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Organic Traffic – Why it is the best Source of Traffic?

What is Organic Traffic? Organic traffic is the traffic that we directly get from search engines. When we search for search engines...

organic traffic

What is Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic is the traffic that we directly get from search engines. When we search for search engines the results we get on the SERPs are considered organic traffic. Let me explain to you with the help of an example. When we search on Google for something like “Jeans” and results that we get on the Google SERPs are best known as the organic search, and the site that gets a click from that organic search can be best known as the organic traffic for that website.

Why is Organic Traffic the best source of traffic to your Blog or Website?

If someone says that getting Organic traffic to your website is the easiest task, then don’t trust that person because it is one of the difficult tasks. And that person is no doubt lying to you. I know there was a time when getting organic traffic was easy because of the less competition. But now the times have changed and getting organic search for your blog or website is somehow a lot more difficult. But I must say to you that organic traffic is one of the best sources of traffic for your blog or website. I will give you the reasons why it is so:

Your website has a good Reputation:

When people find your website’s posts or pages through search engines, they will think that you are good at doing Search engine optimization and have also done a lot of hard work. This creates a good image of your website in their mind and return, they want to subscribe to you or want links to your site because your keywords are appearing in the Google SERPs.

Visitors reach you. Instead, you reach them:

Visitors to your blog or website will reach you instead of you researching them through blog commenting, guest posting, and social media. Although we must be using all those techniques to reach a lot of people when people reach you, it makes a good reputation in their minds as I explained in the above point.

With organic traffic, you are paid more if you are using any Monetizing network:

According to my experience, I have seen that monetizing networks like Google AdSense, Infolinks, and some others pay more when our website gets more organic traffic instead of referrals or any other type of traffic. I have not only experienced the high CPC rate with the monetizing networks, but many other bloggers have also experienced the same. Whereas with the referral or any other type of traffic, I have experienced a lot less earning as compared to the organic search.

And best think It boosts the owner of the website:

It is the best thing, from the day I started receiving traffic through Google Search, I felt very relaxed and self-confident. Getting traffic through organic search Boosts me and signals me that I am going on the right path. And I am sure that for other bloggers and webmasters getting results through Google search boosts self–confidence. And as a result, more hard work on their websites.

Why is this kind of traffic hard to get?

organic traffic

A long time ago when there was no or very little competition, it was a lot easier to get more traffic using organic search but the competition is increasing day by day. There is a website that keeps on counting the number of websites published each second; its stats show that 1 billion websites are live today and the number keeps on increasing. You can check the total number of websites on the internet at internetlivestats.com. Now you can yourself put estimate how difficult is to rank a keyword on the first page of Google.

I have taken the above screenshot from the same website which shows how competition has increased in the last five years. From the above stats, you can imagine how hard it is to get organic traffic for your blog or website when there are billions of websites on the internet, and everyone is making an effort to rank on Google SERPs. I recommend you to check the above website if you want to get proper stats about the number of websites and see how it matters a lot.

How to get more Organic traffic to your blog or website?

In the third point, I mentioned that it is hard to get organic traffic to your blog or website. But it is not impossible. Even though I am getting a lot of organic traffic to my blog, and if you have reached this post of mine through organic search, that only means it is possible to get more organic traffic to your website and blog. If you are reading this post because you have subscribed to my blog or through social media or any other referring sites then I will explain to you how organic search is working for me and how you can get the same traffic for your blog or websites. There are many posts on my blog which appear on the first page of Google.

I have written a post on “Does Google Count Keywords in the URL?” Which appears on the first page of Google when searched. In that post, I have shown some of the results of my blog posts which appear on the first page of Google search. There are many more results, but it will make the post a lot longer. And I don’t want to bore you with a long written post, instead just want to provide some basic information only.

Now let’s move to our main topic how can we get more organic traffic to our blog or website?

Many things are responsible for getting the organic type of traffic for your blog or website.

  • First, comes Creating Unique Content: If your Website doesn’t have unique content, then there is no chance that your site may appear on the Google SERPs. As content creation is an important part of SEO but it must be handled with care. You can use some of the tools to check if the content you are going to publish is unique or not, you can use any Plagiarism tool for that, and to even check if the content is unique or not on the existing website you can use the Copyscape tool to check the duplicate content.
  • On-Page SEO: You must follow the Proper On-page SEO techniques for your website or blog. You can check my post on it; it will help you a lot. While doing On-Page SEO, I will recommend you use Long tail keywords with LSI Keywords. I have posted on these Topics which could help you get more organic searches. Like how to find longtail keywords and Why to Use Long tail keywords for your blog. Also, check a detailed guide about LSI keywords.
  • Use Good Off-SEO Techniques: Don’t use those techniques that Google has asked you not to use, in 2015 many Off-Page SEO techniques asked Google to stop practicing. But still, several Off-Page SEO techniques work well. Like, I follow the techniques that have helped me to get on the first page of Google SERPs. So, The techniques I use to get more organic traffic for my blog are Blog commenting, Guest posting, Social Bookmarking, Social media optimization, the Skyscraper technique, exchanging links, and taking part in community sites like Indiblogger, Inbound, and Growthhacker.
  • Look for the keywords with less or No competition but with high Traffic: sometimes it becomes a difficult task to look for those keywords that have high traffic and very little competition. But believe me, it will not be a waste of time. Once you find this kind of keyword, you will be able to get an Organic search for your keywords easily.
  • More importantly, follow the rules of Google: As we all know if we are not going to follow the rules of Google, then we are going to reach nowhere. Google is becoming smarter than human beings and uses artificial intelligence which makes it more dangerous.

Some Extra Tips which will help:

Finally, What I want to say:

In the above points, I wrote that it is difficult to get Organic traffic but not impossible. So, you can get more traffic. As there is no doubt that organic traffic is the best kind of Traffic, I want your opinion also. So, leave your opinion in your comments.

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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  2. Thanks for sharing this great article with us. It helps me a lot. I am a digital marketer. So that’s a first need client ask from us is:- When we will get organic traffic on our site or blog.

    it’s helpful for me


  3. Thanks for sharing these great tips to us.It’s really good to see that’s tips. Thanks for sharing this methods

  4. Thank you very much for sharing this valuable information with us! To gain traffic is not easy that’s why we have to apply different methods for this. Organic Traffic is the most efficient way!

  5. Thanks for the info. It is nice to see that a new social alternative exists for people who are not thrilled with the status quo of social media. Please share and updated with us like this only. appreciate your time.

  6. Amazing Post Sir I have been searching this for a long time but I got some more similar content but they weren’t that much satisfying that your content is.Thanks for this wonderful post
    Best Regards

  7. You make a good point about why organic traffic is difficult to get nowadays. With growing competition, more people find it easier to opt for paid exposure rather than pursue organic.

  8. Yes Organic traffic is really best for boost your website for google search engine rank. Thanks for sharing your idea in detail.

  9. Getting organic traffic has become a tough task nowadays. As many blogs and forums keep popping with same niche, competition has become tough. I too had no idea what Organic traffic means. But your post and few webmasters post helped me.

  10. This is so awesome Robin!! So great to know, thank you for sharing your valuable post 🙂 Organic traffic is a must!

  11. Hello Robin! I really got some great info from your post here on organic traffic! I actually had no idea even what it was LOL

    Great share my friend..
    Chery :))

  12. Hi Robin,
    Great post Brother! I am totally agree with you. Organic traffic is still best way to get natural traffic that does improve your website’s ranking in the search engine.

    Organic results get 85% more clicks than paid advertising.

    Thanks for reminding us about organic traffic.

    Umesh Singh

  13. Hi Robin, Great tips to get organic traffic. Yes it is little difficult but we have to keep patience and keep on going to reach success.Thanks for sharing.

  14. Organic traffic are indeed the best traffic but due to google’s strange algorithm updates so often it’s became very hard to rely only on organic traffic I think.Anyway nice share.I enjoyed your post.

  15. Hey Robin,

    Organic traffic is something you get from the search engine due to the SEO of your blog. There are many aspects of SEO and the organic traffic.

    The bloggers should try to build the relationships with other fellow bloggers so that the process of reciprocity continuous and they get organic traffic.

    Such an informative post indeed.
    Have a great week ahead.

  16. Hi Robin,
    I am completely convinced and i support the statement, paid traffic will can never be a traffic multiplier when compared to organic, paid traffic is only for a temporary base and it can’t stay for a long period, so, everyone has to concentrate on organic traffic rather than a paid one. Thank you for this article.

  17. Thorough post, Robin.

    Getting organic traffic, I must say, is not easy these days.

    It demands time and much work writing good content and following proven practices. Not best ones.

    You may have quality content, but if there are no quality back links, and you’re with zero readers, what happens?

    You will do all the necessary SEO and still fail. Why?

    Because you’re not reaching out. That simple.

    Reach them.

    Thanks for sharing, Robin.


  18. Hi Robin, Great tips to get organic traffic. Yes it is little difficult but we have to keep patience and keep on going to reach success.Thanks for sharing.

  19. Robin its really important to get traffic for Google on anyblog. We are getting 30 percent of our traffic for it and Trying to improve. Anyway it’s always wonderful to read you quality content

  20. Hey, Robin Khokhar
    Good points. According to me, Google traffic is the best traffic. This is very easy way to get organic traffic. Every blogger want traffic for their site so every blogger can follow those method. I hope they will also see the good result. These days i try to put my eggs into several baskets and work on SEO, social media and list-building relationships. Wonderful tips on getting ‘organic traffic’! Yes, it takes a lot of time and patience to understand how SEO works. Thanks a lot. Happy Blogging 🙂

  21. yes,organic traffic really helps a website at its best but getting it is difficult one and we need to plan well inorder to succed in getting good organic traffic

  22. Hi Robin,
    You are Google AdSense and Other Advertisements Companies prefer with 70% get traffic on search engines and then who has approved Account on Personal Blog, without Organic Traffic Google AdSense, doesn’t approve Account. Another Point Organic Traffic is very important to get more traffic, basically, more than peoples used Google for find any topics doesn’t use Social Networks etc. So, I like your post and very well explained about Organic Traffic. Thanks for shared.

  23. Hello Robin,

    Another great post from your side, for traffic, what works the most for me is email marketing, your email subscribers are your real fans and when you publish your new post it goes directly to their inbox, and they will most likely open and read your article.

    Contributing to other reputed websites also an excellent and ideal way to boost organic traffic and as well as increasing reputation in the industry.

    Thanks for this great post.

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