Personalized Marketing- Why Does It Work And How?

Personalized Marketing

What eCommerce professionals have noticed is the fact that personalized e-mails have a much higher chance of being opened than just commercial ones or spams. And as we know the biggest problem in marketing is unopened e-mails. Personalization marketing in e-commerce is the new big thing companies are going for with e-mails and customer service. But what exactly is that?

  1. It’s All About The Person You Get In Contact With

Nowadays people are too busy to read all the received e-mails. That’s why they sort out what is necessary to read and what goes into the trash, which then leads to commercial e-mail open rate massive drop. If you own an eCommerce webpage you know how it is and what it costs. Here is where personal approaching comes into play. According to information source ‘’Over 75% of email, revenue is generated by triggered campaigns, rather than one-size-fits-all campaigns”. Why? Because Personalized Marketing with push campaigns is a great way of attracting clients, mainly because of the automation system FOXY, which tracks down every customer who opens up the webpage. It knows what the potential client is looking for- from collecting outside data (Social media searches and accounts) to analyzing the shopping behavior to see the full profile of the person. Of course, all data research is done while taking into account GDPR regulation according to the main policies:

  • Transparent data flow. The customer knows what will be done to its data.
  • Not sharing any customer information to the 3rd party.
  • Proper usage of all the given data. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Having to ask for consent if data needs to be transferred on some other platform.
  • Protection of the given data.
  1. More About FOXY

FOXY offers further purchase proposals and customer service. It’s much more specific on customer’s needs so it is not considered a bulk e-mail, which in many cases is considered to be spam. For example, according to ‘’Marketing automation drives a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead”. These are the advantages of every e-mail type and every one of them needs to be used at a proper time to make your experience with FOXY as beneficial as possible- making prospects into dedicated customers.

  1. Making Clients Feel Special

And that’s not all! Online customer service with real people and individual approach is a way to go to make the experience more personal and more beneficial for you and your clients. AI or Robotic answers won’t always work as there are different people with different problems. And not always clients have the time to search for the answer in the FAQ which may not appear. This is where, for example, SEND|GO Messenger comes in handy because it offers an individual conversation with the clients. And as we all know- happy clients make sales much more successful.

  1. How Does It Work In Reality?

For example, meet Amanda. She wants to buy a new iPhone for herself since her old Samsung broke down. Amanda doesn’t know much about the abilities of the iPhone so it is clueless which version to buy. We know it because we see all the clicks she has made and they are quite random. That means our job is to provide information to get her to find what she needs and wants.

  1. What Comes Next If We Don’t Know Much About The Client?

The automation system sends a pop-up message with the latest discount on iPhone 8+. Amanda clicks on it but soon searches for iPhone 8. Maybe the size was too big? Or the price? We don’t know for sure, but at least we know that now she is interested in a certain iPhone version. A customer service chat appears offering help. Amanda clicks exit. Okay, she is not a talkative person and probably wants to find what she needs herself, we get it. What we now know is that she follows the best deal/discount offers. So after a little while, another pop-up message appears, this time offering a great deal on iPhone 8 since she is interested in it.  She clicks on it and stays there for a little while. Amanda must be interested in it because she reads the description. Then registers on the website, adds the phone in ‘The Basket’ and exits. Great, she left us her e-mail and personal information, and on top of that chose what to buy.

  1. The Right Time For Automated E-Mail

But what if she forgets about it? That’s why after a certain time FOXY sends an e-mail, a reminder that she left an iPhone in the basket. She opens the e-mail but doesn’t return. Maybe she found a cheaper solution? So again, another e-mail is sent and according to the information about her, we offer a great deal/discount. Amanda remembers that we offered her it before and eventually buys the phone. What a success! Then she receives a ‘’Thank you for purchasing, come again/rate us” letter. So next time, if Amanda returns, we will know how to approach her.

  1. In Conclusion…

See, if we didn’t help her with the price and offers she most probably wouldn’t buy the phone at all or would start searching for information and eventually buy it from another webpage. And the most important thing to keep in mind- customers don’t care where they buy their stuff. They need the cheapest price, best quality, and service. And who would know about that better if not us? As I mentioned before, people don’t have a lot of time, so all the decisions need to be made quickly before the interest gets lost. Market automatization is all in your and client’s best interests. What do we get from it- higher sales and more distressed clients. No need to fill their heads with unnecessary information. It’s so time-consuming! Make their shopping experience as fast and beneficial as possible.

Robin Khokhar

Robin Khokhar

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    Personalization is a powerful tool that we are used right now and many marketers are still using this strategy to improve their marketing efforts. The main strategy behind this is we can integrate different marketing medium like email, social media, blog everything in one platform and generate the result. It mainly involves collecting data related to the customer and crafting marketing experience that targets specific types of content that are the search for the service. Thanks for the detailed explanation