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Blog Post Ideas for Your Affiliate Website

It does not matter what niche you choose or if you focus on multiple areas since there are a few post ideas...

Post Ideas for Your Affiliate Website

It does not matter what niche you choose or if you focus on multiple areas since there are a few post ideas that can fit well in your website. In order to avoid boring your audience with the same type of content, we would like to talk about three interesting blog post ideas for Your Affiliate Website to diversify but keep the chances of generating returns at the same level or higher.

#1 “How To” Posts

Other than the usual product reviews, where you talk endlessly about why someone should buy, “how-to” posts represent a more discrete approach to integrating a product placement. Instead of the usual marketing route, think of offering information for free. If you’ve built your website and your audience properly, people who follow share many things in common. 

See what information would be relevant to them. Ideally, these posts should teach them how to do a few tasks by using some of the products you are advertising. Mix free and valuable information with product placement so everything will barely look like an affiliate post.

#2 Case Study Posts

The interaction with a customer should go at a deeper level. Conduct surveys and ask them questions in order to measure their level of satisfaction. If you truly offer high-quality affiliate products, they will be happy and willing to talk about how reliable you are. This information will then help you write case study posts.

Figure out which customers had been the most satisfied with your products and then try to reach them. It’s important that all the information collected should transpire into quantitative results – numbers or screenshots of them using the products on a regular basis.

Did you think that maybe some people following you like reading books? It’s not necessary that your niche is related to online learning. Forex affiliate programs or advertising products represent areas where you can find relevant books. This idea will help you create a secondary income stream for the main affiliate earnings from your site. Head to amazon.com and create an affiliate account. You can then search for popular books for your niche and write reviews about them.

Things are even better if you already read those books and you can share some personal insights. It will be nice to share your thoughts on books from your library. That way, the time spent reading them could be monetized with the affiliate program.


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