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Passive Income And Why You Need To Know About It

Buying a new car, vacationing abroad, even just an unusual dinner at an expensive restaurant – everything that is possible thanks to...

Passive Income And Why You Need To Know About It - Tricky Enough

Buying a new car, vacationing abroad, even just an unusual dinner at an expensive restaurant – everything that is possible thanks to passive income.

Passive income is a way without significant time and financial expenditures to receive funds for the realization of your desires and needs. It is also called a fallback if you lose your job.

How to create passive income?

To choose the best investment method, it is important to clearly define the key points, such as:

  • purpose and task;
  • willingness to take risks;
  • expected income;
  • period to achieve the goal;
  • the knowledge base in the chosen field.

One of the determining factors is the level of risk: the larger the capital, the more potential opportunities. But the danger of financial losses as a result of rash actions is also increasing. Creating passive income from scratch does not require huge capital, beginners can pump skills and test various tools starting with small amounts.

You don’t need millions of investments to start earning passive income. Even a couple of thousand dollars worth of assets that lie under your mattress in case of an emergency can become a means of earning money. But if you have real estate, a car, or unnecessary work equipment, you get even more options for passive income.

Stages of formation of passive income:

Goal setting. At this stage, the investment horizon is determined, and their psychological profile and willingness to take risks are calculated. Assets are selected by taking into account the financial situation.

Building an investment portfolio, and re-evaluating asset allocation. Well-chosen assets lose their properties over time. Therefore, analysis and adjustments are needed.

Management, control, and rebalancing. Monitoring the leading sectors of the economy will make it possible to respond promptly to changes in the situation (the introduction of new laws, an increase in resource prices, etc.).

The choice of assets for investment depends on the strategy and age factor. Young investors should look at aggressive, high-yield strategies. Older investors should give preference to more conservative instruments in order not to lose capital.

How to start earning passive income?

We have compiled a list of some options that you can take a closer look at:

Room in the apart-hotel

The developer costs an apart-hotel, where you can buy a separate apartment and rent it out through the developer’s management company.

Passive Income

In this case, you should remember that you are highly dependent on the management company – if it manages well, then everything is fine, and if it starts to manage poorly and the rating on Booking falls, then you will have huge problems not only with income but also with the sale. such an apartment.

Overseas property

This option allows you to rent out such real estate through a management company, and resell it after the excavation stage through intermediaries.


A very interesting type of passive dividend income.

REIT – real estate investment trusts – real estate funds that can be bought on the US stock market. REITs buy or build real estate, lease it, or sell it. Real estate transactions and real estate assets must generate at least 75% of the annual income. At their core, REITs are similar to ETFs.

Through REITs, one can invest in real estate, for example, hotels, shopping centers, and office real estate, REITs can own dozens and hundreds of types of real estate.

However, there is a drawback – in fact, REIT is not an investment in real estate, but an investment in a real estate business. Therefore, during a crisis, REIT quotes go down in the same way as stock quotes. Fall of ETF VANGUARD REAL ESTATE (VNQ), which includes the majority of REITs on the US market Ermakov Stepan Entrance from $ 10, dividend yield from 2% to 10% in dollars.


Most of all cryptocurrencies now only invest in Bitcoin, but there are many other cryptocurrencies available. As they say, this will not become any method of payment (no state will allow paying taxes with cryptocurrency), and there are no fundamental reasons for the growth of cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, it is a tool on which you can make money on short-term price movements. For example, ICO holders, where, having learned the basics of cryptocurrency, you can increase your profits significantly.

The creative or intellectual product

In this case, it is assumed the creation of a certain product of intellectual activity and the receipt of income for its use by other people. For example, photographers and illustrators can make money on their work through online services for the sale of images, and exhibit them on special platforms and sites.

Writers receive royalties from each print run; inventors, in turn, receive royalties from the sale of a patented invention. Earning on the sale of information products is relevant: courses, webinars, guides, lessons, and other similar material. People are now interested in learning something new online without going to special institutions.

Entrepreneurial activity

Investing in business will help you gain experience in the field of entrepreneurship.

This can be done in several ways:

Investments in your own business, and promising startups. Information resources and blogs can act as assets. The purchase and support of a ready-made portal will allow you to receive income from advertising. The niche of online stores remains promising and profitable. Although it is not easy, it brings income.

Financing someone else’s business. It involves the conclusion of an agreement detailing all the material points, rights, and obligations of the parties, the procedure, and timing of payments, and the return of the principal amount.

Purchase a franchise. An attractive option with savings on product promotion: the investor buys out the right to conduct business under an already promoted brand. The acquisition of a franchise for a beauty salon, cleaning company, retail trade, and catering enterprises can be very fruitful. Franchises come in all shapes and sizes, including semi-absentee franchises, work-from-home franchises, etc.

Hobby monetization

If your hobby is tangible, you can sell products or provide services. So you can do something that will also generate income! You can, for example, rent a room, and open a workshop in which you will do what you love. You can talk about your business on the Internet and attract new customers by expanding your business.

Information about a hobby can be submitted in the form of texts, various photo illustrations, graphs, and diagrams. After the formation of the primary audience, proposals for the placement of advertising content will begin to arrive.

Partnership programs

A popular type of online earnings, without the obligatory presence of your own business, store, or website.

It is a collaboration between a seller and an affiliate program member. The essence of the partnership is to attract new customers. When concluding deals, each attracted client receives a reward from 20% to 100% for placing a referral link and intermediary services.

There are many options for partnership cooperation, in particular:

  • information products related to education, namely: training, books, and online lessons, which we have already mentioned above.
  • product programs – services with a large number of advertisers (online stores and services);
  • reselling is the acquisition of rights to a finished product and its subsequent resale.

Own site

Website development is inexpensive. You don’t need to be a technical genius to develop a website, you can use the WordPress builder. You can hire designers and programmers who will help you with the development of your page, the content manager does not also place it, he will do the very content at the pace that suits you, The content will depend on the owner, the promotion usually takes from several months to two years.


You can start a blog on one of the many platforms like Instagram or YouTube and sell ads on it. An important point for the method to work is to first invest a lot in the promotion.

passive income

Tips for a beginner:

• Learn to properly distribute assets;
• Focus on one area;
• Invest in your knowledge;
• Give up business ideas that require constant financial injections;
• Create a financial cushion in case of failure. To feel comfortable, you should postpone the determination of the amount of money just in case.


Passive income is not only a backup option for earning money in the event of a sudden layoff. It is also a way to earn money and spend it on your desires without significant time and financial costs.

But making money quickly without effort and investment is simply impossible. The appearance of a visible result requires resource costs – time, effort, start-up capital for an extended period, at least six months, as well as your nerves. Only when everything is set up and functioning does it become possible to receive money without working?


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