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What to Consider Before Starting a Gaming Affiliate Blog?

If gaming is one of your favorite hobbies, you will be glad to learn that there are several different options to consider...

Gaming Affiliate Blog

If gaming is one of your favorite hobbies, you will be glad to learn that there are several different options to consider when it comes to making money from this pastime online. Whether you want to spend more time doing something productive while still making sure that it is related to gaming or are simply looking for the best way to make an additional income from the things you enjoy doing the most, a gaming affiliate blog could be an ideal side hustle or new business venture for you to consider. 

How Do Affiliate Blogs Work?

You will make money from an affiliate blog by promoting a range of gaming products that are relevant to your niche. Whether you enjoy playing online casino games, first-person shooter games on a console, or survival games on your PC, you’re sure to find an audience of gamers that will relate to you and trust your content enough to click through your affiliate links and purchase the products that you’re recommending to them. These could be products that you have tried and tested, or simply products that you’ve heard are widely recommended. You can get affiliate links from companies themselves or use a platform like Amazon Affiliates, where you can choose to promote anything for sale on Amazon including most of their gaming range. 

Choosing a Niche:

Once you’ve done your research and decided that a gaming affiliate blog is going to be a good fit for you, it’s time to choose a niche. General gaming is fairly saturated online so it’s a good idea to go a little narrower and appeal to a certain type of gamer. If you like casino games, for example, you could base your blog on the games that are available to play at Play Live Casino. Play Live Casino is the largest online casino in South Africa offering a huge selection of slots, blackjack, baccarat, and other game options to have fun with. On the other hand, if you prefer playing games on your PS4 or Xbox, you could center your blog around this. 

Choosing an Affiliate Program:

Once you’ve decided on the right niche, it’s time to find an affiliate program that fits. Amazon Affiliates can be a good place to start since it’s flexible and allows you to get affiliate links for any product on Amazon, making it easy for you to choose the games and gaming products that you want to promote. In addition, many people today shop on Amazon, and it is a very trusted brand. Another option to consider is going directly through the company itself. This might be necessary if you want to promote something that your readers will be signing up for, such as an online casino membership or Xbox Live, for example. 

Choosing a Blogging Platform:

Now you’ve got some solid plans in place, it’s time to launch your blog. The first step of this process is choosing the right blogging platform. WordPress is by far the most popular choice for the majority of affiliate bloggers because it is easy to use, integrates with a huge range of plugins and tools, and offers a wide range of templates and themes that you can easily customize to get the design exactly how you’d like it. 

Creating Your Content:

It’s up to you when it comes to how you want to present the content that you publish on your blog. You might want to approach it in a way where you are offering advice, tips, and support for gamers, or you could focus more on entertainment and the latest news in the industry. Some bloggers choose to create a personal brand and include content on the blog that allows readers to keep up with what they have been up to recently. If you want to do the latter, then it’s a wise idea to diversify your content with video. A YouTube channel can make it easier for your readers to get to know you while streaming on Twitch is a great way to create a community and build strong relationships with your audience. 

Promoting Your Blog:

Finally, you’ll only earn money from the affiliate links on your blog if you promote them well and build your audience. There are several strategies to consider when it comes to promoting your blog. Many bloggers will also build a YouTube channel or stream on Twitch to build their audience and make a name for themselves. It’s also a wise idea to get on social media and promote your blog and content across a range of different platforms while engaging with your followers. 

If you enjoy online gaming as one of your main hobbies and passions in life, starting an affiliate blog can be a fun way to learn about new gaming products and services while promoting them to make money.


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