5 Ways to Boost your Local Business and SEO Ranking

Do you have a localized business? And looking to boost your local business or have just started a new local business? You have a business but why aren’t you getting more offline as well as online traffic within your localized store? Is this because your website is not optimized properly, or your Competitor outrun you in terms of Links.

So we are going to talk about the ways to boost your Local business as well as SEO ranking as the title suggests.

How to build more local links?

As you know, link building is one of the most important factors for increasing your search rankings. The more links you have, the higher you’re going to rank on Search Engine. But for local businesses, you need more localized links. Local Links help Google understand the quality of your website and through the quality of traffic they understand the product relevancy. I will suggest you read the post on Local SEO Competitor analysis before you continue reading this post.

As a Small Business, you should first start to analyze your competitor. This is considered the most preferred method adopted by Small Business. It gives you an understanding of how the competitors are working and what type of local links they have more. Check for their reviews and short our what their website audience didn’t like about the product or services and use it as your best weapon. Offer your website audience what your competitor failed to provide.

Check out the Following methods to boost your Local Business.

1) Google My Business

It is one of the most Important websites to List your Business, it increases your chances of showing Google Local 3-pack. When your Local Business is searched on Google, it shows a Knowledge Panel that displays all the details about your business. This Information is generally pulled from GMB Listing and other relevant sources.

It has a lot of unique and informative features that help your Business to be more transparent with your targeted audience. Features like What’s New, Event, New offer, Different products. It has helped many Small and Mid-size companies to Compete with Industry Giants.

In the case of Google my Business no one knows exactly whether it helps in Search Engine Ranking or Not, but this is sure that it doesn’t harm your website or Business. According to many marketers, it helps in Search Engine ranking.

2) Moz Local

Moz Local is one of the most trusted websites. It has a list of all the localized directories in the world. According to MOZ research, more than 70% of the customers lose their trust in a brand because of inaccurate business listing information. Moz local verifies your business and presents correct business information in front of your targeted audience. So, how exactly Moz do that?

* Verify your business on Google and Facebook.

* Use Moz Local and complete your business listing details.

* Once your profile is complete, Moz local starts Distributing your business listing across the Internet.

* Now it is easy for search engine and new customers to find your business.

You can use Moz Local to get more local links. Especially from localized directories. Some of these directories may be national or global but they have localized sections within your city. Such as New York. So, if you are based in New York, a lot of these directories, like even Yelp, they have lists of services and businesses within that region.

3) Chamber of commerce

Chamber of commerce was founded more than a century ago, long before the internet and social media. It has proven valuable for almost all small business across the US. As the Chamber of Commerce is old and has a lot of information related to the customer database and small business, Even Google considers its credibility. There are almost 28 million small business across the US, representing more than 99% of the employees.

Check out your local chamber of commerce. Every city, at least in the US, has one, in which there’s a chamber of commerce that helps promote other businesses within that region. It boosts your business presence in that area and gives more visibility to your business. For attracting customers to your store, it is one of the best platforms.

They have a website. If you’re there, you’re paying your taxes within this city, why not get a link from that site. In most cases, they’ll say yes, so what’s the harm in asking them for.

4) Network with other localized business within your region.

Networking best works for B2B Industry. The B2B industry is very different than B2C. B2B industry involves mainly selling of product and services from one company to another. In B2B buyers only consider the price and profit of the product or service they are purchasing.

Sure, some of the people may be competitors, but a lot of them may not be. For example, if you’re a small-scale Email Marketing Company in which you want to run clients Email Marketing Campaign and Promote their Business and someone else has a B2B Email Database company which sells Premium Database and that’s all they do, you guys can cross-promote each other and link to each other. Because a lot of people who want Email Campaign also to need a database for their targeted audience and a lot of people who have targeted audience database want to run Email Marketing Campaign.

5) Ahrefs

Ahrefs is popular for the SEO tools and quality features that they provide. You can do your website audit, check your on-page status, off page activity and many other features. The Best part of Ahrefs is the competitor analyses.

Go to Ahrefs, put in your competitor URLs, right? Your competitors within your localized region, if you have any, and it will show you who is linking to them. Hit up each of those websites, network with them, call them, get them on the phone, and say,

“Hey, I noticed that you’re linking to optincontacts.com or in your case your competitor’s website, we have a similar business within the same region, but we also offer one, two and three services that they don’t. So, you should also check us out. They may be useful to your website visitors and if you like us, feel free and link to us.”

This method has worked successfully and can be seen doing by many companies. Just by asking for linking back to your website just because you competitor is linking won’t work, you need to offer something in return like quality content, offers or Discount on product and services.


If you do those tactics, you should get more links and your rankings will go up. These are the 5-way step process which can drive you a huge number of traffic to your website and improve your website ranking on the search engine result page.

Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith is the Senior Marketing Manager at Optin Contacts Inc. He oversees Optin Contact’s online marketing strategy and implementation. Ryan has launched 8 successful marketing campaigns including a 12-month project for Optin Contacts Inc. that doubled monthly revenue, and a social media campaign that grew the company blog’s monthly traffic by 245%.

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  5. Keeping the website update it very difficult and too expensive, but every local business should put these important things in practice for better visibility, improve search engine and reach more customer. This explanation has given us some idea to where to start and what to do and how to implement the strategies. Thanks for the detailed article

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  7. An SEO audit is a process to check how your website is search engine friendly in a number of technical and non-technical areas. As an auditor, you can identify the areas you need to improve and correct them to keep your website up-to-date with the latest developments in search engines like Google. There are many tools your can use for SEO audits, but they are based on generic audit concepts. So, you need to do manual audits also.

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