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SEO Tips For Making Your College Website Popular

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is simply the process of improving the visibility of a certain website on organic search engine results (SERPs)....


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is simply the process of improving the visibility of a certain website on organic search engine results (SERPs). In other words, it is the process of Website editing where the ultimate goal is to achieve better position ranking for your website.

To apply a proper SEO optimization, a complex and accurate website editing is required, including arranging the navigation links on the website and uploading free-of-error content which is relevant for a niche that the website hits, as well as keyword optimizing. However, it is not enough to just upload the content, make an SEO-friendly structure website, and expect the results.

The importance of SEO in website ranking

Let’s say you have a site that offers a service where you can order an essay helper Edubirdie to write an essay for college purposes. It means you need to set your website according to the right niche; that is essay writing. You don’t need to have content about people who write good essays but rather content that convinces the reader that your website is the best place where he/she would find a good writer for a college writing task. Now you can see the analogy.

The more precise and custom-tailored content you have for your website, the bigger are the chances for potential customers. As I said, you need to optimize a lot of other things besides just the content, but the content should be the starting point for every good SEO optimization. Various web design programs have basic SEO tips that are integrated into their work so be sure to check these out and implement them.

Tips for boosting your college website

To boost your web design college website and attract more customers, you should start with basic things that many people still don’t do. Here is how you can improve your college website and make it more popular.

  • Your primary keyword must be in the header

The majority of websites have a large title on the top while few sub-headings are under the H1 title. As you will probably have a structure like this, do not omit your main keyword from H1 and H2 headers. This is a small and simple step that influences overall rankings greatly.

  • Get rid of anything that could slow down your website

The times have changed – nobody wants to wait three minutes before the site loads! Google in 2010. An invented website’s loading speed is an important factor in the SEO ranking process. It frustrates customers and you could end up losing 7% in conversions. Around 40% of users leave the website if it has huge loading time. Best education website design schools will teach you this tip as the number one fact in the whole SEO matter.

  • Quality over quantity

From my personal experience, there is nothing worse than 5000+ words of spun and irrelevant content. The search engines can recognize unique content with relevant keywords, but it can also spot the spun and spam content that spins only main keywords. It is much more important to have a shorter but unique and relevant content than to have 10k words of content that are not appropriate for your website or niche.

  • Write relevant meta descriptions

Each of your website’s page must have a short description so the search engine could know what the page is about, as well as the readers. In this way, you ensure that SERPs presents a short description of the page you are on and keywords that are relevant. Meta descriptions must be 100% unique and different for each page!

  • Include social media profiles

Few case studies have shown that social shares (tweets, facebook status….) can boost your rankings. Moz wanted to rank “Beginner’s Guide” on Google, and after Smashing Magazine tweeted out this guide, the search rankings for the phrase above have increased – from page 400 to page 1 on Google. Only with the help of social media.

  • Match keywords with images you post

Since our Google is a very smart guy, it wants from us to write a caption on every image we upload. If you upload the image of red women’s coat, avoid giving your image a tag “click to buy the coat”. Remember, relevance is at the first place, way ahead of creativity. Photo collage editor turns out to be really cool software that gives you an option to quickly edit and write a caption for an image so I highly recommend it!

  • Use the same keyword in URL and in the post

Google can determine in many ways what your page is about. However, to make things faster and easier (which means go for your website) for Google, use the same keywords in the URL and in the post. There is a great example of what I am talking about:

  • www.ExampleDogToyWebsite.com/9124824834-1
  • www.ExampleDogToyWebsite.com/small-dog-toys

Here you can understand that the second example is much better since Google knows what your page is about. Although the first example would not be impossible for Google to understand, the latter is much more comprehensive and clear.

  • Update your content constantly

Nobody will follow a website that has no regular updates. An occasional guest blog, short story or a review (depending on your website niche) will make sure to keep the readers at your blog. Make sure you upload interesting and unique content; plagiarism not only is not approved by readers, but Google can destroy your hard work and efforts in a day if it finds out you have not been using a unique content.

  • Research the competition

I would advise doing this task in the incognito window of your browser as you don’t want Google to influence the search results. The first page is your competition, and you need to do it better. Have a look at their websites, content, and menus to understand the structure. Try to find if they miss anything.

  • Have links that point to the relevant niche

Many web developers think that linking is not good for your website since links take people off your page. Rand Fishkin said that even though links don’t get you money directly, links ensure that your website becomes an authority in a niche, thus making your website more valuable and legit. Whenever you write a new post, make sure you include a link to some other authority website to build a relationship with that website.

  • Do not forget the internal links

Interlinking your content to other pages of your website is essential for SEO ranking. For example, you write a post about software that you use, and then new versions come out. Of course, you will write about the new programs, but instead of just writing a new post solely, try to go back to older posts and include links that lead to your latest post on new versions of the programs.

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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  2. Thanks for this amazing and informative post. I would like to also add the importance of choosing the right set of keywords.

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    You probably already know that Google uses around 200 ranking factors in their algorithm to rank a website.
    Therefore, it is understood to get confused to pick the best on-page SEO elements from them.
    Let me tell you a secret…
    You don’t need to focus on all 200 on-page SEO factors.
    You can rank your website in the search results with a couple of important on-page SEO elements if implemented those right.

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