The Surprising Impact of Social Media on Your SEO

Impact of Social Media on Your SEO

Cruising on the digital information highway is literally determining how businesses and organizations are progressing (or slowing down). A constant dilemma arising out of this surprising situation is catching just about everyone by surprise. Digital marketing is incomplete without an effective SEO strategy. Any doubts about your business lacking necessary inputs in these fields is worrisome and concerning. So, In this post, we are going to talk about the Surprising Impact of Social Media on Your SEO.

E-Commerce Participants Can No Longer Ignore Social Media and SEO

A surprising impact of social media on your SEO is making the rounds and if you have been missing this, it’s time to catch up. It is becoming one of the fastest ways grow brands, attract new consumers and create brand loyalty. Put the best channels of social media on the top of your to-do priority list. Get onto the social media SEO approach and push back the limits on your business potential.

Social Media Affects SEO

Social media giants Like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn cause us to wonder how we got on without them. The influence and impacts of social media in varying degrees on almost everyone going digital are undisputable.

It is inconceivable that marketing & sales can be left out or lag behind when such surprisingly simple communications modes have become a part of our very lifestyles. Since social media gained importance status in digital marketing, its relationship with SEO has gone through many ups and downs and continues to be complex.

At the forefront is Google making contradicting statements on its use of social media in ranking websites. The biggest search engine on the World Wide Web has at one time said it considers social media pages similar to website pages. You would think social media links have equal weight.

Think again. Google also says it does not count social media for direct ranking. However, all SEO tacticians know very well who to impress for their success, Google off course.

Even though Google has been very secretive about its strategies, there appears to be a distinct correlation between social media and Google.

Whether social media affects rankings directly or indirectly, we can no longer ignore the surprisingly shocking impacts of social media on our common as well as e-commerce lives. Consider this fact: it improves ranking signals search engines depend on. Moreover, it changes Search engine results pages (SERPS) in your favor.

But there is a systematic plan to implement if you want to use social media marketing for an effective communications strategy. Some ways social media for SEO help:

  1. Advancing & Proliferating Links

If you want to succeed, increasing (earning) links across World Wide Web platforms is necessary. What is link earning? This process gives one piece of content the ability or power to generate multiple links crossing over various platforms overcoming both objectives as well as subjective borders. It is surprising to see how your link reaches a potential consumer through a complex route on the digital information highway.

One of the worst mistakes that people make is guest posting to generate links. However, this method is extremely slow because it will garner ONLY ONE LINK at a time.

You simply cannot ignore or play down the importance of link earning. It takes you to the next level. The more links you earn, the more is your exponential growth. Links are responsible for directing traffic to your website. Lesser traffic means you do not earn links fast enough.

The Way Out

Social media is here to bring instant change effectively. A click of a button makes hundreds of thousands of new contacts available instantly via social media. Sharing, commenting and engaging a link cause a virtual explosion for faster exposure across multiple target audience. This is what happens when some link goes viral

And as we all are coming to realize, belatedly, it has the power to influence and change a whole populace.

Granted, you may not be aiming for millions of hits; but simply going about your business as usual. So the least you can expect is to garner benefits of a well-shared piece of content in a short time. Time is important as a ‘lifetime’ of a link as made clearly apparent by the phenomenon of what is viral today is almost forgotten tomorrow!

However, the point is that increased links result in increased clicks. Your SEO rankings shoot up. But be careful, you may have to be alert all the time and constantly pull up your rankings no sooner than they slip.

  1. Don’t Be Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

Are you prone to becoming out of sight, out of mind? Simply having an attractive or extremely functional web presence is not the end of the story for anyone – commercial or private or nonprofit. After all, you are on the World Wide Web for a purpose – never mind how trivial it is. Getting onto social media gives you that much needed extra impetus to be visually noticeable.

Narrowing Down To Your Choice Channel

Start out with a number of social media channels that are good for you. In a short time, data analytics and statistical results show which channel you need to concentrate on the most. Social media platforms keep you in “front of their eyes” which means you may be very well present at the back of most consumers’ mind if not always in the front. Bringing something to the fore when needed is very easy for the human brain!

Any brand or service mentioned repeatedly or frequently is getting ample attention. A commonly known source is much more likely to be accessed when the need arises. It can put you way ahead of your competitors!

  1. Logos & Brands Rule the Market Place Roost

Popularity defined your brand authority as never before. Social media indices are transparently high indicators of where your brand is headed. A customer is a king and if you are disappointing them on purpose it has to be for a short time with a long-term goal in mind. This requires conviction and confidence, commodities very scarce in today’s fly-by-night innovations and market place fluctuations.

Overcoming Digital Hurdles

The hurdle is how to overcome information that misleads into making false decisions. Relevant and useful social media posts are literally the nutrition that your brand requires to be healthy and strong enough to keep customers invested in building trust worldwide.

One important aspect is to use social media to drive traffic to your website. A responsive and attractive as well as easy-to-navigate website with due advice from reputable seo company services provides enhanced brand authority. But this means you expect consumers to spend a lot more time on information than they are willing to do. In the age of making surfers land on your website page and arrest their attention long enough to generate leads, this may seem impossible. Of course, apps have taken over! However, this does not mean less than perfect websites will do.

Hitching Onto the Bandwagon of Social Media & SEO for Good

Our human civilization has progressed so much simply due to its obsession of harnessing energies useful to it. E-commerce participants need to be on the constant lookout for newer ways to boost the impact of social media.

  1. Links Are Passive, Followers Are Active Leads

Social media has made breakthroughs across worldwide populations of varied differences with their power to elicit interest on first sight. This is followed up with action cues that trigger subsequent actions. Before long a network is immersed in a particular.

Content and an effective ‘Followers’ base is created. This has even given rise to a whole new spurious industry generating ‘fake followers.’ However, Google has made it pretty clear that this ingenious tactic will not work.

SEO rankings are then all about using social media to their maximum advantage. Consistent content and various kinds of posts on the World Wide Web ensure ‘genuine followers’ never lose interest. Being helpful to be relevant is the way going forward.

  1. Geographical Locations Are Important For Local Optimization

Our World Wide Web may have begun with the very ambitious project of linking up the whole globe and reducing time and space to nil. However, optimizing your local potential through SEO & social media integration is the best way to strengthen and grow before you take on the world at large.

Local community interactions are big on social media. Such events become a source of breaking and happening NEWS across the globe. Joining hands with other brands, at least SOCIALLY while hosting local events is a surefire way to shoot up search engines rankings.

Location-specific SEO signals through quality photos and content posts ensure CSR – community social responsibility becomes glaringly visible to all concerned. Whether you realize it or not, you are tilling the ground for the not-so-very-distant future.

  1. Achieving Brand Awareness Status

Having a Branded products or services is not enough. You need to generate significant awareness. The magnitude of awareness can then make an effective difference to your efforts and long term goals. It’s difficult to say whether awareness trigger searches or search engines create heightened your brand and website authority and awareness.

This being the case, every online search resurrects a brand in front of your target audience. Even in the least relevant or worse off cases, indirect effects bring about a powerfully noticeable change.

Using Social Media for SEO

You do not need to worry much about tangible ties being proved bet social media and SEO management. We can bet that the long-term gains will be sensationally multiple depending on link earning. Using social media to your best advantage has to take priority sometime, why not NOW?

Controversies and debates bring about gradual change. Meanwhile, start making social media campaigns a part of your general SEO strategy and improve your business health considerably.

Candice Forbes

Candice Forbes

I am Candice Forbes, I have been a technical writer for the past 3 years. Technology is my passion and I have been lucky enough to contribute my work to a couple of great sites. A writer by day and a reader by night. I pen down all that my heart speaks out in the form of blogs and articles.

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    Having your post viral on social media really produces a lot of links per share whether its a Facebook post or a tweet. Although its a nofollow link, it brings in a lot of referral traffic which is really good for SEO.

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    Thanks really effective list to boost up ranking in search engine.

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    Hey Candice,

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    The bounce rate is what Google added weight. If your website consists lots of thin or none quality contents, no matter how much effort or investment you putted in social media, you content isn’t going viral or ranking on the top.

    This is why need both social media and content optimization.

    Obviously, using guest post to create baclinks is very slow even though it’s a fastest ways to engage new audiences and to build bigger community.

    That is why you write guest post…

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      I agree. Quality is a must. Quality and creativity is what attracts the user the most. But as per my experience social media does have a huge impact, it can get you to the top if used wisely.

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