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Why are People Afraid of AI?

I know change is hard to adjust to. And when it comes to the world of technology people have always questioned any...


I know change is hard to adjust to. And when it comes to the world of technology people have always questioned any new form of technology and its potential risks. Take Bulb, for instance, People around then took time to get comfortable with something like that. Just like Artificial Intelligence happens to be a new technology, people are only getting used to it. However, it’s very normal for one to feel overwhelmed by the high potential AI holds one must also keep the risks in mind. Let’s take a look at what risks artificial intelligence holds.

Displacement of Jobs

Since the beginning of industries, humans have been an important part of the Labour force. And it has been the same since then. Humans have always been an integral part of the workforce. However, with the evolution of AI, there is a hike in the job risks found for people in several sectors of the industry. This makes everyone scared of whether AI would replace humans for jobs or if one would have to work on their skills enough to succeed in competition with AI.

Fear of Bias and Inequality

Since one can work around AI (Artificial Intelligence) using algorithms and program situations for specific groups of people or individuals using data, AI raises a question of trust. Algorithms can be biased towards one community, race, gender, etc.

Concerns of Privacy and Data Security

AI revolves around data and information, and this raises the question of whether it is safe for one to trust AI with Data privacy and security. If not taken into consideration and looked upon could become a reason a bigger concern. Many social media companies have been good examples of data manipulation and mishandling.

Losing Command Over AI

Nothing can be a better example of this than the movie I, Robot. The movie represents a good example of how technology gets so complex and overpowers human understanding so much that robots stop following the commands. Many have stated the opinion that maybe in the future AI might overpower humans and we might lose command over it.

I fear that AI may replace humans altogether. If people design computer viruses, someone will design AI that improves and replicates itself. This will be a new form of life that outperforms humans

Stephen Hawkings

Super Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is slowly catching up to the speed of human thinking. Oh wait that was years ago. Today we can see how artificial intelligence has reached to point where it is learning humans every day and improving day by day. But this raises a major concern as to whether someday AI might actually overpower human intelligence. We can already see AI being able to handle large data sets, algorithms, etc.

Should we be afraid of AI?

AI or Artificial Intelligence is just another tool or invention of man created to make our lives easier. Is it good or bad? should we be concerned? well, that depends on us. Our moral objectives and decisions would only make us do something in the world of technology so big that it’ll create trouble for us. So yeah, as long as we find things to be concerned about we must also take actions to discuss it and do something about it.


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