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How To Start a profitable Youtube channel?

The basics of starting a YouTube channel, detailing the mentality that is most productive in creating content and all the materials needed.

profitable youtube channel

Content creators have many opportunities open to them in the digital world: different websites, channels, and all types of content, all needing content creators. Surprisingly, one platform is significantly underutilized and still has space for more people to come in. today we will tell you tips and tricks to start a profitable youtube channel.

YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform, and no other platform comes any close to this. There are already billions of user account on YouTube and more than 4 billion daily viewers.

The fact that there are all kinds of audiences on YouTube means that any random person or a business can benefit from marketing on YouTube and start profitable youtube channel. YouTube is not a very saturated platform, so anybody can start a channel and do fine with it, even though other video sites also have a decent amount of traffic. However, one of the reasons why many businesses don’t go for YouTube marketing is because of its difficulty. For example, the amount of time, energy, and resources required to make a blog post can’t be compared to what it takes to create a video, even though both the video and blog post discuss the same things. However, one thing that also sets them apart is the difference in their results. YouTube is massive in this regard.

In case you have had it in mind for a while to start a YouTube channel, but you haven’t majorly because of the absence of funds, this article is for you.

The fact that you are cash-strapped should not stop you. Starting a YouTube channel doesn’t require thousands of dollars. The primary ingredients that you need is an understanding of the subject and a desire to learn. Everything else will fall into place in due time. Your YouTube channel can go from setting up with zero dollars to raking in 6 figures for you. Here are a few tips if you are looking to start a profitable YouTube channel at no cost.

Shoot your YouTube videos with your phone

It would cost you a lot to get a good camera for shooting your YouTube video these days. You would have to spend thousands of dollars, which is something that you may not have. Thankfully, YouTube is not about video quality. It pays more attention to the content of the video than the full-HD quality.

Most of the time, this is the excuse people have as to why they haven’t started their profitable youtube channel after months of planning and fantasizing. They don’t have a camera. That maybe you, too. The question is, do you have a smartphone? Does your phone have a ‘good enough’ camera? Your answer is probably yes, which means you don’t have an excuse not to start creating your YouTube videos. Else you are only lying that you don’t have a camera and pushing the blame for your laziness away from you.

You’ve had enough of that now. Stop the excuse. Use your phone’s camera. It does not matter if it isn’t an iPhone that you are using. Start with whatever you have. Until you begin to make money from this platform and can buy a camera, don’t try to be a perfectionist; that’s a mistake that’ll keep you from making content.

If it’s an iPhone that you’re using, that’s the more reason you should go ahead. It is more important to produce great content than to have the best camera quality. It might appear scary, but it shouldn’t be. Be as natural as you can be. Just pick up your phone, and take that next step to create a video.

If it is your first time making a video for your YouTube channel, you might feel a little nervous, and that’s okay.

Forget about the fear and nervousness and choose to believe in you. If you don’t believe that you have something to give, something of value that you can add to the viewers’ lives, you shouldn’t try creating anything at all. However, if you do believe in yourself, it’s worth giving a trial. You can use a script if you find it hard to act natural and be interesting at the same time.

Create your YouTube video and put your heart out into it. Show the world your emotional side. Your video is more likely to go viral if there is a display of emotions in it.

Make your videos simple.

Many people think that they have to think outside of the box when trying to be creative. This isn’t necessarily true. Creativity does happen within the box when you are not trying to overcomplicate things by trying to think far and wide. You should create a format for yourself that you can easily reproduce. For instance, if you are in the studio, take it like you are within the box and try to create the type of content that works within the studio setting. Think within your environment. Don’t look for an “artsy” kind of creativity.

You can also think of the kind of video that you can create with your iPhone with an outdoor setting. The point is, don’t try to overcomplicate things. Think within the environment that you’re in and try to make the most of what you have. That, in itself, is creativity. When you try too hard to be too creative, you lose your videos’ naturalness, which hurts your growth.

Another problem with trying to get too creative is that it leads to inconsistency. It’s not sustainable for you to always have to think out of the box. If you always have to overcome that challenge, coupled with the shooting and editing before you produce one video, it won’t take long before you are tired and burnt out. In the end, you will get tired of creativeness, and because you aren’t used to thinking within your natural element, you will give up. In reality, if you want to succeed at anything, more so anything that has to do with social media, marketing, and content creation, consistency is THE KEY. You won’t succeed without consistency.

So, you need to know the limit of your box and think within it. Find a format that suits you and create consistently. If your videos are simple, editing will be simple too. If you make edit-heavy formats that’s be more tricky. You can decide what editing tool you want to use and watch some tutorials on YouTube.

But if you aren’t good at it, then you should save yourself the trouble and pay someone good at it to do it. You can as well invest that time elsewhere.

Take your time to promote your videos.

As important as it is to create the video and put them out consistently. The goal is to make money from your YouTube channel, and that’s not going to happen if people don’t see the videos or watch them. This is why it is essential to take the time to promote your videos. You should spend at least twice the amount of time you spend creating the videos to promote them.

This is your route to success on YouTube. Don’t just put out bodies of work that no one sees or knows anything about. Push them out to the world. Promote the videos on different platforms. Ask other people to help you share it, Use the VidIQ app to monitor and improve your SEO rating. It’s not worth the energy and stress to create incredible videos again and again if there’s nobody to watch them.


YouTube is one of the social platforms where there’s a lot of space for both content creators and companies. I dare say that it was created for content creators. So, if as a content creator, you don’t have a YouTube channel yet that you’re making money from, then you are cheating yourself. To create a YouTube channel now, you don’t have to wait till you own a camera. Start with what you have. Be simple with your videos and push them out for the world to see.

Written by Flann Ham
Flann Ham is a specialist in SEO and internet marketing with five years of experience. He is currently working in an essay writing service - check the link.

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  1. Flann, good job buddy. I moved away from Twitter recently but will still publish a video or 2 here and there. I like to hold on to online channels here and there to at least maintain some sort of presence. Thanks dude.


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