br>

– <a href=”//”>Varun Kashyap</a><br>

…and more!

</span><div onclick=”SwitchMenu(‘sub3’)”>Miscellaneous</div>

<span id=”sub3″>

– <a href=”//”>About</a><br>

– <a href=”//”>Contact</a><br>

– <a href=”//″>Archives</a><br>

– <a href=”//”>Disclaimer</a><br>


Written by Sunny Chawla
Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs. Web-design & Development Company, helping global businesses to grow to Hire game developer. He would love to share thoughts on Android & iPhone App Development Services, Digital marketing etc..

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