7 Ways to Improve Productivity and Boost Business Growth

What or who stands behind every company’s success? The answer is its employees. If customers are satisfied with products and services, it...

Boost Business Growth

What or who stands behind every company’s success? The answer is its employees. If customers are satisfied with products and services, it is because employees were efficient in meeting deadlines. If the business fails to reach its goals, employees are the first ones to blame. To that end, it can be said employee productivity is the key to business growth. What can managers do to help their employees perform better and faster? If you are asking yourself the same, here are seven ways to help you out.

Inspire and Reward Your Staff

If you want to improve efficiency and grow your business, there are essentially two things you should do. You should inspire and reward your staff. For example, you can leave your desk for a minute and tell your employees they are doing a great job. Having their hard work noticed and appreciated means the world to them. Employees like to know whether or not they are doing their job right and want to further develop their skills. Moreover, you can rewards employees for outstanding results in their work. Free coffee, lunch, extra vacation days, longer breaks are just some of the incentives you can give to employees. When employees are motivated and rewarded for their efforts, they are willing to go above and beyond for the company.

Remove Unnecessary Meetings

Your employees spend around eight hours every day working. In most cases, they spend up to four hours on numerous meetings in the workplace. This doesn’t pose a problem if those meetings are necessary for the business and the team. For example, employees come up with a brilliant problem solution or innovative products or services. However, employees gather to discuss their weekend activities instead of work-related matters. In the end, they are left with only four hours to meet their daily goals which isn’t enough. To avoid this and increase productivity, you should organize only the truly essential meetings and stick to their agenda. Everything else can take place through digital communication channels.

Provide Suitable Communication Tools

One of the reasons why employees aren’t productive enough and the business isn’t evolving could be the lack of suitable tools. In particular, communication ones. Every great manager knows how important communication is in the business world. While most managers believe communication is all about sending the right message, it is more than that. It also includes the selected channel for message deliverance. For communication with clients, companies use emails or social media. Meanwhile, things are more complex for communication with employees. If you aren’t willing to invest resources in equipment, you can use some multifunctional intranet solutions and still enhance productivity and business growth.

Do Away with Distractions

Most of the time, employees are too distracted to do their job the way they are supposed to. Smartphones, the Internet, and social media are the main distractors in the workplace. The good news is such distractions can be eliminated or at least minimized. For instance, employees can place their smartphones on silent mode and keep them that way until they go through their work assignments for the day. The Internet is a distraction only if employees purposefully decide to access their profiles on social media. In this case, employees can refrain from using the Internet for things not related to work.

Set Daily Goals

Introducing great changes in the workplace won’t result in overnight success. For this reason, you should think about taking small steps every day to reach greater objectives. In particular, set daily goals and prioritize tasks. For example, take a demanding project and divide it into small tasks for every team member to complete. When every employee does their part, at the end of the day or week, you have completed one challenging task. The task could be just what your company needs to grow.

Extend Breaks

What could help increase productivity levels are longer breaks. Namely, sometimes employees don’t have enough time during their lunch break to socialize or run an important errand such as picking up kids from school or taking a family member to the doctor’s office. As a result, instead of focusing on assignments, they think about their inability to fulfill family commitments. For this reason, you should extend their breaks so employees can balance their work and private life. When they are satisfied with the balance, they will be able to focus better on due projects and contribute more.

Celebrate Success

There isn’t a better way to boost everyone’s morale than by celebrating team efforts. Whenever an employee or the whole team achieve a remarkable result, you, as an organization, should celebrate their success. Showing support and cheering one another helps enhance employee productivity and keep everyone’s spirits high at all times. When employees work in such a positive and supportive corporate culture motivates employees to work harder and help the organization reach its aims.

For a successful company, you should have productive employees. If you don’t know how to improve employee productivity and boost business growth, our suggestions are just what you need to get started.


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  1. Hi Morgan,

    Wonderful blog post, in this busy world, managing time and focused on work is one of the toughest jobs. In the case of online work, I face distraction as the major problem and that reduces our productivity.

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  2. Nice post. These days it becomes way too crucial to set up a business online and then to take it to the next level of success.
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