Top SEO Trends to Watch Out for Future

Understanding the basics of SEO marketing is crucial to the success of a web business. But keeping yourself updated with the latest...

SEO trends

Understanding the basics of SEO marketing is crucial to the success of a web business. But keeping yourself updated with the latest SEO trends can help you get better ranking on Google with ease. Since Google keeps on changing its search engine algorithms, it becomes essential to know the top SEO trends for 2017.

Being an SEO marketer/expert, you should be aware of all the latest trends happening in SEO market. Here, in this post, we will share the top SEO trends that are expected to Luster in 2017. So, make sure you grasp all these trends carefully.

1. Google’s AMP will be on a surge

SEO trends 2017

AMP (known as Accelerated Mobile Pages projects) is one of the hottest SEO trends initiated by Google to help people develop a rich, responsive and mobile-friendly websites for all their potential customers. It’s basically introduced a new standard to build a lighter, and minimalist version of HTML in order to load the web pages instantly on all mobile devices.

Since the mobile internet usage has completely overtaken the desktop usage, it becomes crucial for SEO experts to consider the AMP aspect while optimizing their site for search engines. In fact, Google prefers AMP sites when it comes to determining the organic search engine results depending upon whether a user is on a mobile device or not.

On the contrary, non-AMP sites are penalized by Google and downturn it’s ranking on SERP, without considering the fact that how unique and relevant their web content is.

So, make sure you create AMP versions of the most vital parts of your site if you want to boost the presence in mobile search results in 2017.

2. Optimization depending on user search intent

top seo trends

Well, this trend is not new to SEO, but it is expected to become more popular in 2017. Being a digital marketer, don’t forget to optimize your site for user search intent. A web visitor browses a site to grab desired information instantly.

In order to understand their need, ensure that you understand the goals of the user search engine while creating your site’s content. These goals are:

  • Rendering searcher instant answer/feedback.

  • Guiding a visitor in completing their web task or purchase.

  • Driving searcher to the pre-determined location.

To achieve these goals, you first need to understand why a web visitor is accessing your site. This will help you provide them the information they are looking for.

3. Domination of voice search optimization is also SEO Trends.

Being a Google searcher, you must have seen a featured snippet (also known as a direct answer) block at the top of a search engine result page. This particular section displays the answer of a searcher’s question, along with a link from where data was taken. Thus, you can use a great potential to attract more and more web traffic.

And the best part about featured snippet is that Google search becomes more impactful when it considers voice search. Google prefers showing answers to voice searches more often.

It means whenever a searcher generates a voice search for a particular keyword (where your site lists in a featured snippet), Google automatically references your business/brand – by letting you get an extensive branding opportunity.


These are the three most popular SEO trends that you should look out for 2017. These trends will help you get better visibility on search engine platforms.

Written by Priyanka Gupta
Priyanka Gupta is working with Zactic SEO, a leading SEO Company India, which is backed by an experienced, dedicated and Enthusiastic team of diligent SEO professionals. You may get in touch with Zactic SEO if you are planning to hire SEO Experts for your Website Promotion.

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  1. I do look forward to posts like these for I frankly tell that I just learned about this industry recently. Thank you for these kinds of posts for they are not just pleasing to the eyes, may it be infographic or not, articles are well-written that even the fundamental aspects are still considered. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Thanks Priyanka for sharing this great post, This post is really helpful for me and I hope these post will get better results for the business.

    1. Hi Anderson James,
      Thank you so much for liking the content, i have also been trying to do the best effort to get the better results for my website. As it is said if you follow the current trend you will defiantly get the best outcome.

  3. Awesome content!
    There would be much more and AI is coming very close but yes, these all things will be important that you have mentioned. Good going Robin, thumbs up for you! 🙂

  4. Hi,

    Seems like AMP is trending these days and most of the bloggers are trying to get their site compatible with mobile devices. I guess you have rightly shared about these seo trends!

  5. Hey Priyanka and Robin,

    Just in the last half of 2016, AMP became one of the trends everyone should follow. To provide a better experience for the mobile users, it’s necessary to create cached pages.

    The optimization depending on the voice search and user search are also in the list. I have examined the data for a project and it’s positive.

    An informative post indeed.

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