YouTube Premium Update: PiP for Shorts, Jump Ahead and Smart Downloads

YouTube Premium Update: PiP for Shorts, Jump Ahead and Smart Downloads

YouTube Premium update introduces new features for its subscription users. Some of the new features include Picture-in-Picture (PiP), Jump Ahead and Smart Downloads. 

The video-sharing platform has recently introduced new features for its Premium subscribers. A few features already exist for long-form videos but the update has extended the feature to Shorts.

YouTube Premium Update and its new features

Picture-in-Picture feature for Shorts – This feature enables users to use play shorts in a smaller video in the background while they use their phone to browse other content or apps. This background play feature was already available for longer videos. YouTube is now rolling out this new feature on Android. 

Jump Ahead – This new feature lets users double-tap on the video to get to the best parts of the video. To detect the ‘best part’ of the video, the video-sharing app combines the user’s viewing data with machine learning. Jump Ahead has been available for testing for a few weeks and it will gradually be available for all Android users soon. iOS will receive this feature later on. 

Smart Downloads for Shorts – Smart Download is also coming to YouTube Shorts. This feature enables auto-downloading of shorts for users to view offline. This auto-download feature will be based on the users’ Shorts history.

Other features include an AI chatbot which allows users to ask questions or inquire about the video. Users can also ask the chatbot to provide video suggestions. This feature was available in 2023 but the company took it down. It will now make its comeback in Android for users in the United States. However, this feature is stated to be available only for a limited period. 


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