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Reasons To Include YouTube in Your Marketing Game

Every business in the entire world, be it small or large in scale, strives through marketing. Marketing is considered to be the...

YouTube in Your Marketing

Every business in the entire world, be it small or large in scale, strives through marketing. Marketing is considered to be the heart of any business. Marketing does not have to mean advertisement alone, but it includes public relations, promotions, and scales. In the past, marketing was done solely through face-to-face transactions, radio announcements, printed ads, and television airings. But as the world progressed, the internet was created, and it changed the marketing game from then on. And these days visual promotions are being done on television, social media and youtube channels. And today I will be giving you a reason to Include YouTube in Your Marketing Game

Social media is one aspect of the internet that marketing can benefit from. May it be increasing YouTube views¸ increasing shared posts both on Facebook and Twitter, or increasing podcasts audience; all these things are essential in marketing. If you are one of your company’s marketing team, you might think what other methods on the internet with which you can you utilize to its full potential. Today, it’s time to learn that sharing posts isn’t the only way to market your business but through YouTube as well.

YouTube as a Marketing Tool

To visually see the gravity of how YouTube and video can help market your business, according to Cisco, about 69% of internet traffic accounts for videos in the year 2017. By the year 2020, almost 82% of internet traffic will be accounted for videos alone, and with the advent of virtual or augmented reality, its traffic will increase up to 20 times by 2021. By those numbers alone, imagine the possible number of audience that you can gain by simply using and utilizing YouTube as one of your marketing strategies.

If you haven’t utilized the full potential of YouTube as one of your marketing platforms and if you wish to increase YouTube views, here are some reasons and a few tips why you should include YouTube to ace your marketing game:

  1. Generates a lot of traffic

    • YouTube has over 1 billion users.
    • Yearly, there is a 40% of YouTube viewers per year; this is very effective and logical in increasing YouTube views for your company.
    • With the rise of smartphones, YouTube is mostly used and viewed in mobile phones. Hence, think of how your marketing campaigns can target the mobile users.
  2. Flexible Package

    • YouTube offers a lot of packages depending on your needs, and for startups, you can use some services for free and can pay for advancement once you get to grow or get the hang of it.
  3. Immediate and visible results

    • By simply logging into your account, you can immediately see how many views you have. Moreover, by using YouTube’s analytical tool, you get more detailed information, and you can use this to your advantage to increase your YouTube views.
  4. It’s basically Social Media

    • If you think YouTube is just a website for all sorts of videos, you couldn’t be more wrong. This is actually a social media itself, and you can interact with people on the website. With the recent updates of YouTube, you can now personally share videos to your Google+ friends.
  5. A Search Engine

    • Apparently, YouTube is ranked second as the world’s most-used search engine. With this, it is essential for your marketing strategy to attract more potential clients. In fact, you can see every type of brands collaborating with famous YouTubers just to get their name known to the public.


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How to Utilize YouTube in Your Marketing

Now that you know the essential reasons why you should include YouTube in your marketing strategy, here are the basic steps to get started and increase YouTube views in no time.

  1. Create a Channel

    • Remember that your channel name should directly reflect the brand that you are trying to promote. If you have already established a blog, website, or other accounts in other social media accounts, make sure that you maintain the same name to avoid confusion. In the world of social media in which new products and services are being offered daily, consistency plays a significant role to make your mark successfully.
    • Creating the right atmosphere and visual appeal is one of the essential key elements that you should master. This creates connection and parallelism to your goal and the brand you are promoting.
  1. Trailer Videos

    • This video is what your audience would see first as they click your channel name and get redirected to your account. Your trailer videos should contain these important features:
      • Introduction- State your channel name, your business, or brand’s qualification and expertise. Make sure it is well put together and creative to gain interest.
      • Your services- Tell them what your brand is for and what you do; this can impact a connection to your audience.
      • “Call-to-action”- This is the part where you provide the audience the actions that you want them to do. Do you want them to subscribe? Then, get that subscription button. Do you want them to see your other videos? Then, have that button where they can be redirected to your list of videos.
  2. Testimonial Videos

    • As cliché as this goes, this can actually be very useful, especially when your brand or business targets mostly the customer’s personal experience while using your products or services. Make sure these testimonials are genuine (or at least sound real) to increase YouTube views. Some businesses use paid testimonials at first to generate real ones. While this tactic is a bit “fake,” the end results could actually give you more traffic if played well. 
  3. Q&A Videos

    • The Q&A videos create a direct connection to your audience where it seems like the queries they have in their head are getting answered. You can also let your audience ask you questions through your blog, website, other social media accounts, or simply through your comment section. This strengthens your engagement and makes your followers/audience feel their voices and opinions are heard.

More Tips

Here are some important things that you need to know to completely master the marketing strategy to increase YouTube views of your channel:

  1. YouTube perks

    • Audio Library
      • YouTube can take down your video or mute your video if you use music illegally or use music from famous artists without paying for it. YouTube has a dedicated audio library where you can use it for your videos, and it’s absolutely free.
    • Fan Finder
      • This can help lessen your time in finding other possible channel or people that can be interested in your video. YouTube gives you a list of the possible target audience to have your channel advertised in their videos as well.
    • Related Video Service
      • In order to utilize this Perk or feature, make sure to put the correct tags and categories on your videos to lead your target audience to your videos.
  2. Video Effectiveness

    • Understanding your video effectiveness is essential in increasing YouTube views for your channel. In here, you can see how many views, shares, likes, and dislikes your certain videos have. There are certain areas where you can gain detailed information from:
      • Insights- Understand the views, viewer demographics, popularity, and community.
      • Community- These show YouTuber interactions in the form of ratings, comments, etc. on your videos. 
  3. Website Traffic

    • Knowing your traffic can help you understand how much of the views are coming from you. This includes everything happening in your channel that might have been already mentioned above.
Written by Katherine Lane
Katherine Lane is a content writer for Buy Real Marketing whose expertise is focused on YouTube Marketing. With her expertise, she understands the essence and importance of such. Thus, integrating her skills in the field of content writing to help individuals and businesses that are into YouTube niche.

17 Replies to “Reasons To Include YouTube in Your Marketing Game”

  1. Hey Katherine,

    YouTube has now been a huge part of my content marketing goals and strategy for 2021 and beyond. The value that I’ve seen on the platform is really great.

    Thanks for sharing this article and for providing some insightful tips on how I can improve my YouTube channel.


  2. I found the most beautiful and fascinating one. I was filtering for this sort of data and relished the experience of looking at this one. Thanks a lot for sharing such an informative post.

  3. Youtube is a fabulous search engine. When compared to Google, it is outstanding. Doing Youtube videos is a great way to show up in the search engines. But…we have to give good content as always!


    1. I so agree with you, Donna. YouTube indeed is an outstanding search engine for videos. But again, just like you mentioned, good content must always be present. Have a good day!

    1. Thank you for reading, Omid and I am grateful that you have learned some insights from my post.

  4. YouTube is a social network for itself. But the best thing is that it give you so much opportunities and content to be shared on your other social network where you can trigger engagement, opinions and emotions between your target audience. It’s even more powerful when you share your own story and content with your loyal clients and potential clients.

    Thanks for sharing Katherine, good read.

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