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How to Increase Sales with E-commerce SEO After COVID-19?

The Corona pandemic has affected every sort of market and business in one or another way around the globe. Every business and...

E-commerce SEO After COVID-19

The Corona pandemic has affected every sort of market and business in one or another way around the globe. Every business and the world economy is trying to get on track with normalcy. Everyone is waiting for Corona Vaccination so people can get back to normalcy and can lead a pre-pandemic life.

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has affected adversely physical markets as physical transactions and physical movement has been restricted voluntarily by people to avoid the spread of coronavirus to keep themselves and others safe. But we need what we need. Amid this hulking pandemic that has distorted life and business worldwide, e-commerce platforms have become the first choice for everyone.

Whether it is B2B or B2C businesses, digital markets have emerged as the first choice of everyone mainly due to the safety measures it follows and no personal interaction between the buyer and seller that eradicates the danger of any viral transmission. 

Following the escalation in the online shop and online business, e-commerce needs to follow some advanced tips for the e-commerce marketing process, COVID-19 resources from Google, and e-commerce SEO strategies to boost the sales and reach of their online store. Aside from proper optimization by e-commerce SEO and ranking good rank on search engines, it is very much important for the online stores to get the revenues out of all. Because attracting customers to the site and making them navigate the online store is not enough, the online store needs to check the abandoned carts that have been left behind by the customers without placing an order.

It becomes very much important for online stores to understand the shopping behavior of the customers. Whether add to cart is working or not, the traffic loss, abandoned cart tracking, why customers are leaving web site without placing an order and many more factors need to be careful about to generate revenues that enhance your profit chart, as well as that, gives a great online shopping experience to the customers that will gain you customer’s loyalty and brand equity.

Here are some advanced guidelines that can be helpful to increase sales by proper e-commerce SEO and COVID-19 resources from Google for the e-commerce marketing process.

Implement COVID-19 Announcement and Add Structure Data

For a more effective e-commerce marketing process you can implement the COVID-19 announcement as many organizations, governments, schools, and more are making urgent announcements and publications that affect working and business schedules. This includes announcements given below:

  • Availability of New Medicines
  • Rescheduling of events, business hours
  • Closure of Facilities 
  • Shelter-in-place directives
  • Government plans announcements regarding medical facilities, financial structure, unemployment support, paid-leave, tax payments, etc.
  • Guidelines for Quarantine
  • Travel guidelines for both local and abroad
  • Any important updates on school, government offices, public gatherings, or public transportation 

Implement COVID-19 Resources From Google

You can implement COVID-19 announcements with two different methods either by adding special announcement structured data to your webpage or by submitting announcements in the search console to enhance e-commerce SEO for the marketing process.

Structured data is a standardized format for providing information about a page and classifying the page content.

In case you want to make a quick announcement on your site and you don’t have access to your site’s HTML, you can submit the announcement in Search Console. The announcement done by this tool is set to expire within a month of posting.

If you are looking for an announcement about the update on new business hours you should use Local Business Markup or Google My Business. You can also use Special Announcement to announce your new store business hours. 

Adding FAQ Markup

If your website has common FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), adding FAQ markup can help Google Search surface your answers. Marking up your FAQs with structured data can enhance the e-commerce marketing process and helps in the proper optimization of the site.

Having properly marked FAQ pages are eligible to have a well-off result in Google Search.

New Event Properties

In the current scenario of the COVID-19 pandemic, many events are getting postponed or canceled for one or another reason. To provide accurate information to users Google has come up with new event properties to give the user accurate updates and information to support publishers and users.

The event status property of COVID-19 resources from Google announces the status of the event. With this property your events are eligible to be displayed in the event experience on Google, featuring your logo, description of the event, and more. With this property, users will have a new way of interaction and will get an accurate update on the status of the event. 

Status update of the event can be helpful in the following status of the event:

  • If the event has been canceled setting event status property to Event Cancelled, keeping the original date in the start date of the event.
  • In case of postponing the event update the event status to Event Postponed and keep the original date in the start date until the new date of the event gets decided. 
  • For rescheduling the event, you need to mark the event status to Event Rescheduled and add the previous start date. And, you can also update the start date with the end date with new relevant dates.
  • If the event status has been changed from in-person to online-only, optionally update the event status field to indicate the change with the event moved online.


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