Music and AI: Will Artificial Intelligence Outsmart Humans


Even though AI is new in the market, Technology and Music go way long back in time. The first ever song recorded was on an invention called, the Phonautograph. The phonautograph converted sounds into pictures of sound waves, which it inscribed on paper or glass. However, there was no way to play the sounds back. It wasn’t until 2008 that scientists rediscovered the invention, and were able to transcribe the soundwave graphics back into a listenable audio file. 

Music today has come so far from Phonautograph to Digital audio workstations(DAW) to streaming platforms like Spotify, Tidal, etc. With the rise and popularity of AI in the industry, Artificial Intelligence or AI has taken its place in the music industry as well. Let’s see the role of AI in the music industry so far.

Machine Learning

From recording devices to Autotune plugins, the power of AI is significantly noticed in many music-making software and plugins. One of the most commonly used is the pitch correct tool used in almost every song we listen to. The pitch correction tool can convert audio files into MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) notes.


AI-Powered Disc Jockey

You must have often seen a pop-up window or a notification playlist on your screen made based on the songs you listen to. Streaming platforms like Apple and Spotify use AI-powered algorithms to recommend to users songs based on their tastes, desires, genre, etc. This gives them an upper hand at marketing as they can push in the latest hits, new releases, etc.

Music Generation AI Tools

Google launched the MusicLM in 2023. Although it’s still only available as a demo, for now, it’s a tool with great potential. It can help songwriters overcome writer’s block, inspire new musical ideas, and even modify music creation by making it more accessible to everyone. However, questions remain about how it will impact existing artists and the music industry as a whole.

Google’s Music LM

Why is AI good for Music?

AI with the right use is good in the music industry especially in areas like music production and composition to fill the gap between idea vs outcome. Musicians often struggle to translate their ideas and thoughts into a 4 to 5-minute-long song properly. An AI tool with the right prompt can easily do the job of creating melodies and lyrics.

Although people tend to get worried about the consequences of AI taking power over creative space, one should notice how it just might help and motivate inexperienced or budding musicians in their inefficiency. One could get help with ideas and lyrical content. 

Why do Musicians fear the rise of AI?

The rise of AI in various fields has created a debate plus brought a positive outcome. One main side to look at would be Copyright and Payment. Artists and musicians have raised an argument considering AI to be a threat to creative job roles and artistic spaces. Professionals have stated their opinion that AI could raise the possibility of people not appreciating human creativity anymore and relying on AI solely. Artists also fear AI taking inspiration from pre-existing material and using it to create a new sound altogether.


The conclusion would be just like any technology that has brought productivity to the music industry, AI will have a positive outcome. But the moral applications of it and the consequences and the compensation might have to be dealt with and be worked upon.


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