How Technology is going to shape or change the future of Travel?

future of Travel


Before the modern technological advancements, travel industry thrived predominantly on the travel agents. Planning the trip on your own too hectic. Travelers had to book tickets through an agent, look up hotel bookings by themselves and even navigate the tourist spots on their own. Even taking a photograph needed rolls of film and a manual Camera. But in this post, we are going to talk How Technology is going to shape or change the future of Travel?

Modern Day Travel

Travel planning in the 21st century has become easier than ever. Technology has significantly impacted consumer expectations. There are many online portals which provide travelers with a step by step guide for both domestic vacations and even International visits. The unrestricted internet access around the globe has made a lot of information easily available at the touch of a button. Travelers can browse through tourist spots and holiday destinations by reading through reviews online. Users can select their mode of travel based on their preferences and can book their own travel tickets. They can look for accommodations from a wide variety of hotels online and select their preferred place to stay There are many ways by which technology has boosted the tourism industry. Technology has come up with a lot of software support online. Many of the travel portals have also come up with mobile applications which can be supported on both Android platforms and iOS. Travelers can make travel bookings on the move with the use of smart devices and online applications Due to this Travel Portal Development Company are in demand now.

How has technology made travel easy?

Modern technology has reshaped every industry in the 21st century. The focus of every business has shifted to so as to benefit of the consumers. The travel industry has seen some radical changes as well. Many innovative tools and software are available online for free.

There are many ways by which technological breakthroughs have boosted the travel industry. Some of the ways are listed below

1. Tour Planning

Planning a tour has never been easier.  Computers, the vast internet space, and countless applications and software can get any work done within a matter of time. It is easy to do a google search and spot a whole variety of places you have never thought about. The refined searches can give you an insight into many unexplored regions. You can do a customized search for pilgrimage places, or adventure excursions, or even to popular sporting events. This was not the same without modern technology. People had no idea about the alternative places they could visit. Apps like Google earth have an amazing dearth of information for travel enthusiasts. It also offers a customized viewing experience which shows the routes and terrains in a three-dimensional view.  Online portals also allow travelers to post their own personal opinions about different places along with pictures and reviews. Reading about tourist experience can greatly help other travelers in deciding their own vacation.

2. Visual Aid through the internet

There are tourism boards and travel guides throughout the world who actively promote their regional tourist attractions. The most common way to promote tourism is through online sources. One of the online mediums to promote a destination is to share the specifics of the location and pictures of happy tourists. Earlier most of the pictures were taken through manual cameras using photographic rolls. These rolls had to be developed with the help of a professional to get the photos. But nowadays It is easy to take high-resolution photos with a mobile phone’s camera. These photos are digital and can be easily uploaded online. There are many features in the camera as well. Features which allow capturing photos and videos. Additional features like night vision, panoramic view, and smile detection make it even more fascinating. The basic mobile phones nowadays sport an 8MP camera. The higher-end phones having cameras up to 32 MP which provides an astounding picture. This had made it a trend for tourists to post their holiday pictures online. Whether the images are posted on google earth or on social media platforms, this is a major factor in promoting travel destinations.

 3. Hotel Bookings and Reservations

Nowadays hotel bookings can be done on the go. It is also possible to conveniently book reservations make the payments online through a smart device. There are many websites which help travelers to plan their vacation. All one has to do is to input the planned travel dates on the website. The website offers a whole list of available hotel rooms in that specific time interval. You can also browse for hotel rooms based on selected criteria like price range, type of rooms, and other amenities in the hotel. These travel portals tend to have information on the services offered in the hotel, pictures of the rooms, services offered within the hotels and nearby spots.

4. Using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the latest technological frontier. This has been the crux for developing many new applications and software. The travel industry has also used Artificial Intelligence in to improve business. Travelers can custom plan their trips by using the AI-based software. These applications show alternative routes and travel costs associated with each route. Many airline companies have started using the artificial intelligence in their website to display accurate information on flight timings, flight arrivals, and departures.  There are applications which collate the information on such websites and make it easily viewable for the user. They also provide multiple route plans which makes it easier for the user to decide their vacation plans. In some instances, there are AI programmed bots which can guide a traveler through the planning process. These bots guide the user with better alternatives for their online searches.

5. Online Payments

Online payment facility is probably one of the best technological breakthroughs in the recent times. It has been a booster for many business sectors allowing consumers to make fast-paced transactions. There was a time when people had to carry travel checks and make alternative arrangements for money when traveling to a distant place. It was a serious concern to carry a huge amount of money in cash. Online payment mediums have eliminated the threat of theft or robbery while on travel. It is now possible to make the payment well in advance, before commencing the trip. This saves a lot of hassle. Travelers can carry a limited amount of cash and still have a safe access to their funds. Hotels and travel agents also have a cancellation and refund policy. This way, if the vacation trip gets canceled, the user can still get the money back.


How to become a Digital Nomad?


The internet and other recently launched technologies have made travel planning very convenient. Three decades ago, it used to take days and weeks of planning for a vacation. There were multiple trips to the travel agent and the bank. But now those tasks can be accomplished online within a couple of hours. People have a vast amount of information at their fingertips. With the access to the internet and a few clicks of the button on can plan an international trip with ease.

The tourism industry has already incorporated features like artificial intelligence and AI programmed bots. It won’t be long before the virtual reality will also become a part of the travel industry.

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