Google Ads Introduces Generative AI Features for Performance Max

Google introduced Google Ads Generative AI capabilities for its Performance Max advertising product. Now available in beta for all U.S. advertisers, these...

Google introduced Google Ads Generative AI capabilities for its Performance Max advertising product. Now available in beta for all U.S. advertisers, these features enable creating and scaling new image and text assets using AI in your campaigns.

Performance Max, launched in 2021, is Google’s AI-driven solution covering search, display, Google inventory, and YouTube. It optimizes ads based on performance data and now utilizes generative AI to aid content creation.

How Will Users Leverage Google Ads Generative AI?

In a recent blog post from Pallavi Naresh, Group Product Manager, these new features empower marketers. They will be able to swiftly craft top-notch, personalized assets to engage customers across various Google formats.

Having a diverse range of assets is critical in successful Performance Max campaigns. Naresh acknowledged the challenges marketers face in creating and scaling assets for a comprehensive cross-channel campaign. She highlighted the simplicity of the new features. It emphasizes that generating fresh text and image assets for your campaign is just a few clicks away.

The Google Ads Generative AI unique text and images tailored to other businesses upon request. Google assures advertisers they can always edit generated assets as per requirements.

Google Ads Generative AI

Gain greater control over your creativity

The platform generates assets and offers AI image editing tools to improve existing and new creative. For instance, as per Google’s announcement, an agency experimented with various backgrounds for a client’s product images.

Whether you have existing assets or are starting from scratch, these features allow advertisers to brainstorm variations and use AI to develop initial concepts effortlessly. All produced imagery will have a visible watermark and be labeled as AI-created.

Using AI Responsibly

Google affirms that its Google Ads Generative AI features align with internal AI principles, actively preventing the generation of creatives that breach policies or lack sensitivity. Human review and enforcement processes will persist, maintaining the commitment to policy compliance.

These capabilities mark Google’s most recent incorporation of generative AI into its marketing suite. This was unveiled at the Marketing Live conference earlier this year. The primary goal is to streamline the creative process and enhance production efficiency for Performance Max campaigns.


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