Is Google Gathering Children’s Data For Advertisements? Concern Raised by a New Report

Is Google Gathering Children's Data For Advertisements? Concern Raised by a New Report

According to a recent study, Google is accused of collecting children’s data and tailoring adverts to them, potentially violating federal privacy regulations. According to a recent revelation, Google is accused of collecting children’s data. And displaying tailored adverts to them, possibly in violation of federal privacy rules.

Google’s prior commitments to better safeguard minors online are now under question in light of the claims. According to research by the advertising analytics company, YouTube still uses ad trackers. And serves personalised adverts on content deemed appropriate for children.

With respect to potential COPPA violations, this would violate Google’s 2019 deal with the Federal Trade Commission. Websites and applications cannot gather personal information of users under 13 without their parents’ explicit authorization, according to the 1998 COPPA law.

Google agreed to stop collecting data on children’s material and to turn off personalised adverts . As part of its 2019 settlement, which included a $170 million payment.

Google rejects any wrongdoing

Here, Google said that it does not violate any laws and that it does not allow third-party trackers. Or personalised adverts on movies for children. But according to the Adalytics analysis, Google makes it too difficult for companies to choose not to have their adverts appear on videos for children.

According to media buyers questioned for the report, it is not simple to avoid “made for kids” networks. According to the report’s authors, programmes like Google’s Performance Max algorithm may be able to optimise ad distribution for clicks from children.

The research demands for more accountability and openness about adverts on children’s content, even if Google denies any misconduct. The findings demand more thorough regulatory review. Google’s response to the news was, “We welcome responsible research around our products.”


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