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Download Royalty-free music

Finding a nice tune or sound for your new Video is a very tough challenge. If you are managing to find the...

Royalty free music free of charge

Finding a nice tune or sound for your new Video is a very tough challenge. If you are managing to find the best music for your Video, it can improve your Video. At the same time, a bad or wrong song might ruin your whole Video. So in this article, I am going to tell you the best websites for Royalty free music free of charge.

Take a look at other videos on YouTube. Almost every Video has music. Every day it is becoming a challenge for vloggers to find the best royalty-free music for their Video, especially if they have a small or tight budget. Making a video is very expensive and involves many costs, from equipment to post-production. Music directors or video makers find areas where they can reduce the price, and background music or sound is an area from which they can save the cost. Reducing cost doesn’t mean lowering the quality of the music. You can also get cheap music from different sources. 

What is Royalty-free Music?

Royalty-free music grants the buyer to use the music on different platforms upon a one-time purchase without having to pay royalties every time to the owner of the music.

Some music artists and directors allow people to use their music free of cost without paying the fee. But they have; the copyright of the music, and the music artist decides the type of license for their music. 

What are the Costs for Royalty-Free Music?

Before we start, let’s look at the cost of taking the music to make the videos.

Royalty-free music is not the music to use anywhere. It means that you can pay a one-time fee and use the music everywhere and whenever you want to use it.

Websites to Find Royalty Free Music free of charge

If you want to get royalty-free music free of cost, there is a list of websites from which you can get royalty-free music free of charge. I hope this article is helpful for you and makes your videos and future projects, even more, better and more impressive.

List of Royalty-free Music free of charge websites:

Here is what is liked about each one of these websites 

1. Icons8

This is a great place to find music and tunes for your videos. You can find hundreds of tracks from different groups, Like Jazz groups to classical pieces. The Icon8 website also provides Stock photo icons, videos, and music. This website comes at the top of our list to get Royalty-free Music free of cost.

Royalty free music free of charge

2. HookSounds

Hooksound Provide access to their users To royalty-free music, which was not going to find anywhere else Because music composer, especially for the website users, can browser tracks by artist tag and more, Which makes the website interface very attractive And makes the user navigate the website quickly and smoothly HookSounds website offer their Different licenses for different purposes there is also a free license available. Still, this license is only for personal use. You cannot use this music or tunes on Youtube.

Royalty free music free of charge

3. Youtube Audio Library

YouTube also has an audio library for its users and offers various filters like (Genres, vocal), etc., and makes your search as easy and smooth as possible. The audio library also has a sound library, this feature makes this website very useful for users. You can get royalty-free music free of cost and different tracks and sounds from this website.

Royalty free music free of charge

4. Facebook sound collection

The Facebook sound collection comes from the creator studio. This website is very similar to the youtube audio library. Still, the Facebook sound collection offers fewer features than the youtube audio library to its users, and the size of the music and tracks were quite heavy. But you can try this website and listen to their music. Maybe your next royalty-free music is hiding there.

Royalty free music free of charge

5. Purple Planet

As the website name, this website is purple. And it is a store of free and cheaper music that has been shown to you according to your taste. If you want any other types of tracks, you can search the ways according to your choice, And this website does not have the perfect collection of royalty-free music. Still, all the music is free to use, And this website also offers multiple licenses starting from 8$ to 35$.

Royalty free music free of charge

6. SoundCloud

Suppose you are a YouTuber or planning to start a new youtube channel, And this website offers a wide range of collections of royalty-free music. In that case, I have used this website personally many times, and you can find calm and exciting tunes on the SoundCloud website. The best part of the SoundCloud website is that getting background music is like real music.

Royalty free music free of charge

7. Bensound

This is the most popular website for royalty-free music, and the Bensound website offers tracks, background sounds, and songs under the creative commons section. It means that you can use this music freely on any other platform like Youtube, Facebook, etc. But you have to credit the Bensound website. If you do not want to credit, you can also buy the license, and this website offers various licenses. This website has a great collection of royalty-free music from different sections like cinematic, electronica, etc.

Royalty free music free of charge

8. Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound offers a comprehensive and best collection of royalty-free music for any platform Epidemic Sound’s website subscription starts from 15$ a month. This website also gives a free trial to their users and gives you an experience that you can get in a complete subscription plan.

Royalty free music free of charge

9. TeknoAxe

This website is very different from other websites on the list, challenging and demanding for the user to navigate. There is no search option available on the site, so you will have to click on the categories and find what tune you want. All the music or tunes available on the TeknoAxe website is under the CC4 license, which means you have to give credits to the website when using the music or tunes in your project.

Royalty free music free of charge

10. Josh Woodward

The website Josh Woodward is a person who wrote and recorded all songs which are available on their website. You can use the songs freely anywhere as long as you give the credits and mention their website.

11. Free stock music

This website, with a simple name, offers its users royalty-free music. You can use this music on your youtube videos or other projects like (blogs, vlogs, podcasts), etc. Only you have to give credits.

12. Artist.com

The artist website partners with different artists to make tracks used by the companies like Microsoft, Toyota, etc. You can pay 199$ annual price in which you get unlimited downloads on all music and tunes. But this website does not provide royalty-free music, and in the paid subscription, you can get access to the advanced features.

13. Soundstripe

The website is famous for royalty-free music and is easy to use. You can create playlists on this website if you do not want to find the music every time. Not only music, but this website also provides 35000 plus sound effects for your video projects. This website offers you different subscription plans starting from 11$, which does not provide free service.

14. PremiumBeat

PremiumBeat has a comprehensive collection of the best royalty-free music that makes your videos cool and exciting. This website is a part of Shutterstock, offering quality music and premium playlists. PremiumBeat is a trendy website, and you can get all PremiumBeat music and tunes for only 49$.

15. Audiojungle

This is one of the best websites for royalty-free music due to its cheaper subscriptions. You can get any music or tune for only 1$. This website is also called Envato Market. Audiojungle website has a group of musicians and engineers that keep the music stocked. And this website offers the best music in all genres. You can also customize your music according to your taste with the help of music kits.

16. Free Music Archive

The U.S ration station runs this website. In the music video section, you can get the music of different genres which carry additional licenses. These licenses come under the creative commons sections. You can also search your music according to your preference and filters. The free music archive website is known for its pleasant music. You can check the website and find the music for your next project.

royalty free music free of charge download

17. Incompetech

Incompetech is very popular for its royalty-free music and offers its users an extensive collection. There are almost 2000 plus music tracks or tunes created by Kevin. You can use this music or tracks for free as you are giving credits to the site. There are thousand plus tracks on the Incompetech website, and all the tracks are arranged in the genres like disco, classic, etc. There are different sections on the website where you can download other music or tunes, and there are beats from different countries. And most contemporary music and downloaded areas are also available. If you want to download the full music library, it will cost you around $38.

royalty free music free of charge download

18. Musopen

Musopen’s website is different from other royalty-free music websites. Musopen is known for his classical royalty-free music. You can also search the songs or tunes according to the composer or author. This is an outstanding feature of the website to find the best music. This website is trendy for classical music, and you can’t get modern music on this website, but it is very recognizable, making your video cool.

royalty free music free of charge download

19. Audioblocks

Audioblocks website offers stock music, photos, and effects to its users. This website has almost 100000 lakh tracks. But these tracks or tunes are not free. You have to pay 149$ for unlimited downloads for one year. It is a reasonable offer, and you will get access to thousands of music, photos, or sound. You can add filters to your search for the exact length of the project. This will save your editing time. There are different categories of music like happy, sad, and aggressive. This is an outstanding feature from which you can choose music according to your preference quickly based on the emotion of the Video.

Royalty free music free of charge

20. ccMixter

This website also comes in the list of royalty-free music websites and has a community of artists, musicians, DJs, etc. They are working freely as long as you are giving them credits. This website is famous for its unique background music. To find the best music on the website, click on the top-rated music section. If you want to get the music of some particular artist, search the artist’s name and click on the artist profile. There are also some old-school types of music or tunes, which makes it less complicated for you to find the best music and all the music on the website includes a Creative Commons license. ccMixter is a great website to find original and royalty-free background music.

Royalty free music free of charge

21. Jamendo

It is an excellent website and was created for advertisers and marketers. You can search for music or tunes from the music library according to your taste which is an outstanding feature of the Jamendo website. You can choose various options on the website according to your project. There is also a search box on the website to select music according to genre, theme, or duration. Jamendo is perfect for royalty-free music, but it is costly and costs around 50$ to license music or tune, which is not bad if you have a small budget. There are also subscription options available on the website from which you can get access to all music.

free of charge royalty free music

22. Netlabels

Netlabel’s website offers a vast collection of royalty-free music. There are lots of groups of music and tunes. You can download the music for free or at cheaper rates, and all the music available on this website comes under the creative commons section. There are almost 60000 plus music present on this website. You can also search the songs and apply the filters according to your excellent preference. There are also some special sections on the website like the most liked songs number of views.

free of charge royalty free music

23. Audionautix

This website is trendy, and all the music and tunes available come under the creative commons section. You can find your background music for your next project very quickly. You can also search music and add filters in your search according to your project, and different music categories are also available, like Jazz and techno. If you want to find royalty-free background music, you can try the Audionautix website.

How to choose the Best Royalty-free Music free of charge?

There are some tips to choose the best music for your next video project.

  • Find the mood of your Video.

Mood depends on your Video like romantic, dark, etc. Choose the track or tunes according to your video mood.

  • If you have a voice in your Video, avoid using music.

Make sure that the volume of your Video works well, and the voice and other sounds work well.

  • Try using 3 to 5 music tracks in your Video.

Always try to use different music or tunes in your Video. This will make your Video more cool and exciting.


These are the top websites for royalty-free music, and using music and tunes in your Video makes your video cool.

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