Apple AI Subscription Plans May be Possible in the future 

Apple AI Subscription Plans May be Possible in the future 

Apple AI subscription plans may be introduced in the future, according to Mark Gunner. Apple Intelligence, which is Apple’s own AI system is speculated to explore monetisation shortly. However, the AI service is expected to be free to use in the meantime. 

The tech giant may eventually monetise its AI service in a similar way as iCloud. To elaborate, basic features such as 5 GB storage is free for all Apple users, but to access more iCloud storage and more features, users would have to pay a monthly subscription. The company may utilise the same strategy by providing users with a basic plan and locking features behind a subscription model. 

Apple AI Subscription Plans and Its Features

Apple Intelligence creates a more personal AI experience for users. It is built for Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad and Mac models. The AI analyses user behaviour to provide relevant and personalised answers. 

The AI platform enables users to refine their writing skills with the help of Writing Tools. Users will be assisted with editing, proofreading, rewriting and summarising bodies of text. 

Image Playground is also another feature available in Apple Intelligence. Users can create fun images in Messages, Pages, Notes, Keynote and more.

Additionally, Genmoji can be used to create new emojis for specific moments. It is represented as ‘inline images’ and Genmoji are supported by AttributedString. Lastly, Apple Intelligence makes Siri more integrated into the OS and personal. 


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