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Microsoft’s Latest Tool – Unlock Your Maximum Ad Earnings Potential

Microsoft Advertising has unleashed Monetize Insights an advanced analytics dashboard that’s a game-changer for publishers. This powerful tool, accessible...

Nov 28 · 1 min read >

Google Introduces A New Tool To Scan For AI-Generated Images

Google has created a new tool called SynthID to aid in the identification of photographs and artworks that were...

Sep 1 · 54 sec read >

Google is Developing an AI Authoring Tool for ChromeOS, Claims the report

Manta will probably send users’ initial text and prompt to Google’s servers, which will then send back the AI-enhanced...

Aug 19 · 1 min read >

Google Upgrades Privacy Tools To Safeguard Personal Information

With results about you, removal requests for pornographic personal photographs, and improved parental controls, Google increases its privacy capabilities. ...

Aug 14 · 1 min read >

To Support Advertisers During The Holiday Season, Google Recently Unveiled New AI Tools

To assist shops in improving their holiday advertising campaigns and interacting with customers, Google has unveiled AI capabilities. With...

Aug 12 · 1 min read >