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12 Real Ways To Make Money From Home Office

Are you looking for a job? Due to the pandemic, finding a job is pretty challenging. Since most companies shifted to remote...

Make Money from home Office

Are you looking for a job? Due to the pandemic, finding a job is pretty challenging. Since most companies shifted to remote work, traditional office jobs are the thing of the past. Instead of waiting for the ideal opportunity to open up, start your own business!

Today starting your own business from the home office is quite simple. However, making money isn’t. Forget about scams and pyramid schemes and find real ways to make money from home office. No solution is magical, so roll up your sleeves and check out these ideas to help you get started.

1. Become a virtual assistant

Since many large business owners shifted their companies to remote work, assistance is always needed. They receive a lot of tasks, phone calls, messages, and emails they need to deal with. Therefore, they hire assistants to help them with their schedules. How can you become one?

If you’re an organized and ambitious person, this opportunity is ideal for you. Check out various groups on social media that offer jobs for virtual assistants, or call companies and ask for employment. Your tasks will mainly be communicating with clients and other employees, and helping your boss deal with emails, calls, and other tasks you can finish up online.

2. Accounting

Do you have experience in the finance field and bookkeeping? Maybe accounting jobs will be ideal for you. Due to digitalisation, you can communicate and work with clients online, which allows you to work 100% remotely. All you have to do is be good with numbers and have some experience.

You can open up your own agency, offer your services as a freelancer or find employment in a company that will allow you to work from home. Besides experience, knowledge of different programs, such as Microsoft Excel is a great plus, as you’ll be spending most of your working hours working on programs like these.

3. Data entry

Do you have some extra time you want to use productively? All you need is a computer and fast typing fingers. Relax your brain after a day at work and make an additional income by doing data entry. One of the biggest perks of data entry jobs is that you don’t need any experience, can learn the job pretty quickly, and can do it whenever and wherever!

On top of that, you don’t need a large cognitive capacity, which makes this type of work an ideal side gig. Just keep in mind that precision and fast typing are necessary if you want to do this job. Deadlines are short and your possible mistakes can ruin the project or result in misguiding information.

4. Web and game testing

Even though being a programmer that works from home sounds like a magnificent opportunity, you need to be realistic. Without previous experience and knowledge of programming, scoring such an opportunity is almost impossible. However, you can do web and game testing!

Are you a geek that adores computer and computer games? Kick-start your career by doing online web testing and game testing. Basic knowledge of programming is nice to have, but it isn’t essential if you’re willing to learn. This is usually considered one of the most exciting jobs you can do from home!

5. Become a graphic designer

If you’re looking for a creative way to express yourself, becoming a graphic designer might be the best job opportunity for you. Whether you decide to do it freelance or find remote employment in some company, keep in mind that design program knowledge is essential.

If you want to advance and be successful in this career, besides talent and creativity you need to learn how to listen to your clients. As your tasks will be creating logos, web pages, designing brands, packages, etc, you need to please their desires and create something they will love. Keep in mind that no matter how much you like your design, it might not be your client’s cup of tea!

6. Editing

Besides graphic designing, video and text editing is becoming increasingly popular. Since a lot of people started filming videos for YouTube, writing blogs, and creating engaging social media content, they need someone who is experienced and knowledgeable to help them perfect their content before they post it online. That’s where you step in!

If you know your way around editing text and videos, whether you are good with words or pictures, you can make a hefty career out of editing. Sadly, a lot of employers ask for experienced individuals. However, if you’re a beginner you shouldn’t lose hope. You can do samples or create a comprehensive portfolio before you apply for jobs.

7. Be a social media manager

Let’s face it, mostly everyone uses social media. Since many businesses started advertising their companies on digital platforms, new job positions were opened up: social media managers. Even though many people spend a lot of time scrolling through feeds, not many are willing to learn how social media actually function!

This is the ideal opportunity for you. If you adore spending time online, you can find a couple of businesses whose social media profiles you can manage. Whether you choose Facebook, Instagram, something else or both, try to learn how to target their key audience and do your best to keep their followers active and engaged!

8. Become a consultant

Do you have extensive knowledge in a certain field? Then why don’t you use that knowledge to make money? You can offer your expertise to different kinds of businesses or individuals, depending on your knowledge. Your main task will be to help others organize their work and time better, and you’ll get paid for that!

Besides offering your advice, consultants often conduct researches and do surveys to find out what the main issue in the company is. Once the research is over and the results are in, consultants can provide online training to the staff or suggest further steps in the process.

9. Product reviewer

Did you know that you can make money by reviewing products you use daily? A lot of companies are paying individuals to review their products and provide them with honest and comprehensive feedback on what’s good and what’s not. Even though this may seem a bit boring, you can actually make this a wonderful side gig.

Besides reviewing products online, many companies pay people to do surveys and to complete different questionnaires. You can earn money or get coupons and discounts for your favorite stores.

10. Start an e-commerce business

Have you been told you’re a natural salesperson? Nothing is stopping you from starting your own e-commerce business. Pick a niche that interests you the most, create an online shop, and start selling stuff online. Whether you actually have the items or you’re planning on doing drop shipping, starting e-commerce requires a lot of time and attention.

You need a comprehensive marketing strategy that will make your business known. This includes creating your logo, name, picking a niche, and determining your target market. Even though all of these seem challenging, if you’re willing to learn and patiently indulge in the creation of your business, you’ll gain all the necessary skills and knowledge along the way.

11. Tutoring

Are you extremely talented in music, languages, science or something else? That’s fantastic because a lot of kids and adults from all over the world are struggling with these things! Use your knowledge and talent to teach others and make money by the tutoring!

No matter what field you’re good in, you need a computer with a stable internet connection, a headphone set with a microphone, and a camera. As you’ll be continuously communicating with clients, make sure that there’s no mess behind you. It would be ideal if you had gorgeous curtains you could use as a background. Something simple as that can boost your reputation!

12. Content writing

Have you always been good with words? Then consider a career in digital marketing or content writing. Since a lot of companies are looking for talented writers who can convey their messages in the best way possible, this might be the perfect opportunity for you to express your creativity and earn some cash.

Even though you don’t need particular experience to start this type of job, having a writing portfolio will certainly impress your clients and award you plus points for effort. This is a great way of displaying your skills and previous work, which will result in more hires and better rates!


These are only some ideas that will help you make money from home. And as you can see, most jobs don’t require previous experience. With a little effort, you can learn how to do most jobs or gigs from the list and make a living. Even if this remote work won’t be your main source of income, obtaining additional skill is always valued.

So, if you want to make money from your home office, try searching for a real job you can do remotely. Forget about the scams that promise a lot of money overnight. You’ll have to invest your time, effort, and sometimes money to make a profit in the end.

Written by Sarah Smith
Sarah Jessica Smith is a young blogger from Sydney. She loves to write about lifestyle and home improvement.

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