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Multiple Variations And Features Of SMS Marketing Make It A Popular Choice

You might have heard about SMS marketing quite a bit. But, unless you are pretty sure of its features and variations, you...

SMS Marketing

You might have heard about SMS marketing quite a bit. But, unless you are pretty sure of its features and variations, you cannot just make the most out of it. Different digital marketing agencies across the globe are offering their own kinds of special SMS campaigns and marketing help. It is mandatory to check out each one of them within your locality, focus on their SMS marketing tricks and features, and then opt for the ones you like. However, there are some basic features, which remain more or less the same among all the SMS marketing areas. But first, let’s just get into the basic types available in the market these days.

The variations you need to know:

You have to select the SMS route, which is best suitable for your business needs. Whether it is used for covering bulk SMS marketing or for basic customer engagement, there are loads of options available. A simple and quick guide might help you get started with the right option. But first, before any of that, don’t forget to check out the regulatory guidelines.

1. Promotional SMS:

This form of SMS is primarily configured by default for all the new accounts around here. Promotional SMS is mostly used for sending promotions or offers to current or existing ones, as suggested by the name. Here, the messages are mostly sent to non-DND numbers and opt-in phone numbers. The time is fixed within which messages will be sent, and that timing is during the rush hours of the day. You can start a free trial by checking on with digital marketing agencies for some time before purchasing their packages, once satisfied.

2. Transactional SMS:

For sending transactional SMSs, only transactional routes are used like alerts and OTPs to registered members only. Here, messages can be sent 24 x 7 from your very own sender ID of 6 characters. For configuring your own transactional route, you might have to create an account first. There are some companies, which might help you out in this venture. Just contact them for details and you need no setup cost.

3. Business SMS:

Some of the reliable centers are able to configure transactional and promotional SMS routes for your business without any cost. It will help you to send business-based SSMSin the most hassle-free manner. Thanks to the platinum telecom partnership which comes with intelligent routine technology, there are some special SMS gateways available from digital agencies. These gateways will assure the finest delivery rates, for bulk and SMS alerts.

Comprehensive features for your sake:

Once you are sure of the powerful and comprehensive solutions of SMS marketing, there are a lot more to address in this regard. Before any of that, do not forget to check out with smsapi and the services it involves. Going through this software interface is quite promising and mandatory to send SMS in a bulk order and more. But first, let’s just get right onto the basic features, which make SMS marketing such a promising choice among all business owners, be it big or small.

Redefining the idea of bulk SMS Marketing:

Now, you have the right to send smarter SMS communication with some of the award-winning features from reputed centers. The workers are able to present powerful campaign options for marketing users and SMEs without any IT help. Whether it is for managing contacts, sending some local language texts, personalized forms of bulk SMS, or even attaching files, every service seems rather easy. On the other hand, you can track some of the real-time delivery services for all the selected SMS campaigns.

  • You can take help of merge fields for adding customized fields to contacts in SMS. For that, you don’t have to install software.
  • You have to select the recipients, compose SMS and the campaign seems all set and ready for a specified time and date.
  • You can further send SMS in regional languages by using transliteration tool available online nowadays.
  • Furthermore, you can add various attachments in SMS like price lists, takeaway menus, booking confirmations or brochures.
  • The reputed teams are all down to offer reports and analytics for all SMS campaigns like detailed click rate reports and more.


Ways to Improve your sales with SMS

SMS attachments:

Now, thanks to technical advancements, you can attach files with your text messages! Whether you want to insert an image, PDF, spreadsheet, word docs, or anything else, now you have the liberty to get that going. It is a perfect way to grow your business as you can now easily share brochures, menus, and whatnot with your customers. It further helps in tracking down some clicks. There is hardly any limit in this regard. In case you have a file of less than 10MB, you can always attach it. Some major notes as added with SMS are:

  • Newsletters
  • Menus
  • Photos
  • Brochures and more

Ways to track campaign metrics:

Those days are long history when guesswork was the only way to address the value of SMS marketing campaigns. Now you don’t have to work on that as you will receive granular click reports for all links as sent through text. Whether you are planning to insert attachments, surveys, and web links or even mobilized webpages into SMS, link tracking helps to capture extensive use metrics while checking URL length as well. These links are short and designed to save precious space in the message. It further provides benefits to customer behavior by checking the campaigns, paying off really well.

  • Get the chance to track all click metrics for bulk SMS campaigns
  • Include web action or CTA based web link as a short link in SMS and then send a message
  • You can easily track down your click-through for shorter links to surveys, attachments, mobile web pages and tickets

Best ever services meant for you:

Apart from the points mentioned under SMS marketing, the reputed centers have so much more to offer. Right from best mobile solutions to integrating SMS APIs, the teams are working hard to bring that smile on your face and grow your business.


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