SEO Tools Aren’t the Writing Guides You Need – Google’s Advice

Someone asked Google’s John Mueller about discrepancies between their SEO tools suggestions and content goals on Reddit. They manage a blog for a Vietnamese travel agency targeting American and Australian tourists.

The question was whether Vietnamese accents in the content matter since they appear in SEO tool suggestions. Mueller’s response was clear:

  1. Write for your audience, focusing on language and content.
  2. Don’t depend solely on SEO tools; conduct your research.
  3. Research your audience’s language patterns and tailor your content accordingly.

 Your unique touch matters more than tool suggestions. Craft content that resonates with your tourists, and Google will notice.

What Do The SERPs Say for SEO Tools?

When researching, it’s beneficial to explore the rankings in action.

Queries with or without accents, like Quảng Bình vs. Quang Binh, often yield similar results. Accented SERPs may include at least one site with accents.

Use various browsers for SERP checks; I prefer Chrome and Chrome Canary to avoid one search influencing the next.

Dependency on tools alone can be misleading. What’s in the tools might align differently from the actual SERPs.

Always validate with the real SERPs; don’t solely rely on tool insights. It could make a significant difference.

SEO Tools

R&D is the key

Mueller’s advice is okay with using SEO tools. He emphasizes not relying on them to dictate your content.

SEO tools are crafted based on the knowledge of their creators, often following trends, which can be helpful or not. For instance, early tools suggested keyword densities until they became outdated.

Some tools aided reciprocal linking and content rewriting effectively until they weren’t.

Software reflects opinions on current SEO understanding, a field where consensus is rare. Opinions range from standard to odd, even lies. Occasionally, some lead the pack.

In SEO, there’s seldom a unanimous rule. So, for every tool, trust your judgment as the ultimate decision-maker.


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