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How to Get Free Hulu Accounts Username and Password in 2024?

The ones who know about Hulu, know the true value of those accounts as getting them is not easy. Most of the...

free hulu accounts

The ones who know about Hulu, know the true value of those accounts as getting them is not easy. Most of the time when you use the keyword Hulu account free or any closely related keyword. The majority of the time you click something it’s going to be clickbait. Some other sites claim to be authentic and legitimate websites for an account username and password generator, but it is not so. A handpicked may be legitimate while the other ones are all fakes. So this webpage/blog/article is dedicated only to getting a Hulu account free. And be ready to try the most legit methods of getting free Hulu accounts.

So, let’s roll with it

What can be the reason people are crazy about free Hulu accounts? It has turned out that apart from the basic necessities, entertainment is a compulsion for most folks around the country. Throughout the country, people are always looking to carve out some time window so that they could complete their favorite web series or a movie that they have been watching. But most of us are aware of the fact that it doesn’t come to you like that. In simpler words possible but very difficult. And just in case you find it then you are not sure if it’s pirated.

Hence this calls for a smart and efficient solution. So Hulu is one such solution focusing on web series and tv shows online from various networks and production houses. For starters, you can get a free trial for a month and a week of live content streaming. All of that is bundled into a price pack of approximately $40.

But for that price, you will be getting to watch content from iOs, Android, Apple TV, etc. It has 50 hand-picked channels for broadcasting online TV channels, news, sports, and an extensive library of entertainment-packed content. While not forgetting the most amazing and stunning collection of movies they have. Knowing that it could be all availed for $40 it is a must that you should learn how to get free Hulu accounts so there is no pause in your entertainment.

Highlights of Hulu Premium Account

A premium free Hulu account does have a number of offerings for its customers, a handful of them are:

1. Functionality of resume, rewind & rewind, and pause for any content of all genres.

2. So if you are in the middle of something and don’t want to miss your favorite part of the movie or the win-lose point of the match, you can record it. You will get 50 hours of recording storage.

3. The amazing and helpful functionality that lets a user access his account from 2 devices at the same time.

4. Despite the above feature it allows a user to get himself 6 profiles if the user decides to share and can be used by the entire family.

Just a peek at what makes Hulu one of the most preferred choices for streaming entertainment. But here’s how you can get free Hulu accounts

Getting yourself a Hulu account

The sure shot method of getting a Hulu Premium account for no cost i.e. Free

Method I: Get it via a month’s trial (Free for the first 30 days)

This is one of the easiest ways to get a free Hulu account. Almost all OTT platforms have this offer for all their new customers. While the users get to see what it feels like to have a premium account and enjoy its benefits. You can get free Hulu accounts with the said steps.

1. Log on to the official homepage of Hulu.

2. At the extreme right corner of the homepage, a button says “Start 30 days Free Trial”

3. Clicking on the button, it’ll take you to a new tab where you need to select a plan.

4. After selecting the plan you need to fill in all the details with the required information.

5. You can even log in using your Facebook account if you don’t wish to register separately for it with the same information.

6. Enter the account/card details and proceed by clicking send.

After the application has been submitted you can have the full benefits of a free Hulu account with a month’s trial along with the premium benefits. The most important thing you need to remember is if you don’t wish to continue at all you should cancel the membership on the 29th or you will be charged for a month extra.

Method II: Use a VCC (Virtual Credit Card) to get a Hulu free account.

There are tons of options and alternatives that offer its users a virtual credit card, VCC for short.

These are some of the legit sites that provide the users a VCC and the VCC credential could be used to get a Hulu free account.

The ideal providers for VCC are

1. NetSpend

2. Walmart Card

3. Entropay

4. Neteller &

5. Payoneer

Apart from the websites, there are dozens of applications that provide virtual credit cards absolutely free. You can simply download it from the Play Store and type in free virtual cards and you will get a list of the apps, just select and you’re good to go.

Once done, get back to the Hulu homepage and get your Hulu account free. You are just using a free virtual card to get something that’s far more entertaining than it promises.

Method III: Get Access to Hulu free account with the browser extension “Edit this Cookie”

Not quite a dependable solution for the simple streaming option but worth a shot. The extension works for almost all kinds of users. “Edit this cookies” you will get it as it’s quite famous. But the web pages are updated now and then so these extensions are not quite dependable. Still worth a shot!

1. You can use your default browser or can use chrome at any time.

2. So when you are using it, the page shows an option “Add to Chrome”.

3. Now you can reach the official site and try logging into the account.

4. Once you’re in, you should click the “Change Cookie” button.

5. Once you get the code, paste it and click on the check option. Select Import.

6. The copied link should be pasted, now click on the check button.

Note: The moment you see a new popup window in the import section you can click the refresh page button and you will be redirected to a working free Hulu account with all the benefits of a premium account.

Method IV: Using it with Nulled.To

There are ample web links on the internet, and each one of them claims to be working. On the other hand, it is difficult to believe which one is going to deliver what was promised. Here are the steps to get a Hulu free account.

1. First you need to access Nulled. To on the web browser, whether default or chrome. Whatever suits you!

2. Once the site is accessed, you need to create an account to get the benefits of a free Hulu account.

3. Then as a user who needs to be nulled for a free Hulu account fill in the details and tick both the checkboxes. After that click on Create an account.

4. Then email address and password must be used in order to access the created account.

5. This will take you to the homepage, and show a list of alike services such as Netflix, Hotstar, HBO, etc.

Note: These accounts can be used with random usernames and passwords, as they mostly are common passwords shared on the internet.

Username and Password (Account Generators): 2024 for HULU

It is nearly impossible to fabricate fake HULU accounts so that you have the premium benefits while you paid absolutely nothing. These accounts originate, if possible, from third-party software. This may inject malware that damages the devices. These are nothing but fakes just trying to redirect some traffic to their sites. They do it with misleading and false ads. It’s the expert’s recommendation that you don’t go anywhere near these account generators.

End of the Line

So coming down to the conclusion these were one of the most effective ways to get Hulu free accounts. No doubt this highly detailed information is going to save you a fortune (a large sum of money). The usernames and passwords play their part pretty well. So it’s time to give it a shot and enjoy some premium live streaming from Hulu free accounts.


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