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What is Affiliate marketing and How to be successful at it?

You have got a product or service to sell, but you don’t know how to promote it? Or where to find customers...

Affiliate marketing

You have got a product or service to sell, but you don’t know how to promote it? Or where to find customers that will buy your product? 

The most common answer is marketing. Whether doing it by distributing templates or advertising through billboards. We are all surrounded by so many advertisements. How will you know whether your product’s advertisement is running effectively or not?

Have you heard about Word-of-Mouth marketing? Have you ever had a friend who tells you about the restaurant he last visited and how awesome it was? You will trust him over any other advertisement you experience throughout your day. Affiliate marketing is something related to that. But how to do affiliate marketing? How to encourage people to give reviews about your products to others? Here are some basics about affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate marketing?

The most basic definition of affiliate marketing is that a business that has products or services to sell pays a commission or bonus to an Affiliate marketer who tells his friends, family, and other people about this business and its products. These friends and family members then become new customers of the business.

There are mainly three parties in affiliate marketing.

  1. Business – for example, AccuWebHosting
  2. Affiliate marketer – for example, YOU
  3. Customers – for example, your friends

Sometimes, another party is involved, which is known as the Affiliate program, which becomes a link between affiliate marketers and the business.

Here, the business is happy because it got new customers for products, the Affiliate marketers got a commission, and customers got to discover new products that they didn’t know about earlier.

Thus, affiliate marketing is A win-win situation for everyone involved. Here everyone is online; the product or service is being sold, purchased, and marketed online.  

Nowadays, everybody is virtually connected. Spreading news and ideas face-to-face is very outdated. Everyone can just send an email or post something on social media to tell others. Taking this to the next level, Affiliate marketers become confident about their marketing skills and want to promote these products to more people to earn a higher commission. However, promoting links through social media and emails cannot find more people outside their family and friends. To find more people, they build a website or market through youtube, and the affiliate marketing business grows.

Getting started:

Building an affiliate program takes some time and money; you ought to have a product or service to sell to others. But, on the other hand, you can start affiliate marketing. If you got an audience, a website, or any other way to promote your affiliate links, you could start earning right now without any investment.

You have to follow some basic things to start your affiliate marketing business:

Find a niche:

You have to find a niche that you like or know about. Promoting products you personally use or like is more manageable than promoting products you don’t know about. To make it easier, you can find a more popular niche amongst people and less competitive. Do market research, which is an essential step to take before starting any business. Understand the tiniest thing about a particular product, and this will help you while promoting it. 

Find an affiliate program:

Once you have decided on your niche, you have to look for affiliate programs that sell products related to your niche. Do not select a program just because it provides high commission; you have to choose one that provides quality products and services to its customers. Understand their terms and conditions. Do they offer you marketing materials to help you promote products? Do they offer you an easy-to-use dashboard to track your earnings? Ask these questions and then signup for their program.

You can use the marketing material they provided you to promote the products on different platforms. 

i. Use social media – join Facebook groups or Instagram pages related to your niche where people talk about products, and share your affiliate links with them.

ii. Market through youtube – make videos about comparisons and reviews. People like them; make your content, thumbnail, and title as attractive and engaging as possible. Of course, you have to produce high conversions through them.

iii. Place banners and links on your websitemake a blog website. Make some posts like “top 10 smartphone brands”, and “Cloud Hosting or VPS hosting – which is best?” Then, place your affiliate banners and links in your website’s header, footer, and sidebar.

iv. Email Marketing – Send emails to your audience, and make a series of emails where you can share your knowledge about a particular category. After building relations with your audience, tell them that you use these products or services and share your affiliate links with them.

v. Find new strategies – these were some basic ideas that you can apply initially; after that, you only have to find new ways to promote links to more and more people.

Some other tips to be successful:

  • Provide quality to your audience, don’t do anything just to earn a commission.
  • Understand the competitors’ strategies, learn from them, and add your taste to make that thing better.
  • Always look for current trends in the market.
  • Do not ever breach the policy of the affiliate program unless you will get banned.
  • Calculate your expenses and taxes first to focus more on marketing later.

Here are some affiliate programs you should look for:

AccuWeb Hosting Affiliate program:

If you are interested in web hosting, you should check out this fantastic affiliate program. They provide you with a commission based on PPS and PPC. Yes, You will get a commission by transferring the visitors to their website even if they do not purchase anything from there. You can promote their selling Hosting services to earn a commission starting from $25 up to $200. They also provide you with all the required marketing and training material and 24*7 technical support.

Amazon Associates:

Amazon is the largest e-marketing business, and its affiliate program is also very popular. Here you can earn a commission of up to 10% by selling different products. All the products have different commission rates. You can choose from a variety of products.

Commission Junction:

Some of the world’s largest brands work with this company to provide affiliate services. You can track your affiliate earnings and your marketing platforms using their dashboard.

Some other mentions are:

  1. Flipkart Affiliates
  2. Hostgator affiliates
  3. Clickbank

We have also collected some best Affiliate Marketing Programs And Sites. You can take a look at that.


I hope that I have provided all the essential details you will need to start affiliate marketing. Just follow these things and find some new strategies to apply in your promotions. Then, you will surely get successful.


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Written by Clay P
Hey, my name is Clay and I am an expert in the Affiliate marketing industry.

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  1. Powerful tips here Clay. Finding a niche and sticking to it is key for earning credibility. Readers need to know you know one niche inside-out to buy from you regularly and on an increasingly grander scale. Niche-hoppers who sell anything that moves vanish entirely from affiliate marketing. We all sense shills without any expertise a mile away.


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